Lt3. Released Jan 20/16

Do you see? So subtle and so obvious.
Decision time? How many decisions have you already made so far?
Are you done?

Yupp. What happens when you combine this?

And this?

Do you not get this?

And yes, do you also get this?

Which rule/rules do you think are actually being applied?

Terms and Comparisons.
Blurr the terms of a society, blurr the meanings of that society.

What a mess.

Christmas vs. Non-Christmas. This is classic play on so many fronts. Take a holiday and commercialize it to and beyond. As it has been distorted for so many years, what happens? In a Christian based society that HAS evolved from those skewed definitions from early Christianity, it is now setting itself up for a very big fall. (Realities have evolved, and so has Christianity.)

Earned vs. Entitlement. Quite basic there. “You’re born, you’re dead” (“YES”, clever buggers.) Everybody has their version, while within such realities, it still boils down to, “What are you doing while you are still alive?” Yes, you have a right to EARN what you receive in your life. Seriously, what do you really think you are entitled to?

Clear Net vs. Dark Net. What is it? Web hosting that is not indexed by Google or other “approved” entities that feed those entities. Do you get it? The “Clear Net” is about things being clear for those that monitor and control. The “Dark Net” is about the people that do not subscribe to such madness. YES, it is about respect for people. (Torr.) Why do you think that Micro-soft is pushing so hard with Windows 10? How many examples have you seen the “Algos” effect in what you are doing with your own research? Ahh, “startpage”. (How about the searches with Trump or Paul?)

Racism. Sexism. Micro-aggressions. What a bunch of what? What is the next version of skewing in those terms? Brought to by the same people who are bringing you this?
“The legitimatization of RAPE?”

And the official attempts have been doing what?

German Minister: Critics of Refugee Program “At Least as Awful” as Migrant Rapists

Better yet, let’s get a woman’s view. (Yes, men do get raped as well.)

Self defence. What, did you think the process of the attempted gun grab is only applicable to the USA? Honest people doing what they do, and they are getting deemed as what?

Meanwhile, there are people that do understand that it is people within their country/region that create a society and realize that the only way to retain their society is to empower their people.

How About……”Vape Speak”…….””Texting, the breaking up of basic communication”…….”Gamer Speak”…….”Can you speak self-entitled?”…….”Calling the real grass roots movements what?”…….seriously. OR, how is that British indoctrination going for the rest of the world? After all, the British people are waking up to that crap. A bit of “Newspeak”?

Blurr the terms of a society.
Blurr the meanings of a society.
Blurr the actions of a society.

Examples? Sure, some examples.
Ok, so here is a group that is breaking so many laws and profiting such actions that are incredible. And here they are suing the people that did something about such madness? (The PR will not go well.)
Threat score eh? Right up there with “Social Credit Score”?
Ahhh, and so comes the process of leasing? To lease or to own?
Or is this one more about what has been happening for so many years? (See:Ukraine.)
Call it health and Wellness? Since the US/Obamama Gov’t’s version is falling apart, so come in other applied sections to re-enforce what? It does bring out more questions.
What, did you think the U.N. does not have a methodology? And where else is this being applied?
Or, how about the ranchers in Oregon. After all, the truth behind that process has showed so very well. John B,,,with “Caravan to Midnight” knew like many others.

Local to Local.
There was a prominent politician that made his comment for the New Year. “People are being so divisive, so I hope that we are not like that for 2016.” (The quote is not exact, but to use the word divisive was very true.) REALLY, what a “ninny”.

It goes like this. If you implement rules, regulations, policies, or laws that are NOT a reflection of the society you are supposedly serving, you get a divided population. Did like the pomp and posturing regarding the new arena, was that because the local population is making sure that the workers will be from the actual region, if not country? After all, your special interest groups are who? NGO perhaps? A little bit of….?

Meanwhile, another person, “Not-so-ley” and her comment? “The Last time a group of wealthy businessmen tried to tell Alberta voters how to vote, I ended up becoming premier.” REALLY? And who are you serving? Obviously, NOT the people of Alberta. You got in BECAUSE the people of Alberta were in a full spectrum of manipulation along with the direct process of the attempt to destroy the “Grass Roots” movement which IS about the basics of oversight. Maybe you should quit, because your record so far has been about the further destruction of what it means to be an Albertan. AND, to use LGBTQRST, to distract people. OR, a 5000.00 cheque to businesses hiring to pay them off. What will that do to their taxes? (A free for all for some specific?) Might not work too well. (Right up there with the payoff money that Danielle was offering to everybody in Alberta in the form of cheques on a previous election promise?) I would not try to tie yourself to the premier of Ontario though, not looking to good with her and her Global Crony Social Capitalism which is based out of where?

And Mr. O’Leary. Are you realizing the correlation of a person’s wealth is only as good/real as the legitimacy of its society’s people? (Capitalism vs. Crony Capitalism? Or in Canada’s applied definition, Social Crony Capitalism?)

Not-so-ly. Maybe you should quit, because the lawsuits are going to begin. How is that petition to have another provincial election doing?
Bottom Line Time.

