E3. Released Oct 15/15

What, did you think I was going to be done for a bit after that last release?

Yupp, tit for tat.
Elections. Elections. Elections.

RECAP. Resilience. Yes, people in action. Can you see it? Can you see the questions in the people’s eyes? Can you see the behavioral results of so many years of obvious lies and deceit that has been pushed onto the masses of any society? Take a look at the controls through mass media, what are they actually pushing/selling? Where is the reality? All of that before we get into the results.

What are the results?

The resilience of people.

It is called, “The Silent Majority”. I think we can all agree on this fact and a couple others.

1….. Yes. People do realize that the levels of corruption that exist in the daily behavioral patterns has also completely washed out into their current political, economic, and social realms. Which came first, the chicken on the egg? (What does the mass media do?) Excuse upon excuse does get used, and if that fails, “That is the way it works”. Hence, the voter count has gone down each time for so many years. If the core of any society has gone sour, so shall its people. What do you think the silent majority is thinking? What do you think they have been doing?

2….. In a place called “Alberta, Canada”, the direct run on these growing numbers did show its true face. It was about a run on a realizing section of that populace. A direct run at the “Wild Rose Party”. What happened in the end? Those roots grew. And yes, that blatant maneuver did work. It did stop that party from achieving a minority Government. YET, the numbers behind that growth, STILL grew.

Take a Look at Great Britain. It is happened and happening. The “super-surveillant”, selective enforcement based society is a “hodgepodge” just waiting to kick itself even further. After all, the “Blair Flair” has some interesting guide lines being built up. (To sum up: If you do not agree with us, you are a terrorist. ) What is stopping him and that party construct? Three Things. The right opportunity which will take more time because of the “terror capital” has been spent and it will take some time until that capital builds up. Then comes the fact that more and more people have woken up because of those numbers that exist in all sections of Great Britain. (Ireland. Scotland. Britain.) While finally, those numbers within Great Britain exist completely throughout
3….. Then comes this reality. How many times have you heard this one?

“Well, these people are doing the best they can what they have. So they must deal with the outside pressures of the world and continue to come to those levels of compromise. “

Hmmmmmm. Then what about this?

“How many times must that compromise be made before it is just a plain sellout of your own people? Does that mean you think that you are a part of that? What are we actually talking about? 2000 to 3000?

Better yet.

It is what it is, and since it is what it is. It now means it can change.
Guess what?
It is what it is, which means it is changing.

It is called choice.
The Canadian Election. Very interesting with this election. We are talking about an amazing precedent that is happening. People, do you see? (THIS IS HISTORY.) A SECTION of OUR people are showing up. Yes, it is our treaty status people. Finally, a part of Canada that is coming to the table WHICH MAKES us whole. Do you know why such an action is being realized? Could it be because that there IS a symbiotic relationship that is moving forward? Could it be the forgiving of the past wrongs of those levels of such miss-deeds? Could it be a realization the people of Canada IS ALL of the people of Canada? The Canadian for the Canadian? This is History. (Only a few news outlets reported on this one.)

Opinion: First Nations participation in the federal election campaign is making a difference

Meanwhile, in NGO land.

Conservative. Well, quite the mess in this one. From “Bail-ins” to “C-51” to, to, to, to. Hell, some people are leaving the ship BECAUSE of such deceit. (Retiring out of politics) YET, within such levels of applied madness, to what degree have they fallen into those levels that ARE comparable to Great Britain, or Spain, or Australia, or France, or Germany, or The Republic of The United States? The least of the so called evils? The party or the people?

Liberals. Once again, with some name recognition. Just like the person from before the Truedueieieie. Another person from certain interests from that other place,,,,,,,,NY? Yupp, another player who panders to who? Spend spend spend. Seriously, we just might have a Mr Ed here. (Oh, catching wind that you are having problems in your own riding.)

NDP. Is that Agenda 21 or 2030? (Bought the boat on that one.) After all, in a heartland of Canada it is about turning that economy/society into a “Knowledge Based Economy”. Ok, so in other words, “We gut the process of the resource based economy which actually creates that other economy. Then give you a service economy. See: USA.” After all, since the manufacturing has been gutted, (see Ontario) might as well kill the rest.

Green Party. Some big heart there, along with the “Two Child Policy”. Hmmm, a true Global party with a Chinese/dictatorship flair. Which country has that policy?

The PQ. These buggers have F—-d it up so many times that it is too much. Smells like the separation thing. Remember? If Quebec was to separate, less than 100 was to rake it in, Big Time? The purpose of the “PQ” was to give a voice to the people of Quebec. Has that party learned its lesson?

YUPP, quite the mess.

YET, on this election, it is also about people. Namely, the people who are in this process because they realize IT IS about the people for the people. That has already started.

Remember Brent Rathgeber? Ahhh, the person who wanted to bring a level of transparency to the yearly budgets of the MPs. YUPP, while in disgust he became an independent because the Party wanted to juice it up. Do you see? Do you think he is alone?

