5a. (Some Core Writings) Released Dec 27/15

Do you see what is, “In Play” within The Republic of The United States Of America?
Here are some current ones that just happened.


Obama Outed As ISIS Architect By Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

Chicago Cops Say Keeping Evidence of Misconduct Puts Cops in Danger – So They’re Destroying It

Facebook Censors Story About ‘Refugee’ Raping Swedish Woman


And who took what plays from whose book?
CISA can be undone because of how it was passed.
(Now the American people know who is what regarding the build up on that E Thing.)

Yes, those plays come in many forms.
Ahhh, the fanning of the flames, of racism.

Leading Far Left Website: WHITE MEN Must Be Stopped for Future of Mankind

Could go on with this one….. Sharyl Attkisson. (Well presented.)

5a…..It has been some time. Some core writings.

A piece of that “five by five”.

What are you saying?
Who are you saying to?
Where are you saying it?
When are you saying it?
Why are you saying it?

Which also means.
How you are saying it directly affects that end.
To what end?
Standard processes.
After all, you are awake.

A five, and then that duality of “cause and effect”?
Awareness is a constant of cross checking.

What do you think breathing is?

A single application? Why not.

Talk at.
Talk to.
Talk with.

And within.

Talk for.
Talk against.

While what also remains.

What do you think is being applied upon you?

You are, one of one. Just look in front of you and see something more.
After all, to be ignorant is no longer bliss.

In the process of any individual’s awakening, it also means a retuning on how that person addresses their own world, and realize on how that world is addressing you. A reformulation or a reminder?

Local to Local.

A year back or so, there was an expansion of hours regarding certain zones. And then it expanded further by tying it to other zones. AND NOW, the PR play is starting to turn its sights into a further expansion of other zones. The best thing is: It is played into the seasons to create such decrees.

How many stupid pieces or control mechanisms are being created before the realization it is done with purpose? Macleod Trail? Same people?

In Canada, all of these speed zones are rated for the winter. Are the Canadian people becoming so stupid that such insanities are truly needed, OR, is it the applied conditioning that is creating such insanity? Either way, to what degree do you want your lands to digress and all be done under whose ever name? Maybe it is time for those few to put on their big boy OR big girl pants and respect the ways of the people with those countless versions of “Local To Local”.

The versions of “Local To Local” apply on so many sides. How many ways are you seeing insanities being applied in you lands?

Bottom Line Time.

One. Too Feel. Said it before, and will say it again. Our police, these people are smack dab in between the real front to so many other fronts. From the training to current policy changes, and that is before the true process of “Applied Law”. Do you really think that they do not see such of results? How about the different factions that have developed within their community? Supplied by which NGO? (Results are results.)

One of the most amazing things in this reality, is the amount of oversight. Yes, there still is some oversight that does remain. And it is the oversight that can help the balance within each regional culture. Basics are basics. (This has happened in so many others lands as well.) The police protect the people, and the people protect the police.

It is called oversight. And oversight is what brings on the honest communication between the people and the people who are deemed to maintain the people through their laws. The police ARE a reflection of the people within in any region, society, community, or land. Once that hits the breaking point, your chances of getting these results go through the roof.

Bombshell: Unclassified DHS Documents Prove Local Law Enforcement is Being Propagandized against Innocent American Patriots

Hell, next time you see a cop, thank them for being a part of the community. After all, they are right there with the people on such lines. They are not asleep. (And yes, the fragmentation is also real.)

http://www.copblock.org/150167/150167/ http://louderwithcrowder.com/14731-2/#.Vn8XzlKjP7y

Hell, because of oversight, it is one real reason Canada has not gone the way of Chicago or New York. Do Canadians want that?

Two. A Canadian Thing.

A…..First you do a force wage increase which has hit the beginning of those small businesses. After all, the tax breaks were never really for the individual with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. But hey, still have the VLTs and casinos to keep that revenue going. (Mind you, the feed in that play was to feed some others.)

B…..Slap 3 Billion worth of new taxes upon the people without actually telling them what these new taxes really are? Ahhhh, aiming for how many more Billion? And done under the FALSE SCIENCE of “Global warming/cooling/change.” AND a new batch of regulations? Poison the People, poison the planet.

C…..Hit the farmers with a NEW batch of regulations and some more fees. Not just about WCB, it is actually about AHS. (No rules and regulations within its application yet.)

D…..And then give birth to an even BIGGER Debt, which is an established form of economic suppression. Devalue the government which leads to what?

E…..YOU GET. A full down-grade of Alberta in the credit world. “AAA” to “AA+”, which leads to an increase in cost for Debt. What are the rates and terms now? And that feeds what?

All of that with the extra versions of social distraction. Political footballs. And YES, the threatening of the Royalty Review continues. “But we are new.”? The so called, “Intellectual of Alberta?”. (Ahh, just look at Ontario and British Columbia.)

After all, the “Prim Guy” is already talking about projecting 10 Billion plus in yearly debt added to what is that current amount? I guess the apple did not fall far from that tree. (Like Father, like son.) Should prove interesting on the attempted play for the next version of “The NEP”, a 50/50 there?

Three. The Middle Thing. Syria. Might as well start with “Syrian Girl”. A person whose family was exiled from Syria and who has enough sense to realize, that her country is being dismantled by outside parties.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHFnvFbThDE * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2KzjNtDTc

Then comes, the Turkey Equation.

ISIS Oil Tied to Kurdistan, Erdogan and Lots of American Tanker Trucks Shipped from Houston


And then comes…..Sy Hersh.

And yes, the Libya Thing continues. Benghazi.

What, do you think that there are no possible ties to Canada?

Canadian intelligence caught clandestinely backing Islamic State

Getting caught, it does hold some other realities. Yupp, all of a sudden, the UN and some others are now coming out to a peace agreement?

What are the results so far? What has been proven? Does this mean the continuation of those genocides? (There are few out there. So slow that who would notice?)


Special UN Treatment for Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen?

Four. The Climate Deniers. It was a big win for the Paris Thing, yet it had nothing to do with anything EXCEPT, The Bureaucracy, The Bankers, and the Gov’ts. DO THE MATH.

Another round of a bunch of liars hiding more obvious realities.

Judicial Watch Sues for Documents Withheld From Congress in New Climate Data Scandal

Gotta feel for the Real scientists. After all, more and more are speaking out.



And for the ignorant “Star Power”? The best one was, “Calling a Chinook, global warming.” (Pssst, to be informed is to get informed.)


Five. The UBER Thing. Hey, did you like the net results of the “Wal-Mart” Thing? What happened to the people of each land when they let that store come in? How is that overall devaluation going?

What do you think that UBER is all about? Yes, those tricks that many cab drivers have done, does show many other realities as well. And yes, there is a section of people who are generally discussed with cabs in general. Which does feed that creation, UBER. (Going to play one against the other to keep who entertained?)

Well, if you think it is good to devaluate the whole of your regional society. That is your choice.

What do you think the stock value is positioned as such? Quite the “Spec play” in that one.
P or S?

What happens when you put this,

And this,

Final Note: Why would Canadian producers of meat be pushing for the ban of labeling regarding their meat? Canadian producers, if anything, are proud of what they can do. And yet, to use the Canadian name to strike such a point on where it ADDS VALUE to the Canadian product, is doing what? (NGO of another kind? Special special.)

As always, forward this one to those you feel who can benefit. This is not to be published, it is to be shared. And if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.



Ps. Checks and balances. The equation does hold true. It is not done.


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