Elect 2. Released May 11/15

That were some interesting results. Do you see, or do you see through?

Yes, it is called backlash.

For myself, I will only say so much.

The Alberta thing.

One….Comments, quite the spectrum there. “Really, to what degree within what variance of what equation?” OR “Another one eh?” OR “Oh finally, a balanced one to bring balance.” OR “And how fear driven is this one?” OR “oooooo, we be writing some legislation now, better test the waters first.” OR “Happy Happy, Joy Joy.” OR “Ouch, out comes the “Green Fascism”, with a slice “Super safety police police. Is there one more police?” OR, how about. “Ever here of the story of the two letters? One to yourself and one for the next one? You have just used one of them in your campaign.” OR “Dam straight, keep it great.” OR “Draw a Line.” OR “Checks and balances eh?” Do you want more “OR’s”? Blah blah blah.

Two…..Enough comments, how about some questions:
— Are you a part of that land? Can you, will you, or should you try to break this down to such an understanding?
— Even then, are you from the land, or of the land? Pesky definitions and all.
— When considering the reality that you are dealing with, how is your balance? Little fuzzy in the head? You know, with what your life has been, you might have some things to share.
— How is your balance?
— Or, has your ambition taken over? (Quite the spectrum in those definitions.)


Four….. What you have in front of you lady, is a multitude of changes along with versions of processed directives/directions. What you choose to do is what you do. Basics are basics, and results are the results. After all, the blame game will only get you so far. (Still, well written approach regarding your campaign.)

Five…..Results are results, a person can still say this.

“With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?”

In Alberta, it is showing quite well. Two establishing “grass root” parties now. (Will they grow through those stigmas? ) Even then, look at the numbers regarding the power shift. Was that because of so many people not knowing on where to put their vote, except within the “Three Party System Mindset”? Like it or not……….the drivers of fear are real. Are they getting weaker?

The British Thing.

One…..Comments, another spectrum. “Yeee Haw, we got a majority.” OR “Oh thank god those other buggers did not get control.” OR “Oh oh, “Snooper Bill”, better whip out the Social Credit Score.” OR “Nanny State for all, we need more cameras.” OR “Really, what now?” OR “Of the three, two shall always be in conflict. Who are the three again?” OR “Wow, the fear card worked again.” OR “Yeah, draw the line.” Want some more “ORs”?

Two…..Now some questions.
—What is like to win a majority election that has been based on fear within a society that really is fear driven?
—Is that applied fear concept falling apart?
—After all, how many agencies did you use upon the people of that land?
—You may be from the people of that land, but are you of the people within that land?
—How long before you take another run for the “Snooper bill”?


Four…..What you have on front of you is an opportunity. You can actually break away from those centralized processes that have been so destructive to the people within your lands. This is long term. God knows, the so called short/long terms benefits are becoming shorter by the moment.

Five….. Results are results, a person can still say this.

“With all of the back-door dealing and lies, who is actually bringing those NEEDED levels of truth so that way the people of this land can actually deal with reality?”

In Great Britain, it is also showing well. Two established “grass roots” parties with a third. One took the vote almost completely for the land of their people. One increased their vote from 800 thousand+ to 3.8 million+ which is evenly spread throughout that land. And yes, the third people of that third land now have the seeds to tie the people of that land back together.

Could the play of the “three party system with the controlled fragmentation” fall apart?

Look at the numbers.

Bottom Line Time, BLT.

One…..These sort of changes have happened because of one REAL FACT. It is called the “power of the paper ballot”. Yes, that can be influenced and muddied up. All that has to be done, is increase the amount of oversight. (Each party has a rep in each area where the count is made to make sure the count remains true.) The real paper trail remains.

Two…..The mainstream/mudstream/mass news media. The more you skew and lie, (Which includes lying through omission.), the more it shows. The more it shows, the more that people will continue to “turn-off” your dribble and look elsewhere. The influence peddling is taking a real shift, because more and more people ARE waking up.



Three…..Too funny on this one. How many local politicians tried their version to influence such results to pander themselves? Either way, their true colors have now more clear.

Hey, Stefan did this one very well. (Yes, I may not agree with certain specifics, but the overall is….)

Four…..Ok, once again. Carbon dioxide is what plants live off of. And yes, the climate changes every day and every year. Basic cycles. BUT NOW, people are realizing that this process is more about, “Wealth Control”. After all, China and some other countries are exempt.

Tax Tax tax tax tax tax tax…….money money money,,,which means, “More control with the loss of control”.

An Australian Advisor to a Minister.

Hmmm, a collection of more links. (20+ links for 2015 alone.)

Here is an old article.

AND WHY, are the central/UN/Banker/Mass pushing this crap still? How much is to gain? (Might have to give this some more attention again.) And who were the buggers that pushed “Peak Oil”? Who are the buggers making the build up for “Peak Water”?

Who is poisoning who?


What is the best thing about a liar?
Catching them.
What is the second best thing about a liar?
Knowing when they are lying.
What is the final best thing about a liar?
Knowing you do not have to deal with them.

Now, what do you think is going through the Federal politicians minds? (How many agencies are going to be used on this one? All on record.)

P or S. (Problem or solution.)

Either way, there are two “majority parties” in these respective two areas. Will it mean that these majority parties will go crazy regarding the growing fascist police state processes with levels of behavioral processes from that book? (Tough Call.) That is up to the people, and with what has been proven, more people are waking up.

As always, forward this email to those that you believe that are awake. And yes, if you do not want to receive these, let me know. And NO, this is not for publication, I alone control that process. Thank-you.



Ps. Yes, did catch that sneaky push regarding the Bill-C51, and another budget bill that had very little to do with the budget. But hey, just because a bill has passed does not mean it will go into full enforcement on this one. It still must be tested in the courts. (Who is going to hit first on this campaign?) Even then, do you think that this gold is owned?


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