IP1. (In Play) Released Dec 5/15

To be aware is to become aware.
(What is your process?)

Such a question can lead to an answer that might make you smile.

It is called, clarity.

Use it before you lose it.

IP…..In Play.
Two words, quite simple.

Checks and balances.

Pesky awareness.
An American Thing.
Internal and External.

Internal or External? In this country there is a right to “free speech” and it is becoming less practiced. All done in the name of “_________”. Is this an external or internal problem for the American? This is “Full Spectrum”

Internal or External? Elementary Schools. “Grade School” (That is before we get into what is being taught.)

Internal or External? Info vs. Dis-info. (And in that process, how much of it has gone political to blurr the real problem?)

Internal or External? Even some others are stating some obvious realities. (An elder who is Canadian?)

Internal or External? Ah, and we go to that topic. (Another Benghazi?)

Internal or External? And there are people that ARE doing something about a section.

Internal or External? Ahh, the markets. How about some clarity without such destructive net results? It does exist and the potential is very real.

Internal or External? Yes, there are MANY others who are now asking real questions.

Has the Pentagon gone rogue?

Guardian: Pentagon Builds Palaces for Staff in Afghanistan

How about a current example: “The San Bernardino Shooting”. Here are some people who are not from that land and they were invited to a “Christmas Party”. And what happens? SHOOTING SPREE. I guess they have chosen to not be a part of that land. (Twice draws a line. I was expecting somebody who was Pharmed right up.)

Take a look at who is saying what? How many main/mud/mass-stream news were already trying to twist this action to create what? (About 1/3rd and shrinking?) Even the same twits who were also trying to condone the people (who lived there) who were openly trying to include this mess in their prayers.

May peace be with those people who lost their lives to such a level of ignorant people. YES, may peace be with those instigators for their price is also real. (No Honor.)
1…..Economic. The examples are endless. Ever check out the latest update on where those patent processes? Or, how many times must the “Fed” screw things up until people realize it is being done with purpose? Why do you think there are the “BRIC” countries backed by whom? (Both sides on that fence.) How about the rush by Obamamamama and Company to try to sign the USA onto the “TPP” AND “Agenda 2030”? (The smaller tests were a true success. The process of killing the REAL economy.) Better yet, which coal power plants are still running and will continue to do so?

J Perkins.

2…..Internal. Endless examples. How many of those examples that you have seen that HAVE been skewed by those certain sections of the Main/Mass News Media? NGO’s. Special interest groups actually preaching such levels of violence. Ever meet an angry woman who is completely unaware that the food chain has been so juiced with hormones, that she is completely unaware of such a FACT? Ever meet an angry man who is unaware of such hormones IN the food chain and he is seeing such destruction and then acts out because he does not even know that he is acting out? (YES, another book.)

Even then, look at the amount of anger that the police are dealing with and then also getting back from other sections of their respective governments. (Do you see on how such incidents can happen?)

Instead, which sections within the media are blatantly lying about the amount of mass murders? (Trying to make the American people feel guilty for FALSE facts? 355 to the actual being what?) Look at the amount of disrespect for the most recent killers. What is that meant to create?

OR, how about Big Pharma with the “CDC”?

Keeping them busy eh?

3…..External. Another massive play. How many MORE proxy/illegal wars have those sections within the American Government become involved in? How many times, have certain sections within the world that used the American name to push and destroy so many other societies? What do you think the “petro-dollar” play was about? (And now it is going to be China? Yes, the world should be just like China. Think that through.) How parts in the world have the actual American people traveled to and then are treated like crap because of what has been done by those other sections?

4…..Formulations. Within such levels of applied madness, what are the proven results? Who is fanning the flames of separation? It is like taking a closer look at the educations system. Have some money and you can make a BIG donation to a school and influence on how that money is spent. Give you a donation as long as you teach these applications. What is another section that runs just like that? An elimination of what an “Open Society” means?

5)…..Own that gold?

In a conversation a while ago, that topic came up. Rewrite the American Constitution. My response was quick, which ended that line of discussion. “How can you rewrite it when you cannot honor it.”

YES, those three pieces of an applied reality that created levels that are “sooo very much”. Incredible.
Try these words just along some behavioral lines. Just three words:

Accidental . Incidental. Intentional.
(From the conscious to the subconscious.)

You know what those three pieces of paper have been doing for so long? The balance of power in The Republic of These United States of America still remains with the people.

Own That Gold?

“Cheers, to the People of the USA. These people have not taken those various forms of bait that has been applied onto them for so many years.”

The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence.
Why do you think that so many specific groups are taking FULL RUNS on sections within these applied realities? The balance of power, use it before you DO lose it. Many people are, and they are using it, and are not abusing it. Which means:


Awwwww, no martial law for you. Too many eyes. Then again, he and his own are not done trying to stir it up. SEE: NGOs and those many other examples.

He is just one “dictraitor”, how many others do you see that have been proving this term? (Dictraitor. A person/organization who applies a process just like a Dictator, and within those results a person/organization is being a traitor to the people they are representing.)

After all, this bugger really is showing on how much he wants to fuck it all up. (Or just continue in the process of what he and his organization truly want for the American People.)

Then again, why do you think the currency has not fallen completely down?
If the will is true, the path still remains.