One. The Canadian Thing. Looks like that apple did NOT fall far from the tree. (True-ue-ue-dua Junior.) Yupp, the son of the father that gave birth to deficit spending. (That was part 1 to the devaluation of the Canadian People.) Not to worry “T. Jr.”, Mulroney did his damage with the obvious results of NAFTA as well.

Meanwhile, here you are pouring gasoline on what equation? Accelerate the devaluation of the Canadian currency to the point where those basics become so expensive that the people who are not subsidized by the government begin to what? Ahhhhh, the “Amero”. Seriously, did you think the “Euro” was only about a currency? What a cluster.

While then, to go into Senate Reform? Hey, Harper did his part by appointing certain people and NOT appointing people to fill those empty seats. “Here comes Junior.” THE PURPOSE OF THE SENATE IS TO BRING BALANCE IN THE PROCESS OF LAWS WITH THE CANADIAN PEOPLE. IT IS ABOUT PEOPLE ACTING LIKE ELDERS INSTEAD OF OLD FARTS. (Another topic for the future, it is scheduled.) And what is junior going to do?

Does this sound about right? “Since the Canadian public is so ignorant, might as well finish the process of turning this country into a banana republic so that way it can be controlled to a greater degree.” (Just might have that one completely wrong.)

Two. The American Thing.
A…..Well, it is looking more and more that the Clinton will be indicted. How will she pull out to begin to save face? (If anything, that other support will continue to go away.)
B…..Obamamama. As that realization is actualized in what other damage he can try to do. The way to stop such a madman in his tracks, is impeachment. Yes, he is a discredited person who has done it all through actions which has created those net results. By starting that process would greatly slow him down in what damage can be done in the immediate future. (Besides, how can a person be a martyr when on countless levels he has proven to be a criminal?) Unless the American people want show that it is a good thing to protect such a person. (It would show some other true colours regarding some other senators etc. The true colours are showing anyways by protecting that person.)
C…..This email is getting too long. Soooooo. Alex, a balanced show with a preview that continues the process of bringing American people together.

Three. Poison the People, Poison the Planet. Instead of talking about the actual power grab The U.N. agenda 21 and agenda 2030. How about some ideas for the people to stop poisoning themselves.
George Noorey…..Coast To Coast AM. (Jan 3.2016) Alternative Medicine.

Why not…..No Agenda…..”Climate Disobedience”.

Four. The Oil and Gas Thing. For all of you people, do you understand on how much oil and gas are a part of your lives? Do you understand on how much it is a “value added” piece of any society? Ohhhh, an agenda eh? Who’s agenda is in play right now? Just look at the price.

Reminds me of the pricing of gold going up to 2000.00? Remember “The Gold Thing”? Remember on how the price fixing was implemented with Silver and how certain people got caught? Is it the same exchange houses that are involved? (Or is it now, just the banks?) A little bit of “Libor” with a new taste? (Same play with a different direction?) Goldi-sachs?

And who is trying to buy who out? This one just happened.

What are the rules regarding foreign ownership of Canadian Land and businesses? Some more rules have been changing. SEE: USA regarding ownership of land.

And as for the markets etc? Yupp, it was over inflated. And now, it is about some real washouts. Why do you think that “Fakebook” and “Oooglie eyes” teamed up together? After all, how is the REAL user count doing behind “Fakebook”? Hell, they even tried to come out with a “Fakebook” premium and that backfired big time. AND, to my understanding, “Fakebook” was actually backing that process of CISA. My real question is, “What are the washout effects with “oooglie eyes”?

Might call this a transitional point.

Five. News views and reviews. In the USA, the place where the “American Bill Of Rights” was conceived was almost completely destroyed. And these were some of the buggers that actually reported this FACT. You do not see any of those Big Named Main/Mud/Mass media reporting this because of what?

Well, the last thing that is needed is people of the USA to think about “The Bill Of Rights” because which media outlet is feeding the demise of such a document that was a key part of building the USA? (Sound about right?)

Bill of Rights Birthplace Partially Demolished by Developer

Bill of Rights ‘birthplace’ partially demolished after locals forget house’s history

Aljazera America is no longer in America.

And who is going to be next? After all, the real traffic has gone elsewhere. Yet maybe, which dying news outlet is going to start the process of telling the truth? Yes, it is good business. Hell, which advertiser is going to cross the line to get back to those levels of “truth based” news? (Did Campbell’s Soup not make the full play to label GMOs? Dam, might have a new advertiser out there.)
Problem or Solution.

Said this one before. WHEN IN USE. Bicycles are bigger then people. Motorbikes are bigger then bicycles. Cars are bigger then motorbikes. Trucks are bigger then cars. Buses are bigger then trucks. AND big rigs are bigger then buses. WHAT BELONGS ON THE ROAD?

How many pedestrians have you seen walking on the road? How many pedestrians have you seen that do not look while crossing a road? How many pedestrians have you seen walking into barriers while staring at their little “Screen Thing”? How many residential areas have you seen where there are no sidewalks because the developer worked out a deal to NOT put in a sidewalk because it will affect their bottom line?

“Zero Tolerance for pedestrian deaths.” Smells like a blame game to me and the pedestrians will not be blamed for their own death.

Yaaaa, it is really called. “Take some responsibility.”

Final Note: Distortions, Distractions, Diversions. What are the trends? What are the results?

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those who also share. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) The basics.




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