E4 Released Mar 2/16

For this next email, go to the “Ps” first and then read through it once before you go through the links. 



RECAP.  Do you see?  Do you see why?  Fear.  Fear. Fear.  A conditioned part of any society.  What happens when that elastic band gets pulled too far?  Life is too short, agreed?  And to say , “I will just shut it all off and that is how I will protect myself.”?  OR, “I will just concentrate completely on myself, and it will go away.”?  IT is a big part of the reason on why things have gotten so bad.  ( I did not make that rule. )


In the roles of the organized spiritual parts of our various societies there are rules.  Are they about control or enlightenment?  Hell, in life there are rules.  Put the kids through school, prep them as best as you can, and then let them loose to discover what and how the real world works.  Agreed?  Will they handle the real spectrum of life?  Rules to teach lessons or rules to maintain control?  A blurry line.  While within this process, how many other areas are these processes being applied?






Elect.  Elect.  Elect.  Elect.

What a show.

Anything to blurr and distract.

What a monster crop.  What a monster drop. 

All to blur and maintain what?


Do you see the main characters?  It is loaded.  A couple wildcards, some talking heads, some scripted ringers, one blatant criminal (Look at the actions/results. ), and one true statesman.  Could there be some other up and coming honorable people?  Is there some that are becoming honorable?


Yes, it has digressed which is why it is being discussed.


Democrats.  The entire system of selection is loaded.  Loaded to, and beyond.  The Super-Delegate process is a direct attack onto the people within that process.  It does not even give the people or mass majority a right to rule which is right from the word, “Go.”  As somebody said which rings very true in this instance.  “Chinese Democracy”.


Republicans.  Almost as bad.  However, it can be side tracked just like the Democrats.  It is all after the first vote at the convention.  AND, it is more of a direct attack upon the people within that process.  The person who has the power over their own vote loses control of their vote after the first full vote.  Does that sound about right?  And then comes “Scotus”?  You see, “Chinese Democracy” is not applied fully from the word, “Go.”


Some People, players?


Bernie.  Communist or Socialist?  A wee bit scattered.  Quite old, which does bring on this question.  Is this person an elder or an old fart?  (A bit blurry there, the signs are on both sides.)  In the Democrat process, the odds are HEAVELY stacked.  Demcrats…..Chicago….New York….L.A.  Sounds about right?







Hillary.  Get out.  You are a beyond corrupted BECAUSE OF all of those offices that you held throughout your life and how you have handled is not through incompetence.  (It is a basic skill when the Art of Deception applies.)  Your name is ruined to and beyond.  Right up there with Bushies and Obamamas.  Why?  Because those lines are drawing to Kissies, Sororos, Gaties, and Zuckies?  (Which draws to whom?)  It is still the people’s choice from what I can see, if they choose.  OH,,,Think the Super-Delegates know?  Or are you going to threaten everybody else?  (Amazing on how all of a sudden the applicable name of criminal being applied to you has disappeared.)  Because your credit is worth to the sum of ZERO, which means not just a clean break, but a reset.  Choices.











And if that is too much reading….Watch This.  (Reminds me of somebody else with their tactics.  NOT-SO.)




Marco.  A talking head.  For in those long-term realities, have fun with that.  “Here boy, have a bone.”  AND I LIKE DOGS.  “Fish Bowl”.  Break the bowl, will the fish live?  (Ahhh, Guppie.)  A lamb for slaughter to create what results?


Mit.  If you come back as the play within the super-delegate section?  Put you with Bloomberg, the person who wanted to regulate everything right down to the size of drink that you can have.


Cruz.  A possible play within a play to bring what?  A piece of a part.  So many people already know what you really are.  AND since you could not even begin to be real with who you are, shhhh.  I am glad you renounced your Canadian Citizenship, you are an embarrassment to that growing number of Canadians.  (What, are you going to count on The CBC?  The Globe And Mail?  So obvious.)


Carson.  Getting audited for speaking out against “Obama Care”?  (Ooops, they need more money.)   You could be a real contender, but Obama ruined that process to and beyond.  Am glad you are not playing the racist card, those cards are being played or other reasons/realities, “Keeping people feeling guilty for being who they are”.  Think the wrong way, and you are a racist.”  You would be an interesting person to have a conversation with.  Cheers Sir.