L to L…..Local to Local.

Cut-backs, cut-backs. As Stated, Main/MUD/Mass Straim media is dying.
CBC to cut 144 positions from local news services, 100 from Radio-Canada to help reduce operating costs
Bell Media’s plans to cut 380 jobs in Toronto, Montreal will hit local news hard: union

What, did you think the “PTB” really give a dam? The “Algos” are right there.

YET, what is the next round on that front?

So another question. Is MSNBC really thinking the people are that dumb, or is it that other play?

Will the reasoning continue to be about the symptoms instead of the cause?

TELL THE TRUTH, because the real truth does not need to be sold. It is called, “FREE SPEECH”, the building blocks of any “Free and Open Society”. Do you see what is “In Play” on that front?

Those cut-backs, if you diminish that local reality, do you also eliminate the reporting of those net results in such applied madness? (Nobody to report it, so does it exist?) It remains to be seen.
BLT…….Yuppp, that time.

One…..Canadian Thing, province to province. “High Hog heaven eh?”, for the kids in Alberta eh? SHOCK and AWWW eh? Prep a double tap to try to get “carbon taxes” through while threatening and holding the “Royalty Review” over the industry? AND THE BEST thing is, an increased revenue with PLENTY of NEW policies and regulations. A brand new set of definitions? (Some money eh?)

THEN, to go right over and hit the farmers? Regulate a section of people that do so much for who? Downgrade them through regulation? Meanwhile, the people in the cities were getting the squeeze as well from the previous government. (YES, farmers do read AND so are more within the Urban.) Results are results.

Increased revenue in taxes. Increased revenue in deficit spending. What does that lead to? SEE: Quebec, or Ontario, or British Columbia and their deficits. And who is that devaluating?

AND THEN. “The National Environmental Plan”? “National Energy Policy” anybody? (That pipeline equation was also about some other realities.)

The political suicide is now complete. But they are betting on three things. Do they feel, that people are too stuck in fear to do anything about it like challenging these agenda driven policies that are based on junk science? (Polar Bear population growth, to and beyond. Melting Ice caps, BIG Snow equals more melt.) Trying to count on the ignorance of the populace. “Keep lying until it blows over and do not answer any real questions because we the politician did not actually read these bills.” And yes, stupidity? “They will not remember after so many years of what damage is being done. (Put your hand on a stove once, did you learn?)

Two…..The Syrian Thing. SEE: Libya. SEE: Iraq. SEE: Egypt. SEE: Afghanistan. SEE: Korea. SEE: Vietnam. SEE: Iran/Contra. Keep that one at seven, or do want more? Did forget the latest one that is also in play,,,,,”SEE: Turkey”. (An external onto another external, which is being actively tied to the internal.)

Three…..TPP. Trans Pacific Partnership. OR. Agenda 21 and 2030. What is the third is this acclimation process? (That is a check in that balance.) Still playing these two applications back and forth.

IP? Right Now?
“Poison the people, poison the planet.”
That UN/Central Thing.

This is beautifully done, well not really.

A flow of money that gets tied and put through the central bankers, (Which are private banks.) and in the short-term (Which has real long-term tones.) the versions of government get a cash flow to further which obvious realities? SEE: Education, or Healthcare, or Regulation, or, or, or,,,,and see how skewed that has become. (Where does that info go? Under who’s right?)

Current example in real time? Where are you from?

And why do you think there is also that constant push for digital currency? (Is that a five or a seven in that process?)

Four…..NGO. Non Government Organizations. (Follow the money.)

Here is a sack of crap attacking the most basic forms of sharing to create those needed levels of communication/understanding. Where has been the best place to have such conversations? What room in your home has the most consistent level of conversation? Sharing food leads to what result?

How about these two abusers of the system. From withholding information/evidence to conspiring to destroy another person through incredible manipulation. Maybe should have these two brought up on charges.

Christie Blatchford: The Twitter trial of Gregory Elliott is becoming much like Twitter itself — shrill and uber-sensitive

OR. Is this going to be another NGO in the making? GMO companies going under a different version of applied NGOs formula?

Five…..Ever try this? Choose three different venues with their own processes that DO differ, and see what they are saying about such realities? You should really see it when it is compared within the mass media. (These are all from December 2nd.)

No Agenda.
Info Wars.

Coast To Coast AM

Take your three and compare. YES, I do cross reference these with others. It is called, “being professional”.

P or S? (Problem or Solution.)

In France, it is a Martial Law. And the Gov’t along with other interests are using it. Hitting the real ones eh? (Just in time for those twits as well. How convenient.)

Oh yes, and they extended it a fast as they could as well.

How long are they going to continue to try to extend this action? In that larger process, take a look on how the EU is trying to force their own provisions upon those other countries regarding “bail-in” clauses.

As always, forward this email to those who do benefit. Please do not publish this. AND, if you do not want receive these, let me know.

One of One.



Ps. There are more tools out there then you might think. It starts here, “face to face”. By coming into that “face to face”, you have an opportunity to come to an “eye to eye”. What happens when people come to face each other, it presents that opportunity to confirm and maybe have an opportunity to get on the same page. “Eye to eye”, why see when you can see through?

PPs. Did a few more intros. YES, because the amount of people who are out there ARE reporting on what is being done. How established do you think it is now?


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