In Canada, the process was also based on a Social Capitalism. If you work hard and bring those levels of the “Value Added” process, the capitalism remains. The Socialism will remain as long as the “Free Society” remains. Transparency. Oversight. Clarity.

So I ask. “Which candidate is not just from the land, BUT is a part of this land?”

If you keep it about the people, the parties will not rule. Yes, because there are people who are independent and people within these parties that ARE PEOPLE who do want to do something. They are people who are from and for the people of those lands.

The American Thing. What a mess, yet it is incredible on the amount of clarity that is coming out of this process. Drama, dipshits, and donks.

Clinton. Why is this guppy still around? She has spent all of her political capital, completely. Pulling the line for some others? YUPP. See: Nancy Pelosi. Too Obvious. “Profit from fetus parts.” Oh forgot, Planned parenthood will no longer be selling those parts. Yaaaa, we will just accept donations from specific people/organizations instead. 80% of their income come from this FACT. You do realize, the more you try to milk it, the more likely you will be charged by the people of your country. (Benghazi. Kill you own people to run guns to feed those other lines?)

Sanders. Do you know what the realities of what has made The REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES become what it has become? To what degree are going to apply those levels of transparency?

Biden. Yupp, a sweet little cash cow from Clinton eh? Keep that machine going eh?

Trump. Hey, you were a great “B.S.” host for “Your Fired”. Play it to the audience with NO SUBSTANCE. Then again, you are the bugger who has fine tuned the process in putting certain sections of your businesses into “bankruptcy”. How much gov’t funding did you manage to get out before you hit your own casinos?

Bush. The Family is done. The amount of generations to wash out your crap? Just within the population of the people within this country. Playing the name eh? (Canada has one of those.) YOU ARE NO Legacy like “JFK”.

Paul. Good to see that you have not taken the “House Speaker” gig. Nice offering when considering the people within that process. Yupp, substance can win. Respect those three documents and you naturally hav a respect for the people.

AND THIS IDIOT. A Fascist running under the Libertarian Brand in the last election? What name is the opportunist using now? You piece of crap. (Another cue from what the people of Ukraine are going through?)

MEANWHILE…….Obamamamama. (And a slice of sheeple as well.) You are done. Your true colours are what they are. You are not of the people and/or for the people. (Yes, I got caught in that one back in 2008.) AND YES, this bugger is not just going to pardon a big batch of rude/crude people. He will even try everything else to undermine the people and try to turn so many others against the people of the USA. Quite obvious. (YOU RACIST piece of……….) Oh, not to worry, he will feed “Black Lives Matters” even more. ALL LIVES MATTER. “Azzhole” (And yes, Clinton is in that one as well?)

A Story. Many, many years ago there was a political party. And this party was the ruling party of a land. They were very strong. Yet, within that party the levels of waste and corruption ran wild. Right to the tune of billions of dollars, bleeding away from the people of that land. Fortunately/unfortunately, the people of that land caught wind of what the so called “rainy day fund” was being used for, certainly not for the people of that land.

So, as the election was coming around, the people decided to do something about it without creating levels of chaos. Yes, the people of that land knew if things would get out hand, things could be deemed as such.

What happened?

They voted out the leader of that party to send a message.

What is this an example of? “The Silent Majority”

The Moral: In Canada there are the basic sections that are. If those people within those sections vote for their people instead of the sections, what would be the result? It is a balancing act when such levels come into play. “The sections” vs. “The people” within this land.
BLTs…….(Short and sweet.)

One. Cash. From certain governments to banks, they are calling an end to cash. Why? It is not about the amount of its usage, because the usage is being used more.

Two. Paper Ballots. If you click a button, the results can/will be. If you have paper, you have a level of oversight that remains. As the count continues, there are people who will watch.

Three. Mass Media. This is too real. The media continues to report along the party lines. While within the realizing populace, they also know that the function of the Mainstream/Mass Media is really showing its true colours. (Shall the shift continue on where people do get their information?)

Four. Layers upon layers are coming out about what is really going on in the middle east. Yes, there are some signs to where the people of those lands just might get their land back. (Still is Sunnis vs. Shiite.)

Five. The tools that are being utilized with these elections are becoming quite serious. Right up there with the FULL USE of immigration. A Classic play. “Give them checks/money and they will vote for whatever they are told.” That works except one thing, there is the amount of immigration that actually want to become a part of those many Western Countries. (And they want to check that crap at the door.) All you have to do, is see through. “Eye to Eye.”

As always. Forward this email to those who can benefit from this, it is about sharing. This release is not for republishing, you know what it is for, use it. AND, if you do not want to receive these, please let me know. (Courtesy and respect shall always remain.)

One of One, who is,,,,,



Ps. When the will is true, the way shall always remain. Break through that fear, and the way shall be realized. (Eye to Eye.)


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