Fc. Full Circle. Released April 12.16


RECAP and then.


Immigration and Emigration.  One of the very best things in this world is being able to have a choice.  “If I do not like it here, I will go and try it over there.”  While when a person goes to another land and tries to be a part of that land, they would have to learn the ways of that land and then RESPECT that land.  If not, what would happen?  SO, what is being applied to the people within Western Society?  “No comment.”  YET it is true.  And who are pushing/creating such results?  Either way, “People of other land/culture will not respect your own land/culture unless you respect your own land and culture.”  What is the remedy again?  No, it is not those applied lies that are being dressed up as “Hate” through the Main/Mud/Mass News Media.  (Actually, there are some in the Mainstream that are showing some signs.)


Elections.  Quite the mess.  The main cast of people within that world is a spectrum, especially with what has been shown in the USA.  YET, this has been happening throughout the societies within Western Society at an accelerated rate.  Some people are scared, might be the ones who have been screwing it for those respective societies.  If a person is to dig enough, where do those lines lead?


Ireland.  Scotland.  Germany.  Poland.  Canada.  Netherlands.  Denmark.  Sweden.   Britain.  Why do you think that so many other societies in the world are run by dictatorships?  Monkey see, monkey do?  Just look at those applied lies through so many versions of media.


What have this growing amount of people been doing?  What have they been creating?


Yes, it is called “grass-roots”, from the ground and up.  (How do you think Western Society was created?)  People who are from the land and respect the land while knowing that it is fair to be protective of their own culture while still letting evolve beyond colour, race, or religion because it has been about results.  Is this reality spreading?  Yes.  Can it hold?  Yes.  Why?  Could it be because those parties/people are more about empowering the people as opposed to controlling the people?  Which political structures are more bent on control instead of enlightenment?


“As the power has been taken away from the people, so shall the power be taken away over the people.”


What is going to be the number within the Chinese application?  80 to 130 million people?  250 million?  After all, the percentages will be higher in Western Society.  Do we all really want this?


Some other political/social/economic footballs that are being played upon?


LGBTQ.  Since the steam is running out on certain plays (Gay, Feminism, Racism, BLM), out comes the continued process in this one.  Quite simple.  If you look and act like the part, then be the part.  Ahhhhh, but it is about producing legislation so that way you will need intrusions that go right to the bathroom?   Does that mean the enforcement must have cameras?  I guess that would depend on the reactions.


Global warming/cooling/change.  Fake the science to realize the results.  Fascism.  Dictatorship.  Totalitarianism.  (I have been waiting for you people to use that word.)


International Agreements.  Sign it up to take away the final financial power from the producers within this world.


Al-ciada/is/isil/isisisisis.  The constant name change to rebrand and confuse the people.  Why, because those that have being applying such madness have been getting caught.  What are the results?  Has it been for the betterment of any society?


Special Interest Groups.  Ever notice it is not about majority of people and their interests?  Results are results.  (A bit of a rubber band there.)


The Education System.  Education vs. Indoctrination.  While on higher levels, indoctrination turning into manipulation.  Preaching hate through “The White Privilege Doctrine”, or skewing science through “Social Science”?  That is only the surface.  (A pre-prep for the current Canadian NDP manifesto? )


Mass News Media.  Anything to blur that definition so that way certain controlled venues are still viable.  What has been so funny is the amount of “CNN” spam emails making so many false claims along with news outlets making so many false claims about Donald Trump.  How did I get on that list?  Yet, it is about consistency.  AND, which venues have gone so far in creating false news stories?  ALWAYS cross check your information.  Who is actually showing the source documents?


These are just some pieces that are in application.

Beginning to see some overload?

What can a person do?  What will a person do?

From that, a person would need a base understanding to draw from.



A Section within “5 by 5”


A process…..

Yupp.  Back to those five words.  Heart.  Soul.  Spirit.  Body.  Mind.  What order did you put those words into when you were thinking of yourself?  Has the order changed?  Has it remained the same?  Why did you choose that order?


A fact…..

A being.  A human.  Five basic senses, how can that be skewed?  Hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling.  Loose one sense, and the other four become elevated to compensate for the one that is lost.  Makes sense, yes?  Of those five senses, which sense are you the most aware of?  Do you use all five?  Are you aware?  When was the last time you stopped and smelled a flower?  “To breathe in.”  “To take in.”  There is a balance in that basic process.  You can breathe in, but can you breathe out?


An application…..

They say, “Food, clothing and shelter are the basics.”  But wait we need some rocket science, segmentation and fragmentation.  Sooooooooo.


How did the hunter get to his food?  He walked.  Which is a form of what?  Transportation.


How did the hunter know where and when to hunt for that food?  Might have listened and understood that current environment to know when and how.  What is that a form of?  Communication.



Food.  Clothing.  Shelter.  Communication.  Transportation.


Core Being.

Core Senses.

Core Needs.


And what is being applied to those various versions in those different societal wholes within this world?


A purpose of the “Five by Five” is to bring a level of awareness to an individual so that way the individual can digest their environment without acting out in such a degree which usually leads to those many forms of destruction.  If a person has a higher level of basic understanding, are they going to be proactive or reactive?  Creative or destructive?  For or against?


Basics.  With such a base, the balance grows.  As the balance grows, the strength flows.  As the strength flows, the clarity remains.


