LT2. Released Oct 11/15

“Out of Chaos, Order Shall Arise.”

And who are the ones that have been creating those levels of chaos?

Who are the ones? (There is a difference.)

Who are the ones who say they can fix this mess?

Yes, the process of “overload” IS truly applicable.

Either way.

Cause and Effect.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Reactive, proactive.
Short-term, Long term.

What happens when an elastic band gets pulled too far? What happens when those levels of awareness continue to grow when dealing with that stretched elastic band? What has happened so far?

The resilience of people.
YES, and who is doing their best to create what effect upon whom?


It was stated in a previous release, “Things have gone behavioral.” Translation? (As applied to an individual.) It is where an individual shows certain behavior BECAUSE of those levels of insanity that are being applied upon that individual’s world. (Hmmm, like water vapor is being designated as what? Or see the side effects of the Big Pharm.) YES, it is being measured. (“Now 7”, and many more.) Yet, how is it being applied within what formula to what results? Remember on how everything can now be deemed as a disorder? There are sections that are now in full force on that applied Junk Science. Want to finish this dot? (Big Behavior.)

Behavioral realities/insanities?

“Due to the radicalization of certain individuals, there must be more controls to measure all people.”
They are being radicalized due to the Al-ciada, Isisisisil. We need to stop them before they go back to those places.” (Unraveling there quickly, more truth.)
“Those critical/cognitive thinking people, how dare they catch us in our lies. Those radicals/idealists/truthers/free thinkers/activists(Not the NGO’s)/libertarians/constitutionalists, and whatever else that does not fit that blah blah blah. What official behaviors can be used to stop them and paint them with such a brush?”

BUT WAIT. What is the expanded term now?

(Interesting on how things are being expanded within such applications.)

Now everybody can be a radicalized individual within any category. (Quite interesting on how those many NGO’s have been getting away with the violence though. And you thought those certain so called “News Outlets” were bad.) Think too much? See through too much? Believe in yourself and share that strength too much? Talking about certain topics too much because of the fear game? Believing in your fellow person too much? Cross referencing information from other sources too much? Maintaining your internal balance without the use of Big Pharm or big Behavior? Do not need Big Brother to make your decisions? Believe in the basic rights of your fellow human which includes not taking or giving abuse? Not bowing down to the latest fad from the latest NGO? More?

Here are some interesting realities in such an application:

“I have nothing to hide, so what gives you the right to intrude upon me with the pretence of such destruction?”

“To be informed is to get informed.”

“Those who see and those who see through, it IS a form of awareness.”

“Cause and effect, very real. What is a cause, and what is a symptom?”

“A person can see what is happening. The question is, why?”


A greater balance leads to what? A great strength leads to what? A greater clarity leads to what? (And why did you put those words into your order?)

With those levels of ignorance that exist within people have been creating some scenarios. A person can get caught up on a specific point and lose focus on the greater picture which can lead to a destruction, right down to an individual’s “core being”.



“P or S” (Problem or Solution.)

How obvious is this? And what has been said so many times?

Dam good at it eh?

And they think they can do this.

A section within the British Gov’t loves that process. Another genocide?

BUT WAIT. Here comes the “U.N.”, and they are making them the head of “The Human Rights Panel” for our versions within this world? (Oh, but that State Dept likes that. How many times to prove that point?)

What is the best thing about such liars? What is the second best thing? What is the third best thing?


ONE. The Canadian Thing. It did not take the current majority government of Canada to do a trade agreement with the current fascist government of Ukraine. Where is the oversight? Where is the disclosure? (The open society of Canada, it is not dead.)

“A Notice” to The Globe and Mail when CSIS were the ones who sent out the warning? (Thank-you CSIS.) Sounds like a personal “Gag Order” from a minister who is acting like a person within the Chinese Gov’t. SUPRESS journalists to hide facts? Why do you protest so much?

In a civil society, the society is made up of Civilians.

The American Thing? WOW.

This will be a “play” to paste upon so many other areas. It was even tried for the State of Illinois.

Chicago Shootings Reach 2,349 This Year — Someone Shot Every 2.8 Hours

The racial plays continue as well. ( A deep barrel full of fish there.)

They are hitting their kids with so many applied versions.

