Ip4…..Released Mar 15+16, 2016


Remember how CNBC really blew that GOP Debate with skewing their questions.  (Pretty questions for everybody except a few? )  WELL, FOX PULLED OUT EVERY STOP.




But then Fox comes out with this one.  (Judge Jeanine.)


AJ hit this one very well.


Which ties to here.


Meanwhile, Lee Camp and Jessie Ventura



Election Processes can be real, and this election process that is being applied in the USA, is truly aimed at the people.  Quite obvious, correct?  There are a group of “crazies” that are doing their best to destroy anything that is a reflection of the people within that land.




Ben Carson, well stated.  Do love the continued attempt of trying to blame Trump for other people’s idiotic behavior.  Carson, he is the other who has been maintaining composure.


And which News outlet picked the interview within this scripted twist?


And the next round continues, I have never seen so many dirty tricks/tactics.

And trying to Blame Trump for other idiots?  (That is beyond wrong.)

Either way.

What is the difference between Bushies, Clintonies, and Obamamies?  Over so many years, what results have the people behind this run of produced for the people on any of these societies?


( Tied the points well.  The Rant was not bad either.  I know, experimenting with the back drop can be a process. )


 AND YES, there are other Canadians that see through as well.



What land anywhere?


So, what is another part that is in play?



Remember “Western Society, a blessing or mistake?”

The process of that was to finally bring out that question.  Is Western Society a Blessing or a mistake?  The purpose of that release was real, and what did it really bring out?  (Call it the “knee jerk”.)  Here are some pieces and parts that do have a serious effect.  What is also in play per say?


ECONOMIES.  The stock markets of these respective societies were areas where wealth could be generated and then it would be invested back into a business which washes out into that society.  (Hmmm.)  Currency.  A piece of a part that is being pushed into something else?  Eliminate currency which eliminates what choices?  Track and tax to what degree?  Rules and Regulations.  Rules and regulations to serve who?  Bail-ins anybody?  Ever look at the rules and regulations behind digital currency?  Some new versions of crypto currency with the “Central bankers” are directly meddling.  SEE: Bank of England.


To have a financial meltdown would mean that certain interests/groups would lose it all.  Will it be the ones that have created such a mess?  I would recommend that those that have stolen such levels of wealth should return those levels that have been stolen.  Why do you think Russia is now being played so hard?  (Why do you think they have kicked out so many foreign funded NGOs AND GMOs?)  OR.  How many protests have been going on in China before and after their economic hic-cup?  OR.  What do you think is going on in India?  Yes, there is an adjustment going on though and it just might start to be back to being a reflection of the people within their OWN respective lands.  (Little treaties being signed off in the back-ground WILL not work because they have not been ratified.)


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


FOOD CHAIN.  Talk about juicing that process.  If you feed the people crap food, you get what performance?  You get what thought processes?  Look at the delivery process/packaging on how you receive your food.  OR, force shots onto the people as a whole under the guise of profit/health/safety, and what do you get?  How many studies say Fluoride is bad for you?  Long since established regarding that reality which traces back to the prison camps in World War 2.  Pacify and dumb down the applied population.


What is the latest emergency to attempt to create a panic for what?  ZIKA?  In this area, it is a battle field.  Got some GMO mosquitoes about to be released now in Northwestern United States?


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


SOCIAL.  There are some real applications that are attempting to change those basic/universal definitions.  What is the main card behind that one?  Fear?  Could it be fear?  How about fear?  I know, it just might be fear?  Is that a tactic or tool?  Could it have two definitions?  How about three wrapped into that process?  “Black Lives Matter”, “Feminist Groups”, “NGOs”, to the education system


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


WAR.  That is an application.  How many results have come from and still come from useless wars?  How many of you people have taken another person’s life in the name of?  Not so proud, are you.  How many of you people have talked with other people who have brought such levels of specific destruction onto other people in the name of?  They are not so proud, correct?  Do you think that the enforcement arm of any civil society like going home and are proud of stepping on a person’s head because that person may or may have not deserved such an action?  (Yes, there some bad apples out there.)  But as a whole?  If anything, say “Thank-you” to somebody who has been to such depths and show some Empathy.


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  Freedom for OR freedom from.  What is in play again?


THE U.N.  All you have to do, is read some history.  “League Of Nations”.  Private interests, private ideals, private agreements, private controls, private functions.  Do you really think the UN is for the people?  It is about the people, no question there.  But is for the people?  What a joke.  A bunch of appointed people who think they are in control.  What a joke.  Do you know why it is a joke?  If real disclosure comes out, could it be saved?  How many interests would be exposed in that farce?


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure.  To have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


Why do you think that the war on CASH is so alive?




Freedom for, freedom from, and freedom of choice.  Out of legitimate choice, that is where the real gold begins to thrive.

