Lt2.1. Released Nov 23/15

To be Informed is to Get Informed

A piece of a part within those applied realities. How many excuses have you heard or seen in your information flows that state it cannot be done? How many of those information streams just try to play it into the “drama” of one specific example? How many of your information flows have gone to the point of fabricating news and have gotten caught? (Repeatedly.)

So, here are some Headlines that are from various sources. (Yes, it is from many sources.) After all, this is about drawing an understanding. Then again, why do you think that the run on internet control continues? (Right over to trade agreements lacing themselves with such controls. TPP and so many other names.)

Yupp………. Chew through these headlines/blips.

Congress Introduces Legislation to Ensure Corporate Criminals Remain Above the Law

Texas sent agents to Planned Parenthood facilities on Thursday seeking documents, the group said, calling it a “politically motivated” move that comes on the heels of the state’s Republican leaders barring it from receiving Medicaid money.

House De-Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Cisa amendment would allow US to jail foreigners for crimes committed abroad

Students Suspended Over “Racist” Fruit Basket

UK Goes Full Orwell: Government To Take Children Away From Parents If They Might Become Radicalized

PC Police Label Thomas Jefferson Statue Racist, Sexist
Feminists, #BlackLivesMatter protestors wants Jefferson statue removed from Mizzou

Survivor of alleged elite paedophile ring including former prime minister speaks out

Sweden needs to borrow more, cut costs to meet refugee numbers: finance minister

Things Are Getting Scary: Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’

San Fran middle school cancels student elections because too many white people elected

Slavery Incorporated: How The White House And Paul Ryan Are Making Sure Forced Labor Remains Part Of Their Trade Deal

Egyptian TV News Uses Video Game Footage As Proof Of Russian Precision Strikes Against ISIL

The NYPD Is Using Mobile X-Ray Vans to Spy on Unknown Targets

Tories accused of driving wedge between England and Scotland with new Evel rights for MPs

Indonesia’s palm oil fires are emitting more greenhouse gases every day than the entire US

After patient deaths, FDA warns about liver damage risk of hepatitis C medications

Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate – study

Puerto Rico looks to organ transplants to help cure ailing economy

FBI Director Says Filming Cops Causes Violent Crime — Admits He Has No Proof

Facebook photos could be taken for use in national biometric database – officials

Syria Refugees Returning Home in Large Numbers

Saudi Prince Arrested At Beirut Airport With 2 Tons Of Drugs

An article posted to the National Journal last week claims whites are more likely to sleep comfortably than blacks because of widespread racism.

US Government Begins Rollout Of Its ‘Driver’s License For The Internet’

UK government previews the British Bill of Rights which will replace the Human Rights Act

Here’s the kind of data the UK government will have about you, in realtime

Canada Sued Over Genetically Modified Salmon Calamity

Belgium gives Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking non-users or pay €250K per day

Turkish PM calls for new constitution after election victory

The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American

Israel puts Leviathan on fast-track

US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American

Paris is being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attack

From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities

Soros-Backed Group Launches Bid to Keep Syrian Refugees Flowing

In secret meeting, Obama presses Canada for quick TPP corporate takeover approval

These headlines are just pieces. Yet within the sources of these headlines, it speaks more truth then you think. (The supporting links within these headlines SHOW so much.) Way more than the classic Main/Mud/Mass-stream news media.

And then, there is even some good within the mass media as well. THEY ARE ALL FINALLY SHOWING THEIR TRUE COLOURS. (Just take a look at who is using which streams.)

CNN…..(Trying to change their revenue stream. “INFO-NEWS-mercials”. MSNBC…..(The established and fully funded entity for your “NGO” and “Propaganda”.) BBC…..(The people over there are getting tired of that propagandized lies. Ratings.) CBC…..(Taking a beating because it is about the funding. They are getting played and the Canadian people are getting hit because there are so few “streams” that are being presented within Canada. But there are changes in that landscape as well.)

YES. When a person takes a look at who is showing some truth? Some main/mud/mass-stream ARE trying. Why? Because they know that IF this crap does take hold, it will shut them down along with the rest of their society. (A Free and Open society DOES naturally thrive when it does stay as such.) After all, in the revenue landscape, it is very much about telling the truth. (A great example right now is “RT”. Take a look at the talent within that organization. OR, Kady O’malley, why did she leave CBC?)

This is happening. How many “News Venues” have seen that have been hit by some alphabet agency? They cannot win because OF the levels of truth. It is called “FREE SPEECH”, and with that, the truth always comes to light. (After all, to take on the news agencies will really bring certain levels of truth out.)

Checks and balances, and the balance has been way out. The “checks” are making their way back.
L to L.

Ahhh, the refuges that are not really refuges. OK fine, time to take a look at other sections within our lands to see those results. (IT is ON RECORD that these people are NOT from Syria. 80% plus?)

Sweden’s rape and murder rate goes through the roof since allowing these people into their land. (Going on for years so far.) ON RECORD.

Germany rolls out the full “Behavioral Police”. Talk about how their women and children are getting raped and bullied by these outsiders, and you get to get charged. ON RECORD.

Better Yet. How many “Red Zones” exist in your country to where these people are verbally to physically violent to the people who ARE native to their lands? Namely, they are not welcome within their own land.