SWAT team descends on CO school over student’s Halloween costume

The spectrum IS in “Full Spectrum”. Yes, that resilience.

TWO. What about those other sections within OUR shared western society?

A country, a region, a culture. And here comes a person who is out of the standard definition and the people would be afraid to speak back because they would be called some other words because of a fear of that person turning into something else.

And now it is getting worse over Spain, AGAIN. People are getting charged on so many levels.

The German people are getting gagged through their forms of the skewed social media as well. (Hearing the charges can be serious, right down to losing your children.) For what? For speaking out about the levels of destruction that many people are bringing. (A bit of a media “blackout” going on over there.)
And who created that section? (Getting pinched off in certain sections right now.)

Well, since the world is now beginning to turn on certain American/NATO/UN/British alphabets. The branch of that power must continues? When in doubt, do it in another country.

The Massive push for more Pharms by the Big Pharm. Non-disclosure, does equal non-compliance. (That is a big brush.) And vaccinate while you are pregnant? (How long has the FACT been real?)

Australia Enforces $11K Tax Penalty for Parents who Don’t Vaccinate

And within Britain? That one is a matter of placing it right “on cue”. The prep for what is deemed to be “British in nature” along with the enforcement that is already beyond. (See Germany in the process in how they are suppressing the people to protect a people that want nothing to do with the people of Germany.)

THREE. Throughout this summer, it was busier. What was that all about? Plays. Positioning, procedural, and application. “WAG THAT DOG”.

“TPP”. A BIG piece that has NO DISCLOSURE. (Try to squeeze it through while it is in the current election processes?) An option that is falling apart before it does get off of the ground, why do you think it has been SO secret?


FOUR. RESILIENCE. Look around.

Yes, there sections of population within each generation that are completely oblivious. Break the “fish-bowl”, and what would happen? The results are straight across the board.

What has been the trend? What has been the push?

Ok, here is some push. (You do know the end result on this one.)

Resilience. What has been hyped by the “main/mud/prop stream media”? They are pandering to a certain rule. Why is this in play?

In western society, which goes back generations, the levels of evolution have happened. It goes like this.

“Evolution has happened and continues to happen. It is a matter of what to do with such behavioral lines because those previous lines no longer work as it once did.”

Awww. Communication, and it continues to grow. Why do you think there have been so many attempts to control the internet?

FIVE. Within such lines of applied designs, the truths do work their way out. The classic practice IS, “paint the picture BEFORE the truth comes out.” Remember the Ukraine process?

Remember this Ukraine process? The interests do run deep, yet who’s interests?
Canada signs free-trade agreement with Ukraine (and also discusses the small matter of Russian aggression)

By bringing such balance to an individual, it means that you CAN not only see more, but do more.

OR (David Knight) (Title could be different. Yet there ARE layers of truth within that process.)

OR (Coast To Coast. Some real topics there.)

“The Intro Thing”. There ARE more, and they are stronger. Can you tell the difference between a “grass roots”, or “balanced”, or “NGO driven”, or, or, or, or, or?

L to L. (Local to local.)

Very true here. This is where the applied formula of basic deceit is very true.

Take a northern city on where driving lanes are becoming smaller to accommodate bicycles. Half of the year it is covered with snow, ice, sand and salt. (Problem-Reaction-Solution.) Look at the expansion of certain speed zones in how it is being applied while in the actual situations, it does not exist.

How about the price of fuel when the actual price of oil has gone down? Or take a look at the pricing difference between the grades of gas. (Is your gov’t speaking up? NO. Their revenue is based on how much can be charged at the pump.)

Look in your own world, what do you see? What are those forms?
FINALLY. What is going to be played upon to create even more behavior?

“The War Thing” “The Economic Thing” “The Terror Thing” “The Fear Thing” “The Truth Thing” “The Banking Thing” “The Pharm Thing” “The Fear Thing”

And what do we have? We have choice. Yes, and choices have been made. By whom?

The consequence of any action or non-action IS very real.

There are many ways to have “If This Goes.” to be played out. JUST LIKE, there are many ways to not have that process of “If This Goes.”

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you feel who are worthy. If you do not want to receive this, please let me know. And yes, this is to NOT BE PUBLISHED, it is about sharing. Do what you do.

One of One.





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