For myself, I was hoping that Will Smith would have been, because HE IS from the land and has been a part of the land.  ( I would vote for him.  Got some heart, soul, spirit, and a mind wrapped in a body.  I saw some awareness.  I saw a person who knew so well, that he had his son do a song that took a piece in the music industry.)  Another person I would talk with.  Even the Mr Will smith, there is another person where if you were to team up with.   Oh boy.


Trump.  Yupp.  That bugger has hit some serious points.  AND he has done it well.  “What is good for the goose IS good for the gander.”    Just like the Main/Mass/Mud-stream media trying their best to derail him.   Too many links, right to The Pope speaking out.  Other funded leaders speaking out.  Right over to Bush giving the “Off With his head gesture”  (Quite obvious in that one.  28 pages and all.)  Could somebody tell the Bushies that it has hit the “X-factor” that the American public knows that those family lines are a monster Piece of a part of the traitors to America?  (Got a bit off Topic.)


Even the Government funded CBC and its masters brought in a Brit to come in and become an independent voice?  Hail to the Queen from over there to be applied over here?  (Or is that “T jr” play?)  Not Again.



And meanwhile you have the trolls calling for people’s death and getting away with it?  Seriously, to call or joke about some bodies death while holding such a position?  (Seeing that number growing, NGOs and all.  Feminists, Black Lives Matters etc.)  ALL LIVES MATTER.  Could not help myself.



Right over to those that have, and do see.  (Dilbert with Reason.)  Yupp, the tactics that are being applied DO run very true.  (Scripted?  We shall see.)



So, here is a question Mr Trump.  Will you bring those balances of power back to The Republic of The United States?  Will you bring back, “The power of the people” to enlighten the people?


Mr Rand.  You have been the one with levels of composure that are so very much needed along with those levels of solutions that can change the direction of the American people.  Tirelessly working on, and working through.  Then again, can the American people get that composure back?  (The guppie farm of the Kardashian’s etc.)


I would put in as the head of the U.S. State Department.  Yet, that would also depend on what the washout of those elections would be.


MEANWHILE, within all of that.

A possible realized birth of that party that is based on such real realities, that would change the entire political scenery that could surge along some real numbers.  Why?  Could it be because on how the current political process has been skewed for so many years?  Must admit, the forefathers of this country were looking ahead.  How many years did it take to blurr the real definition of “Democrat” or “Republican”.




A transition in action.


Remember this reality?


I can only see a few that can use this.


Meanwhile, it is a spectrum.  “No Agenda” while you continue to read.


Episode 803



Local to local.


Over here we have quite the twit/puppet.  Not even close to being a reflection of the people of this land.  (More bike paths to screw up the established traffic flows even more?)  AND, back in 2011 fluoride was voted out by a landslide.  Wait a minute.  Distractions, Diversions, Distortions, Trends and Results.  It is called twisting it around to create some results and see what sticks.  Create a problem and gauge the reaction to have the solution.


IT is about the TEETH.  LOOK at the FOOD you are eating.  Forget about what the actual damages of what this fluoride actually does to your brain, teeth or general health.  Keep on feeding them processed food that has no nutritional value.  Wonderfully timed.  (Yet now, that clean line is being drawn for the next election.)



Slowing down the EMTs first and then local Police?  Feeling the NANNY-STATE?  These people are trained to drive those vehicles and they better drive fast for it might be YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE.  It is called trust, and these people are doing the best they can.  Talk about breaking a core piece of our society.


Twins killed themselves in an accident.  A bunch of kids/people BREAK-IN and decide to have some fun by acting like complete idiots.  And NOW THEY ARE VICTIMS?  Peace be with them.  But they are NOT victims.  Hell, I tend to feel for the parents that have been played upon through Mass Media to eliminate such lines of honesty because as any parent, I would be sad, and yes, embarrassed.  (Our kids are born, raised, and conditioned to be as such.  And some do and will lose touch of those realities.)  May peace be with those children.  If anything, be honest about such a fact so peace can be with those that have died.