Who is going to pay for this?

Did laugh when I saw this headline.
DHS Won’t Track Missing Syrian Refugee in US Because “Constitutional Rights”
Rights for the foreigners of a land, where the people of the land are having their rights taken away. (It is called results.)

People of other land/culture will not respect your own land/culture unless you respect your own land and culture. (Why do you think the identity of certain lands are not allowed to become their own people of their land? Which established people are getting gutted because of a variant of such practices?)

One…..The behavioral aspects on creating such a “short-term” mindset within society has worked so far. Is it still working? Falling as fast as it can be put together. WHY? Think of it this way. How often did your parents talk about such realities? Is it because they were not allowed, or maybe because they did not know how?

The point is…..We have already evolved and will continue to evolve. It is a matter of dealing with it.

To be aware, is to become aware. What is your process?

And applied behavioral is doing what?

Two….. The Elect things. This is showing some real signs of life. Yes, there was a transition. It is about the people, the people are waking up. Most are struggling to find out what is really going on so they CAN act accordingly. The “Bloc” is back, and the “Treaty” are now in. Do any of you know why the federal election process was dragged out for so long in Canada? (Now comes some of the smaller elections. Some will be no longer is their positions, because they have made their choice through their actions.)

SEE: Notley. (YES, we know burning coal in today’s world is actually CLEAN. Must be taking a page from the Clinton/Obamama practices. The “Oil-patch” started to clean up their world a long time ago.) Nice job in trying to rush in some more policies that are based on lies. (Yeah, it is cleaner to ship it by rail eh?)

YUpp, the “Elect Series” is not complete.

Three…..The American Thing.

Obamamamamama. This person/administration are doing their best to really to stir it up. To the Max. An illegitimate president trying so hard to push somebody else’s agenda through illegitimate processes. (Who needs duck hunting season when this bugger is just like a barrel full of fish.) Could this bugger be the first X-president to be brought up on FULL CRIMINAL CHARGES?

I hear Hilary within her current probe is a preliminary for her charges. (Caught a couple blips.) And more actual truths as well. (A situation that can get very ugly for her, and some others. Lie Lie Lie.)

Only thing I know, as more people come out and share what really is happening, the people will be able to deal with what is happening.

Hmmm. Almost time to do a “piece of a part” regarding That American Thing.

Four…..Poison the people, you poison the planet. Poison the planet, you poison the people. NOOOOOO, it is called “Climate change” (oops, trying the “global warming” thing again?). After all, going to tax and fee you to death!!!!!!

Carbon Dioxide is what the plants live off of. Such a basic FACT. (Meanwhile, the bigger the lie, the bigger the PR is pushed.) Feed the central bankers, feed Al Gore, feed the Gov’t, feed the Corp.

Fukishima. Gulf Coast. GMO. GEO-ENGINEERING.

AND, what are the results? (Or do you think Aluminum is good for you?) Love this one that No Agenda picked up regarding the U.N. and its Agenda 21 or 2030. SEE:”P or S” below.

Five…..Intro time. This time is about the people who broke out from where they were at to do what they do. We all have our own version and construct that we are all working with. Hell, I still remember the two News Anchors resigning on their News Broadcast live.

John B Wells. This person has levels of insight and skill with interviewing people that does show to be very true. He pushed it hard on “Coast To Coast AM”. Was it a fit? It did work. Was it a fit for Coast To Coast? Well, there is a process. (Hell, this bugger even ran his disclaimer on Coast To Coast as part of his intro.) Either way, did he roll over and play dead?

Aaron and Melissa Dykes. This couple is from “Infowars”. Two people who are very passionate on what they do. Again, was a fit for infowars? YET, did they stop? They are doing what they do. And yes, Melissa, I do understand what vaccinations can do to people. (David is still alive, and the collective lawsuit is still being tied up in the courts because it directly ties to WHO.) It is not just the vaccinations, it is what is being out into those vaccinations. Yupp, caught a few “blips” on certain companies adding aluminum.) “Truth Stream Media”, good name, good stories.

Ezra Levant. This person worked through the consolidation of the mainstream media within Canada. Front and center through the process of the News Channel for sun Media. (Sun media is now owned by Post Media.) That play was all about controlling the flow, which is why that channel was not placed with the other two main outlets within the Television process. (1600+ petitions to quash that third channel which 80% plus of those challenges coming from a firm in New York.) As a Canadian first, WORTH THE TIME.

And hey, the grass roots movement does continue.

Do you see? It is not about the political traps, it is about people doing what they think is best. Think of the examples of what you have seen.
P or S
At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

It can be called, “Green Fascism”. The UN, nothing about being united except for the dictators.

Record Crushing Fraud From NOAA And NASA Ahead Of Paris

Final Note: Why not something clever and funny for a change. (Redacted Tonight.)

As always, forward this to those you feel that would benefit. (Print it and pass it along.) This is NOT to be published. And, if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.

One of One.



Ps. And then came this one. Free Yoga classes being banned from a University because of cultural reasoning? Let me get this straight, people from other lands come and share their processes, (Yoga) and when it is passed on, we now have some shallow people objecting because of what?


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