LT1. (Lets Talk) Released July 12.15

Released July 12, 2015

“Pieces and parts within sections and layers.”

And, what is the fifth point of this equation?
How about the sixth?
Do you see the seventh?

Within this slice, on the initial.
It is an “eleven”.

A “5×5” and a “1 of 1”

ONE. As the power has been taken away from the people, so shall the power be taken away over the people. How many examples of this have you seen?

Example: This has been beautifully done when considering the applied behavioral aspects. How many people have you met that have stopped looking into the news? How many excuses have you heard? Do you really think by keeping people in the dark is the way to control the people? Either way, a loss of control over the people has happened. People are no longer relying on the usual venues because of the amount of lies that are being hyped. Check the numbers. People are going to those other venues because of those levels of information, knowledge, and maybe even some wisdom. Why do you think mainstream/mass media is dying?


Instead of going on and on. What are the current behavioral aspects that have created these realities within your world. From the Home life to the Work life. Write a book, could this be a title? “Full Spectrum Dominance Or Demise?”

TWO. Within whatever spectrum of your life, to what degree do you exist in fear? (How many people are on Big Pharm to Big Chem, or even the Big Behavioral?) Hell, what aspects are being ruled in your fear based reality? Is the fear ruling you or are you ruling that fear? (A balance.)

Yes, then comes that other question.

What fear is real and what fear is hype? (Another book, another balance.)

THREE. People of other land/culture will not respect your own land/culture unless you respect your own land and culture. (Quite the reality on this one.)

How many people have you met that are “out of country” and think that you are out to lunch? Ignorant? Oblivious? Almost to the point where it is out of “pity”. What also happens when you take such attitudes and apply it onto people? What are you doing? Results anybody?

The levels of disinformation are incredible, and many have taken advantage. Take a closer look at the global charity circuit. How many countries are advertising that the people of other countries NEED their help, just donate your money. How many charities were/are advertising that the people of Canada need their support? (It has been some time since I have looked, should I give that some attention?)

Or how about a current one. Here comes the “Banana-BONO twit” being reintroduced as a “philanthropist” to Canada, with the full Gov’t backing. The last time that twit was around, his so-called charity produced about 1% to maybe 3% of that money actually going to the so called, “charity”.

Meanwhile, within the “real of the real”. What was the name of that world class female Pianist that was paid out early from her contract from that “Hog town” symphony? All because she was bringing out certain layers of truth from HER country of Ukraine? She would tend to know more, she is from that land.

Did laugh when the corrupt portions of the gov’t of the USA are trying to recruit medical doctors to get people/patients to believe in “Global warming/change”. (Agenda agenda agenda,,,huhh 21?) Soon to be juiced up. Poison the people, poison the planet.

FOUR. In the world of the extended portions of this shared western society, (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia.) to what degree have these people of those lands been able to become their “Own People” of their land? What made these respective lands to become so great? (From the ground and up.) What is happening now? (From the top on down.) What groups are actively trying to undermine those cultural values that DID still develop in those lands? (Who are trying to attack/rewrite those specific documents? Bill Of Rights. Constitutions. Charter Of Rights and Freedoms.)

Remember: “Think global, Act local”? And the response was, “Think local, Act global”? After all, you are a product of your land. Where does that process begin again? “Since I can help myself, I am also stronger to help my family/friends.” What was the next step in that process?

Yes, what happens when you become more aware of those levels of truth within your immediate surroundings? You also become more aware of others in their surroundings. (Who is trying to run which levels of awareness? Who is high jacking whose cause for what gain?)

FIVE. If you do not take responsibility for your life, your life within its essence, will become forfeit. Is this not true? Except One Thing.

Your life is not “forfeit” until you are dead. Which means, you still have a choice. It is a fine line, how many of you have lost that line?

A ONE. Morals. Ethics. Beliefs. Values. Is there a fifth, or sixth, or even a seventh variable to this equation?

After all, “The way I see me is the way I’ll be.” (Double edge sword with those words. Does it eliminate choice for the individual?)

Better yet. The tangents of your process that you maintain in your brain is in a constant state. Evolution vs. Evilution, quite real.

Rather hard to keep a person overloaded in fear when that person has an increased level of clarity that feeds a stronger balance.

BLT’s. (Bottom Line Time.)

One. Which one is going to go first? CNN or MSNBC? IT is beyond established, these two sections are the ultimate front-runners for being the ultimate in disinformation and propaganda. Talk about inciting violence to the “Nth degree”. Kind of like this, “If we even act MORE LIKE IDIOTS, maybe more people will still talk about us.” SORRY. You can push the EXTREMIST propaganda for so long.

Wait minute. CNN has built a brand new studio. Oh, I forgot, it is not for real news. It is for the “INFOMERCIAL NEWS SPECIALS.” (Call as it is. A shiny new studio to show off those that have “Corp-aganda with the blessing of the corrupted sections of the US Gov’t?)

Two. Cash. Fiat Currency. Do you really want Fiat Digital Currency? Think that one through. I guess that is also why cash is still being used, and being used more often. Why do you think that all of these so called “rewards/free stuff” gets offered for using chips/cards? (Remember, a couple of the heads within the Canadian Mint openly stated that they are going to eliminate currency/cash.) Ooops, a bit off topic.

Every nation has their currency. The people within that nation use that currency which is also a direct and indirect endorsement of their country. Agreed? Hence, people endorse their country by also using their currency. (Like a value added system.) But why would a people of a country endorse their country?

Values? Morals? Ethics? Etc. It does boil down to this one other question.