Why see when you can see through.

Do you see what you can do?



This crap is happening right now, while the choice still remains.  Use it before you DO lose it for this can be done without such applications that are creating those levels of violence.  Watch, listen and read.  Straight forward facts


Well done Alex.



Great Job Adam and John.



Thank-you “Therebel.media”.



There are so many others, a number that continues to grow.

(A 15 page release on that one.)





One.  Acclimation regarding some results.  An echo chamber regarding an application.  Mass Media.  Mass news Media.  Social Media.  The behavioral.  It can be tough.  With what has been applied for so long, has been applied for so many years.  Take a look at these two music videos and what do you think?  How many other examples have you seen?


EBT…..A celebration of the parasites over the producers.  Do people really want their lives to be such a reality?  Then again, what have been those applied causes?  FREE STUFF, that is not free, but isn’t it nice to see?  (Must be a Sanders or Clinton supporter.  Get me my Obamama phone.  Too obvious.)



Amerika…..A celebration of wimping out.  Yes, it is that bad.  It has been that bad for MANY years.  While now, it is about correcting such levels of destruction without destruction.  “I will try, but I don’t want to die.”  My rebuttal would be, you are already dead if you lose your hope or faith and do nothing.



Two…..Disclosure vs Denial.  Amazingly done.  Talk about keeping them busy.  What is the hype right now?  “Panama Papers”.  I am sure there are many bits within that drop that do lead and tie many lines.  Yet those lines in that section will show true in the end.  What is the current net result?  What is that other first rule?  “Keep Them Busy.”  The second rule?  “Keep Them Separated.”  Hell, talk about overloading people to maintain the acclimation process.  Meanwhile.


If you poison the people, you will poison the planet.  If you poison the planet, you will poison the people.


Planet, which ties to,,,,,

Climate Hustle.  A documentary based on fact, upon fact, upon fact.



Is the tide changing on such realities?  Drama with or without teeth?



Still would start right here.  And who gave these people the right?



And out comes more.  (Nice job Lee Ann.)



People, which ties to,,,,,

Vaxxed.  Another Documentary based on fact, upon fact, upon fact.



And a different person’s summary of what has happened in that equation.



It is not just vaccines that have been skewed; it is also your food supply.  Who is saying otherwise?



There are so many aspects in this massive equation.  While it still boils down questions and answers


Why do they say the world is over populated?

Because the population can no longer be controlled as it was.


What is the trend that has been going on for so long?

The attacks continue upon the people of the lands.  How many time must things be accidently done to create such results?




Three….. To have freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.


Ok.  To have disclosure, is that also being honest with yourself?  By being honest with yourself, is that not taking responsibility for you actions?  By being responsible for your actions, are you not respectful of others?  Do you see those levels?  Can you see on how those levels do create more than destroy?


Now, who is trying to elevate themselves to the point where they think that they are above such levels of applied destruction?  Who within those sections understand that these realities cannot be changed and are trying to bring back what has been skewed to such degrees?  Busy world.




Four….. Face to Face, Eye to Eye.  What naturally happens when you meet a person “face to face”?  Do they see anger?  Do you see anger?  Do they see fear?  Do you see fear?  Many cards are being played in that process.  So to understand such basics would also to be able to understand your process.


Were you born that way?  Were you raised that way?  Were you conditioned that way?


What happens when you understand the difference between these three applied processes?


Five….. “ISM” for a trade system.  In the system of checks and balances, capitalism has always worked as a value added system to any society.  Why?  Because it gives the people the right to choose and decide what is right for them.  When a person makes their choice, they also own that choice.  If you add genuine value to that society, you naturally get rewarded.  Capitalism does truly work in a free and open society because of the amount of oversight.  While one of the best things within this process is if the individual is bent on destruction, the idea really does not work.  Are you going to buy something that is going to destroy yourself?   What have the other “ISMs” proven?


And what is being applied for whom through what results?  World trade can work only if it is about respect for whom?  What has this global financial dominance proven so far?  What has it done?


Then again, how many Welfare States or dictatorships have been taking away that wealth from their own people within those regions/countries?  What is happening to them right now?  Call that productive?  Losing that gold?


Final Note:  Can you see some reasoning on why I have done these email releases as such?  For many years this has had my attention due to the fact of “what it is”.  To schedule the rest of these releases in this stage along with finishing part 1 of those core writings, I am going to need some help.  The sooner I get some support, the sooner I finish this donation back to our world.  I hope you can see.  What do you think this last release has been about?  (Or even the last four releases.)




There was a two part process in this funding stage.  I knew I was not going to get any funding initially.  While now, I would like some funding, some donations for what I have been sharing.  The funding page that this link goes to has been simplified and completed properly.  (10 Days.)




And that rounds out a taste of stage 4 within the continued process/subject matter of stage 3.  (Yes, because of that one release.)  Busy world, yes?


As always, forward this email/release to those you know who can benefit, it is about sharing.  I respond to responses, but they must be of the same caliber.  Do not publish and please leave the core writings of 5 by 5 alone.   If you do not want to receive these, just let me know.






Ps.  Where the will is true, the way remains.  Why have Kool-Aid when you can have some real juice.   Do not take the bait.  Just read this release again, you might like the results.  (Only five pages.)



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