Elect 1. Released Feb 11/15

Election, Elections.

The so called “venue” on which people can go out and have their views met with action.
Sound about right?
(Want to play? The way does remain.)

ONE…..The Alberta election. (Yes in Canada.) The plays within this process are incredibly obvious.

A big crossing over of so called “key people” from an up-and-coming grass-roots party within that province was done prior to an election call. Obvious enough?

Why? Because of the over abuse of people within the ruling party. (Hell, why do you think that so many people are suddenly retiring out of politics within that party? It does tend to stick this reality. “Getting caught, and better get out before you really get caught?”) Hmmmm. What is next? Reaction or pro-action?

Either way…..

Danielle, you are done. Your actions only proved that you were and are a “lap-dog” of some others. (Oh, and doing the “Getty Maneuver” will not happen.)

Jim, chances are you are also done. Yet, the “Getty Maneuver” will probably be reserved for you.

Alberta Party? Seriously, where did you people get your support? Were you another side of the “grass-roots” reality?

Think of it this way. With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?

TWO…..The British election. There is a mess. Here is a people that has been lied to from the “short-term” to the “long-term” in the thinking process which has washed out to incredible levels on behavioral conditioning. It is amazing. It is so bad, that this Nanny State is in the active process of banning children from running in playgrounds. (50 Million cameras and counting.)

‘Bloody nanny state:’ School bans running on the playground

So what has been happening?

The current “Mass/Mainstream Media” along with the utilization of certain government agencies have been doing there best to paint the people, who have been waking up to certain realities. Who are these people? They are people who are about the people of the land of England/Scotland/Ireland. (Another grass roots reality?) This crap is on record. (From wire taps/harassment to their social services coming in due to political affiliation.)

Truth is what it is. Last time checked, these buggers are in second place and growing. (Love the term of calling them “nationalists”. Especially when they are just people who are a reflection of their land and realizing what is actually going on.


Or, do you really believe this one? (Or do these people know some other things?)


Think of it this way. With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?

THREE…..The American Election Campaign. The GOP process. Everybody knows that is the same money funding both sides of this so called “political spectrum”. Look at the voter turnout for these last many years. (Results are results.) Yes, people do not vote because they have believed that their vote does not count, which is why they do not vote. DUHH. (People are apathetic BUT it should not be discussed on WHY such realities are happening.)

Either way. Remember “Ron Paul” and the turnouts that he had throughout his run in 2012? Thousands upon thousands of people at each event. And the others? Maybe a few hundred? Or hey, a thousand? (Those were the results.)

Meanwhile, the Mass/Mainstream Media is playing up a Bush vs. Clinton version? Really. See: pedophile rings. Oh, I forgot, that is a matter of national security. (Take down the Royals along with what, 30 to 50 % of the British government? I still cannot believe that a member in that parliament tried to lower the age of consent to 4 years old.)


Or better yet, this is another example of another group.


Sorry, got off topic.

YET, regarding the overall crop of candidates within both sides, there are a few horses that could. Hmmm. (Not going to say.)

And then. Mr. Ted, what are you doing? You are Canadian Born. You are NOT a part of the actual people within the USA. The reason on why the candidate must be American born was a “Fail Safe” to protect the American people. The Republic of the United States of America. (DONK. You are an embarrassment. ) And what was the net result of the Kenyan born Obamamamama?

And finally. Here come the riots. Provoked again, by the same people looking for the same results. Sororororo and company. Remember the Ferguson thing on how those people tried to get it going on Toronto Canada? And then the Mayor tells the local police to stand down to let this one flare up to the point where the National Guard has to come in? (Results are results.)

Think of it this way. With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?

FOUR…..The Canadian Federal Election. Waiting in the rafters. After all, both the Liberals and PC’s want BILL C-51 to pass. “The Ministers Opinion” which over rides and changes so many laws that protects the Canadian People. Hell, from what blips I have seen, the utilization of the immigration has gone political as well. (Which section is being sent out along with which section stays. Off topic again, sorry.) Meanwhile, who has been actually reporting on this Bill? (News media consolidation there. Not completely.)

Then comes the NDP, tax tax tax. Carbon Taxes with a Cap and trade scenario there. Oh, I forgot, PLANTS LIVE OFF OF CARBON DIOXIDE. (Sorry kids, the word is out. Those so called taxes etc are going right over to the central bankers. And the “cap and trade” is all about gutting any manufacturing etc <valued added> within Canada. After all, look up on which countries are exempt from those agreements that were NOT ratified by the people of those various lands within the western society as a whole.)

Yet, there is the forth party with lock as well. Yes, the people of Quebec vote for their party because that is the only party that has proved (to a degree) as being a party that has represented the people of Quebec. (they have their problems as well.)

And then comes the budget? Hmmmm, the people in BC should know that maneuver. The budget is balanced until after the election is won, then those revisions are made. That was funny and sad at the same time.

Think of it this way. With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?

FIVE…..The local politicians. Showing some colours there as well. Even the local politicians are getting on this wagon. Too funny, a foreshadowing of whom might move up? Gotta love it when these people are trying to come across as if they are neutral. Do I need to name names?

Think of it this way. With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?

“Lets Talk”.

One….. Within any “back-drop” people are watching and are doing what they can with what they have. This is a growing number. Think to yourself, “What is the message that is being sent out, along with the short and long term effects?” What are those distractions?

Two….. Voting does count. Yet people have been sucked/pushed into voting for certain candidates. Then, those candidates go off and abuse the system for their own and party gains. Yet, these are people, who are voted in by people. Hmmmm. Vote the person instead of voting for the party. How do you do that? Don’t just see, see through.

Three….. Funding. Who is getting funded by who? This applies to every section of the political process. Meanwhile, the Clintons have just decided to revise/file their taxes? Too obvious?

Four….. The Mass/Mainstream media. The more lies that are continued to be reported, the more people stop listening to you. The more you omit, or talk about fluff, the less likely the people will take you seriously. This is when it counts. Oh, everything counts in small amounts in this world. How are those ratings doing again?

Five….. You are a people from a land. Then be a people from that land.

Final note: Suppression comes in many forms. Within the applications, it is almost endless. Yet, as those of you who practice such realities, who are you really suppressing? You know the answer, and it is FACT.

As always. Forward this email to those who you see that are worthy. And, if you do not want to receive them, let me know. (And for the Canadian People, forward this to your Canadians.)




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