What are the fundamentals of a country and how are they honored? For the people, correct?

American Bill of Rights. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Yes, the Brits still have their influence). American Constitution. Declaration of Independence. And those other versions from other countries.

Now, who and through what special interest groups have been trying to undermine such important pieces of paper? (It is on record. How many “Heads Of State”?) It has been quite the battle and it still rages on. Yes, the people are not beaten. (The real gold is not owned.)

After all, there are many other countries who practice incredible abuses upon their people. What do you think that their currency is worth? And why are these countries doing so much business with them. It is called, “A washout effect”.

Three. Markets Markets. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble. But, it is ALL about the Greek Thing and the China factor. Oh, you mean on how the IMF along with the central banking system trying to play for the last pieces Greece? Or could it be the process of the Chinese gov’t trying to formalize the criminalization of hedge funds? Or is it just a way to maintain Z.I.R.P. so that way the continued devaluation of the people around the world stays in play? What do you think LIBOR did? (Might have to do a supplemental release on this one.)

Either way, basics are basics.

FAKEBOOK. Years ago when the amount of users were going into a downturn, the fact came out about how many users fake users that were created by the same company(80 plus million). Why are they still being traded as such? Oh, the Data Capture and then selling that info to the highest bidder. So what is the real direction of this company? What is its purpose?

B-coin. How many people have been caught? How many people are waking up to the applied function of B-coin? Why did so many start-ups happen that was traced to so few with source funding? How many more “whys” should I ask?

Goldi-Sacks. How leveraged is this company? How did the stock price get there? How many Governments have these buggers weaseled their way into? So, is the stock price up because of how leveraged they are Or how many Governments they have managed to tie themselves into? After all, ruling governments do change.

HOW ABOUT. What happens when a company DOES start itself within that country and adds value to that country by keeping the value within that country?

Four. How many times have you heard of this? “What can I do?” or “I cannot do anything about it.” Well, how about taking control of your own decisions?

Example: The Automotive Business. How many times have they actually scanned your driver’s license into their system before you go for a simple test drive? (Maybe a photo copy.) How many places are trying to get financial information BEFORE you even decide to take a car for a test drive? How many places think that you should put up a deposit when you decide to put an offer on a car? (To hold a vehicle if there is an agreement.)

It is a car. It is a monthly payment.

What is the spectrum play behind this process? All about control. (Do you really think it is for “safety” or security?)

What happens when you take control back? (Yes, there are those that are seriously caught up in the drama.)

What do you get?

Five. AND LOOK WHO IS DOING WHAT. Some other Canadians are starting kicking it up a notch. YES, our Treaty Status People are beginning to do what can be done. Canadians for Canadians eh?

A proposal to build a LNG port out in British Columbia. (More likely to have Canadian workers doing that project. Probably choose deep waters which would be safer than that other project. Taking on some other interests?)

An new investment firm to help fellow Canadians in their business ventures? (Out West, Peace Hills Trust is stilling going strong.)

Think it through.

Could this be another beginning for Canadians, or for the people who ARE native to Canada? Hmmm.

After all, a little company called CENOVUS built one of their SAGD plants around some other people’s burial grounds. Why?

OF ONE. Then comes that other reality. Do you have “Heart”? Do you have “Soul”? Do you have a “Body”? Do you have “Spirit”? Do you have a “Mind?” What was the order of those five words when you were thinking of yourself?

Yes, a process within the 5×5 Equation is the individual goes through varying levels of awareness. An order that is very specific to that individual. Reality it is.

How much has your order changed?

P or S? (Problem or solution?)

Usually every time that these “bilder-buggers” get together, other crap tends to come into play. Little Ali Redford was two years ago. The Sask Premier was last year. And for this year, was the head of Post Media. (Just a few people within that list.) Is this a part of the New or Old world order? Or is it a part of the corrupt world order when considering so many net results.

What does tend to be so funny, is when these people get together. To what degree do they really think that they are the “Kings and Queens” of their respective areas of their supposed rule? Or, with all of that aggressive security to keep people out, do they really think that all of those conversations were only between each other? Who do you think that those conversations were really feeding? (After all for the masses, there are shows like “Big Brother” trying to hype the acceptance of have a “Big Brother”.) Results are results.

L to L. (Local to local.)
Raising of Minimum wage. Yupp, it is beginning to look like the New Kids in that province of Alberta are buying into the “Pump It Up Game” of the Central Bankers with a splash of Agenda 21? Hmmm, from 10/11 Dollars an hour to 15 an hour.

What will that do to the people of that province? Put more than a few out of work for starters. (Small Business so the “Corp” can come back in with that list of others to start working for 15% less?) What will that do to feed general inflation as a whole? LIGHT FIRE.

What do you think will happen to the people who are getting paid 15/hr or 17/hr or 25/hr or 50/hr? Going to give them a raise of 35% over the next three years?

How is that going with some other States in the USA? Making it harder for business of the people to do business because they cannot afford to create business?

Again. The previous ruling party was hooked right into that “Agenda”. So, you lady, are you a part of the people or a part of that Agenda?

Final Note:
Everything is on record, read, connect a dot yourself. All you have to do is look. Yet, there are those that are looking through and the numbers are growing. Which is why others plays that are being applied have become so very insane/destructive.

AS ALWAYS: This email is NOT to be published, it is to be shared. Forward this email to those you feel who are worthy. If you do not want to receive these, let me know.

Five By Five.



Ps. Maybe it is time to see how this “5×5” will be put together and released.


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