It goes like this.  Burr The Terms, blurr the meanings, blurr the society.  Anything to dehumanize society.





One.  An Alberta Thing.  Out comes the “Not-so-ly” and a snap “by-election”.  If you have notice, “Not-so-ly” and “T Jr.” Are completely on the same page.  Just look at the pipeline/oil-patch process, it is about the results.  (UN Agenda whatever.  Yes, another agency has just disclaimed “Global Warming” again.  Off Topic, sorry.)   But why so soon?  Timing perhaps?  A test perhaps?  ALL you have to do is look at the Mainstream media on this one.  Unite the right to quell the grass-roots?  And within that process, prop up some more versions of whatever to fragment it all further?  (look at the next round of “reform party” and then take a look at the money behind it.)


In the case of this election, it is a matter of making sure THAT certain parties DO NOT GET IN.  Call it strategic?  YUPP.  Do you think that the elections as a whole have not been strategic upon the people?


Two.  Couple Provincial Things.


Out comes Saskatchewan with their provincial election.  Must admit, that is one province that has not taken the bait on so many fronts.  And from what I have seen when I have been through there, even the “Treaty” and “Non-Treaty” have a healthy respect for each other.  A people who are from that land who understand that they are a part of the land.  There are differences, and differences are healthy because it maintains the spectrum of a society.  By maintaining the “open society” this section of Western Society does continue.


Out comes Manitoba with their provincial election.  There are different power centers within Canada and Winnipeg, Manitoba IS one of them.  Provincial, Federal, International which lays right down to the balance of the people.  Will the people come together as like the signs that I saw in Saskatchewan?  Will the people again realize the balance between the West and East within Canada and how it does remain?  The people of that land.


Three.  Dirty tricks.  Yes, and back to the States.  What a blurr, and the only way to get through that blurr is to keep it open.



It was only a matter of time.



Many tricks, nice summary.


http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/fundraising/267683-george-soros-gives-6-million-pro-clinton-super-pac    Lookie lookie.



A trend is a trend?



And an attempted race baiting tactic from MSNBC.  The more that those others play that card, the more that those people will go down.  I did not make that rule.


http://www.mediaite.com/tv/youre-dividing-people-by-race-cnns-jeff-lord-van-jones-blow-up-over-trump-kkk-flap/   It happened at CNN as well.  Race baiting being shot down.


On and on.  It is about the direction, and the Mass-media WILL be the ones to really lose, because they are not a reflection of what really is.  (Some will go, but most can stay.  It is a matter of the source.)

http://www.infowars.com/powerful-black-women-endorse-trump/  So much For Black Lives Matter and The Feminists.


http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/doors-gop-consulting-independent-219859  Yes, those kids are scared.


http://truthstreammedia.com/2015/11/03/anger-fear-the-way-they-keep-you-pointlessly-voting-for-president-like-anything-will-ever-change/    And yes, it does get to this side as well.  There is NO Hope because it is all rigged.  My response?  There is no hope when you give into despotism.  When you lose your faith and hope; that is when it is a check-mate.  A check-mate onto yourself.


Four.  What can.  Use it before you really lose it.


Trump.  If you are as real as it has been coming out.  Who will be your team?  Will you start to repeal those blatant abuses that have been applied to the societal whole?  Are you going to have a “Statesman” or a “Yes-man” as your running mate?  Put three to five things down on paper with your signature with the repercussions.  Choose wisely, make it happen, and be a part of the solution.


American people.  One thing is to have an American president that is a reflection of the people.  Another is to have those people in Congress and the House BE a reflection of the people.  I know that the list of possible candidates in, but who are those parts of those sections of your regional society?  How many of those people are independents?  Libertarians?  Constitutionalists?  Hell, people that are from your land and are an active part of your land without such outside influences?


