eee1. Released Feb 7/16

This is a double read. Read through everything before you start clicking on the links. Then read again by going through the links to where you are satisfied. (Busy world.)

Distractions. Diversions. Distortions. Trends. Results.


Do you see?
Do you see how things can and are being skewed?
Is there a sweet spot that is, and has set off other insane realities?
(A spectrum with results.)

This one IS beyond scary, another direct attack on a very big section of those “checks and balances” within The Republic of the United States of America. (Those pieces of paper go, so will others.)

(And he/she/it is just a puppet.)

No oversight, no recourse, no responsibility, no reason, no disclosure.
And that is before we go into those types of warfare.

BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate

Right down to a Senator speaking up.
(Vote him in again. How many others would like to speak up?)

Getting Caught.
Do I really need more links?

And meanwhile…….–politics.html

Distractions. Distortions. Diversions.
Local to Local. “L to L”

Remember when certain kids got caught rigging traffic lights to change faster to get more photo radar tickets? Well, in order to understand the future sights, just take a look at which lights are changing faster without those cameras. (How many more accidents have been happening around those locations? Is that safe? Oh, creating a problem for the sale of the solution?) And who has this process been brought to you by? The same people that tried to bring you that Main Road Thing? The Bike thing? The. The. The?

A piece of a part of the “N” with so many others? (Not going to be able to split the vote this time along with such tactics.)

Bottom Line Time. “BLT”

One. News Views and Reviews. In the Land of Alberta within Canada. There is a Canadian News Organization that has a very impressive line up of Journalists which are about Canada and its Canadians. (Yes, the people within this organization were a part of the initial fallout/shakedown/consolidation within the news landscape.) And on the Day of the BIG ROYALTY REVIEW this provincial government was about to release, this organization was kicked out. (A little fascist? A little controlling? Dictators coming out?) It still happened, and that IS the current Alberta Government in action. (Smells like another influence that is not doing so well, just like some other places? Can you guess which other places that are applying such practices?)

And then comes this one, and he still blew that chance away. (At least he did not digress to calling the reporter a racist.)

Two. News Views and Reviews. Yupp, the “Zika Thing”. Within the controlled mass/mud/main stream news. It is all about what you should do as an individual with the blurred process to benefit who? Two build ups there: One, State Of emergency. Two. Might have to get the “Sex Police” out. Is there a third? A forth? A fifth? And not even charged or convicted of anything.

But seriously, the talking heads have done their job, I guess……..AS If.

The Deadly Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online, Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation

Zika Virus Was Patented In 1947 By Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller´s WHO Declares Global Zika Virus (Rockefeller Patent) State of Emergency: Probably Bluff

Do you see? There are sooo many reasons on why the Main/mud/mass news media is dying. But hey, the push for more vaccines continue. (Just in time.)

Do you see the timing? Some other people are seeing the timing.
BECAUSE the approval process has little or NO oversight. DISCLOSURE.

This process is hitting MANY different areas in the spectrum of your life.

Three. TPP…..TTIP….ITL…and a bunch of others. The current TPP one has over 5500 pages that YOUR corrupted politicians are trying to sign the people of each land into. Making sense? The same people that are pushing through the junk science of carbon taxes? The same people who,,,,,who,,,,,WHO?

5500 plus pages. Talk about trying to bury that truth. Well, remember the net results of NAFTA? Or, how about the process of the EU which was all about economics?|TISA|TTIP

Just like many other so called aggressions upon the people of this world, this IS about the process of controlling the information, knowledge and wisdom that CAN and IS a part of the EVOLUTION (NOT EVILUTION) of this species. Just look at reality of the applicable copy-write process in those pages. Is it getting easier to answer the question of “who is”? Better yet, do you really think you know the “why”?

Yupp, from the top down, and now from the ground and up. (NGO. 20 to 1 odds on this one.)

Highest EU Court Considers Criminalizing Website Hyperlinks

The truth is already showing because there are such things AS HONOR. Hmmmm.

All you have to do IS just read. Read this because the theme is APPLICABLE with so many others.

