ip3. Released Feb 11/16


Remember this story? (Wrote this one in 2010.)
So,,,,A Gold Thing…….(and commodities, you choose.)
Well, gold has been around for a long time, right up there with jewels etc…..a measurement of wealth which also means a measurement of control. (A part of the whole.) So, many years ago certain powers brought on the “Gold-standard”. You know, if your country currency is to have value, it will be backed by gold.
Well, to the surprise of many, a country massed an incredible amount of gold, right to the point where it was time to get off of this “gold-standard”. There are many thoughts on the reasoning of why this happened, here are a couple. “To much wealth in one society” or “It is time to spread the wealth throughout that society” Either way, the gold card is back.
So let us take a look at the process of this assigned value.
1) It is a traded commodity. Traded by brokers and you know that other term, (speculators). Because of this action, there is a value that is assigned. They achieve this value through speculation and psychology. The mood on the floor…..emotion. They play and bet on this fact. “Watch your arrows”
2) So it is emotion. Must admit the emotion of gold is at an all time high. From the radio to the internet,,,,BUY BUY BUY GOLD + SILVER and gems, and buy from us because we are looking out for your best interest. OR Sell your old gold jewelery and you can buy a nice pair shoes or boots….(@ 20 to 30 cents on the dollar). Hell, you can buy gold from vending machines in Europe. Everybody is doing it. (except a few clever ones, they changed their tune months ago. Position, is a good thing.)
3) But wait, how many gold producers are there out there and who controls them ? (You can own stock but you do not control the company.) Hmmmm, would it be safe to assume that they have a seat on these exchanges ? How many seats are actually in these trading houses ? (with these facts, how about diamonds, oil, or food ?) Not many independents out there anymore.
So, what is the reason for all of this? The established reason is because of the American dollar. (from the price of oil to the price of food) Beautiful reasoning, but the prices are all higher with every currency.
Can you see? Can you see through? Are all currencies devaluating? Wow, depending on the position you hold on the commodity market, a person can devaluate themselves to where they have no wealth, hence no value, hence no say.
Wow, emotion, better keep a balance.

Yupp, remember those days? Remember the plays? What was supposed to happen per say? What actually happened?

That hunt hit certain silver players. That play was also there to hit the people. Debase the currency which debases the final freedom of separation and participation of the people in any sovereign nation through its currency which intern debases the values of the people. What do you think that this next current play will hit?

It is the same scenario except on one very obvious reality.

So what is in play?

One. The Oil thing. How many players? A big play happened in Fort McMurray. Now Chesapeak Bay? When looking at it further, to what degree do you see that the “Bankism” is also being involved? (“Yellow Yelly”, you are jacking it so you can really lower it.) Really?

Two. Yes, it is also a direct run on one of the last forms of wealth creation? In this world, wealth creation is derived from what? POWER, electricity. What has coal done? What has been created from Oil and Gas? (How many Enron’s must happen? There is a province on the other side of Canada that is NECK DEEP in their Jacking and Raping of the people over there for what? Don’t forget B.C.) The up play? The down play? A creation of a replay of 2008? Really?

Three. And since it is NOT going to be a “Muslim World” in the Western World. (Two examples of those agendas are showing with who? “Black Lives Matter” along with the Floundering Feminist movements? Yupp, showing some “sororo” and “kissing it” too much.) So when to take a look at it on this angle. Saud ties to what Oil? Oil ties to what? Which ties to what? I feel for the Muslim people in the Middle East because of what and how things have been played upon those people. (Internal to External.) Do we all have to repeat that history again? Really?

Four. “Run On Cash”. Yes, by hitting a major section of wealth creation it has and will hit soooo many other sections. What, do you think that the “Welfare State” will keep the rest of you alive with? (Chips and Dip?) What do you think that has been creating such results? See: France See: The Brith Thing. See. See. See. OH, but what is the real balance for such gold? Cash. Cash means choice. JPM with which banks anybody? For the wealth to come back, the protections MUST be put back in place for the people. See: “Bail Ins” (I did not make that rule. Hell, I did not make any of these rules.) Even then, REALLY?

Five. FANG. Yupp, a “joke”. Twittle-dee/dumb will be going down because it is pandering to another result. Fakebook, going down because it is from the same book. Oh, it is now about revenue generation because user-ship IS on the down side? (Hell, it blew up in India. Right down to the basic version.) DUHH? The only respect you get in those sections is NO RESPECT. See: Thought Police. And Google, are you now one of the Alphabets? (The accelerant that is being applied is accelerating your demise.) And Zuck, to take on Hawking? For that one, maybe it is time for some minds to come together and sink it back. (Yes, those sections DO understand the basic balance of respect. A growing number.) SEE: CENSORSHIP. 1984. Brave New World. Really?

Six. Getting Caught. Ok, it is already well known the connections within UN and Central etc things are beyond real. (And the tattle-tail squad is getting smaller because it is a snake eating itself into oblivion.) And the arm that is applying such realities has shrunk along with those obvious levels of basic awareness growing exponentially. What has been happening? What is that counter? R, R, and R? Even in those lines of design, are they now not the minority for such lines? Do you really think that by continuing on the lines of threatening everybody will hold? Do you really think that the ones that serve are going to stick around? Really?

Seven. This goes back to another previous release, “If This Goes.” The Russians are not taking the bait. The Chinese are not taking the bait. Hell, within Africa, those people are realizing that who has been the destroyers, a couple formats in that one. India, they are not because they have had enough. And to spin it back onto Western Society? South America is fragmented to the point where the focus is becoming quite real. Western Society has been taking so many hits that it has also had enough, and that is why the focus is back. And to draw upon on all of those dictators of the world? Are those dictators not also and have realized what it is? And then to rely on those within? (A spec play, but I could give some odds.) Really?

You get the 16 on the D, and the 50 on the O.
(Yes, I know what that means, which also means some other realities.)
And the more that this gets played hard, the more it shows what really is.
“If It Goes.”?

BLT: If that “check-mate” play gets played, you will be “check-mating” yourselves. I Did Not Make Those Rules.

AND…….If you want the gold, the respect for such gold MUST be respected. (Or do you want to screw it up more? Yes, it is called “choice”.)

Final Note: In the News Media environment, there really are certain talking heads that HAVE run their course. Beyond obvious, correct? YES, it is called valued added which is a direct reflection of what a valued added society is. Ooops, what has Western Society been about? What built the Western Society? Why? (Future releases perhaps?) When taking a look at such lines of the obvious, it has changed. Some will go. Many will stay. Why? Watch and see.


A Duality with that realized Trifecta.

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you know and who can benefit. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) No problem.


Ps. Fine, because of this release. And you think you are aggravated? (Dam, and three pages.)


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