Canadian People.  There is a different balance within Canada as well.  Municipal Powers .  Provincial Powers.  Federal Powers.  And with the stage that is/has been set, the people have woken up to this fact.  Emotional vs Logical.  Short Term vs Long Term.  AND, as with many other people, having the awakening process with Canada has also brought out this fact.  Majority Governments will do more damage when given such an opportunity.  (SEE:  NOT-SO-LEY or T Jr.)  Those tactics are very real.  Why do you think that everybody and their dog has hit upon and done their best to taint “THE REBEL MEDIA”?  (They do cut to the chase.)  AND NOW  “VICE CANADA”  (Is there not enough tools for our agencies to do their job?  LET THEM USE THEIR TOOLS.)


Which is also why, everybody and their dog in the Mass Media setting are trying to again, take on the grass roots functions in Canada.  Checks and Balances.  (Smells like the Silent Majority developing again?  That Gold?)


Many years ago, for myself.  It was about drawing up a new party that would work on the provincial to Federal levels.  The Alberta First Party or First Alberta Party, and it could be applied from province to province.  And then it would morph into the First Canadian Party or Canada First Party.  And it would be based on what?  The respect for any individual within the balance of the party politic.  IT MIGHT NOT be needed.  Because if the Members of those respective established parties do their job and vote along the lines of the people instead of the party, it will create something else.  (Yupp, checks and balances.)  Imagine drawing up a charter that goes towards keeping those levels of an open society.


Use it before you really lose it.  The right to vote.  The right to vote what you the people want to vote about.  The right to a secret ballot.  The right to maintain the oversight within the counting process.  The right to maintain communication with your community.  The right to walk and say, “Thank-you for being a part of my community through sensible debate.”  The right to have a “Freedom of Press” but also has that “Freedom of Press” accountable through the people.  The right to maintain your disconnect/separation/privacy so that you may be able to stop, breath, and then see.  The right to listen to all of those sides, before you and make your own decision.


To have the ability to see through and walk up to another person from another land and know in your gut that this person is not there to destroy your land.  Or, to just have that ability to truly discover whether or not that a person from another land is there to destroy your land.  The Right to Discover.  The right to stand up for your right reasons which can be for, the Long Term Benefit of any society.


Five.  D.D.D. T.R.  Anything and everything?   (Links to overload, or to clarify?)





Ok, since the topic is getting 16 year olds to vote, does that mean smoke, and drink, and consensual sex?  You Flipping perverts.  Get some kids that have NO clue of what it is to be an adult because after all, have they moved out?  Oh, indoctrination before those tastes of the real world.




VOTER MANIPULTION to an incredible degree with some economic carrots for the donkies?



Ok, now we are talking about casinos are a pop?  What is the actual disposal income amount in the States?  Hey, the Libs and NDP are taking it away with the FALSE BASED science of Carbon taxes etc.  And the people are realizing that by going to Casinos are actually supporting who?




And the Banks have some real work to do as well.





I know it is a crazy world.  BUT for this to take hold.  WOW.  WE need disclosure to protect our policing forces within this shared Western Society.  Could that be why such a precedent is being set?



‘ere.  The majority of Canadians are not pot smokers.  Great reflection.


http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/25/mark-zuckerberg-slams-facebook-employees-scrawling/   Zuck the ‘uck in action for who?





What a twit.  Maybe he should quit because his credibility is destroyed.  What a sleaze.


It is a busy world.   Very busy in Europe as well.  (Some Good, and not so good.)
















P or S. 


China warns about Trump doing what if he will do what?  They are paying attention though.





Out comes the next FEAR tactic?  But then the Chinese are no fools.



So, out comes this question.  Do they want to own a smaller piece of something, or do they want to own something that is worth nothing?  (A very ugly scenario.)


It Goes like this.


“In the Battle between you and the world, go with the world.”


Could it be that the world is where THE PEOPLE are, and that is where the real gold is?


The Choice still remains and it can be done without such destruction.


When the will is true, the way will remain.


AS ALWAYS.  Forward this to those you know who can benefit.  AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared.  If you do not want to receive these, let me know.  (One click.)  No problem.






Ps.  I know that these email releases are complicated.  They are meant for so many sections.  Pieces and Parts with Sections and Layers.  What is the fifth?  YOU.  What is the Sixth?  Your World.  Do you now see the seventh?


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