Four. The American Thing. Ahhhhhh, Obamamama. Since your polls have been skewed to the point where it has become such blatant lies. While one must consider the people who are on the government dole, oh they are waking up. (To define a real poll, data, stats.) Those that have stood beside you are now being exposed as well. Not so much about them being exposed BUT about exposing applied realities. This is just one sign. After all, the protection for the honest American has decreased since this person and his administration came into power. Tick tick.

Already starting?

But, but……How about “Butt”. And who owns this puppet?–barrel-oil-tax/79838620/

And Hilly-silly-hilly? Seriously, do you even understand to make such a statement? To bring down what?? (Is it time to have a story?)

Clinton: I’ll Use Administrative Actions To Implement Gun Control Plan

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bill’s Accusers in 1998
Yet to make the bigger threats, I guess you may have just numbered your days. What do you think “Not-so-ley”? (Oh, I forgot the Ontario premier.)

Five. The Europe Thing. So many fronts, have to start with the obvious. AND, have to start this one with……”Faith Goldi”.
AND…..does tie into this.



(This one needs to be confirmed, did not see the source document. VERY SCAREY.)

Syrian Immigrants Gang-Rape Two Underage German Girls on New Year’s Eve

14 Year-Old Belgian Muslim Videotapes Migrants Gang Raping Drunk Girl

Germany: Govt ordered CCTV VIDEOS of Cologne MASS SEX ATTACKS ERASED

Anti-Islam Protests Sweep Europe

Six. The Market Thing. Again, it goes back to those practiced basics. The splitting of those core sections of that economic picture. (This will take years.) What have all of these consolidations been doing to your jobs? What has already happened? Is that what you want? (I bet more than a few people are holding back in those levels of true wealth creation because OF Crony/Socialistic/Communistic/Fascistic skewing of Capitalism.) Take a look at the laws and how and if, you put or share an item through the internet, those services are now trying to fully claim that it is now “their property”. See Facebook or Paypal or or or or or or and their terms.

It does not mean that whole system is about to go down. It does not have to go down to create a new one. There were “checks and balances” that did exist which also maintained the balances within wealth creation.

Seriously, do you want the Goldi people to come in rewrite such balances even further when it IS a reality when they have done what? (To ask even more questions.)

YES, it is about the transition. But what form of transition do you want? To have that “essential essence” that creates more than it destroys, you know as well as I do that it is not done through such controls. And YES, there is more to that equation. Very much, and so.

The way remains, as long as the will is true. Hell, Wally’s World is shutting down some stores, that is great news for those local economies because now they can get back to building their own economy again. Do you think that those areas will let them back? Hmmm, which came first? Main Street or Wall Street?

Which is also why the real gold is not owned.

Seven. “Face to Face” creates the Reality of “Eye to Eye” which creates what? Which clarifies what? Which brings what? This is behavioral. And it is NOT about such levels of destruction.

Yes, this also traces into so many actions, reactions, and pro-actions.

“By way of background, as we explained previously, What exactly does a “war on cash” mean?
It means governments are limiting the use of cash and a variety of official-mouthpiece economists are calling for the outright abolition of cash. Authorities are both restricting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from banks, and limiting what can be purchased with cash.”

Can you see? By having a clean break allows the person to maintain their own choice with respect for the person who is choosing and choosing to do business with whomever they want WITHOUT the interference of………(You choose.) The real gold?

Hell, wonderful job in shutting down those versions/sections of the local economies. FEAR FEAR FEAR does drive people to do what? BUT, use your card card card and get rewards that are actually a taxable benefit? Then again, what does “Face to Face” do?

Final Note. There were some warnings about A.I. from some serious/real minds. Did catch the one open letter with so many signatures. Do you know why? What do you think that A.I. has been learning so far? (Ahhh, so then comes the applied despotism.) Then again, do you really think the cloud will save that day? Hell, do you think that A.I. will turn on the people OR on the people who have been applying such applications onto the people? (For instance, ZIKA, organ harvesting, child rapist, etc.) Do I need to go on? In these realities, the waters do become murky. George Knapp did a good spectrum on this one.

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you know who can benefit. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) No problem.

Five by Five who is One of One.



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