Use it before you lose it.

Cannot use “Bail-outs”, that is why it is now called “Bail-ins”.

Yes, the real gold is waking up which IS NOT about such destruction.



You to me.




From me to you, can you see through?


Why see when you can see through.  After all, to see through is to know what to do.


From the Canadian to the American?



From the American to the Canadian?



For the lost, or from the lost?



Is the minority becoming more of a minority?  Because the majority are not the ones who are preaching and instigating such violence.  (Agreed, you can play and pay some more dupes.  Yet the talent pool is shrinking on that note.)  Or, do you really thing those reality shows are about reality?




BLT……(Bottom Line time.)


ONE.  It is a fine line.  AND for myself, it has never been about destruction.  The plays, the method, the results.  While, mass/mud/news media are showing some signs, but the ones who are based on those levels of chaos are the ones who are pushing such controlled ideologies.  People ARE seeing through, and the ratings do follow through.


I do have two questions for the Main/mud/mass news media.  What is it like to not report those needed levels of truth for your societal whole?  Because your actions are playing a direct action onto the destruction of your societal whole.  How does it feel to play such a role in the destruction of your society?  ( I know, the process of dealing with those various levels of ignorance will be daunting.  While in that, it is about the process.)



Another Canadian woman who sees through and shows that she is above those that have been abusing our society.  Good interview in the end.  Awful title.  “Meet the Cute Blond”?  How about “Beautiful Intelligent Canadian Woman who is balanced and does NOT take the bait.”






Better get as many in so the conflicts can truly grow before MORE truth comes out.  (A numbers game.)  Seriously, many are not here to respect and become a part of Canada.  One tool with immigration is to prop up a population because the population has been economically decimated to the point where they cannot afford to have children.  (While the results are, more welfare for other people besides the Canadian people and the Canadian People pay for it.)  How many birds are being hit with this one stone?




http://en.cijnews.com/?p=18748   (Even a Canadian IMAM says so. “Do Not hire non-muslims.”)

http://torontolife.com/city/allah-in-the-cafeteria/   (And they are going to challenge our Canada?)



http://www.therebel.media/geert_wilders_speaks_in_brussels_threats_to_his_life_resisting_islam_and_the_establishment   The Flemish have figured it out.



http://www.therebel.media/liberals_lied_most_syrian_refugees_fake   (With proof, that they are fake.)

“Forget your history, and you are doomed to repeat it.”


Another great example from “BOING BOING”.  TPP in action.  Do you see?



YES, and the choice still remains.  Do beg to differ with Faber though.  This is about a genuine opportunity.  (The way is there.)


No wonder so many do like Trump.  (Small to Medium Businesses.)



Ahhh.  Hillory Billory and friends.  (And the difference between Bushies, Clintonies, and Obamies are?)  Then again






And the “Social Credit Score” continues.  AND YES, it is happening over in Western Society.





And yes, this is beyond me.  Which is why, we also need to stand beside our Canadian police and CSIS.  Through disclosure, opens up that opportunity to stand beside and stop such levels of inanity.  Seriously.  The way remains if the will is true.




She figured it out.  Regarding that Alberta thing.  Yes, it is a two prong approach coupled with what?


It is what it is.


The amount of oversight in the Canadian Voting process is STILL about disclosure.  Can it be improved?  Either way, PAPER overrides DIGITAL.


Poison the People.  Poison the Planet.  How many times must these accidently happen before one realizes that it is being done with purpose?








But wait, is it time for women to continue to SHIT upon men again?  Which NGO?  Follow the money.   PAUL WATSON, good rebuttal.  Did like the white privilege one as well.  BANG on for the third one.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC-Cqkq6zWc&feature=youtu.be&t=58  (Gotta Love Harvard.)


Naaaa.  Still going to end this one with these two realities.  Quit poisoning the people.  Quit poisoning our people.








http://fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/   49 studies here.


To be informed is to get informed. 


THREE.  FOUR.  FIVE.  What is the third rule?





So, from that third rule.  How do you keep them separated?



Final Note:  In the American Mass News Media environment (Or any western society based environment.), the ones that are going to such extremes to skew the truth to where they are just lies, are numbering their own days.  WHILE, the amount of others out there that cross-check and DO report those source documents/facts are the ones that do have the actual following of educated and aware people.  Who do you think are the ones who ARE still supporting those many economies?  Ad dollars follow the followers who are also those leaders.  (Marketing 101.)


There are businesses/professionals out there that DO want a fair handshake and are not about such levels of destruction.  The numbers are there.  Could this be an example?



As always, forward this email/release to those you know who can benefit.  I respond to responses, but they must be of the same caliber.  AND, if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.


5 by 5




Ps. For those that have earned ,learned and are.  Do you really want a bigger piece of nothing, or a smaller piece of something bigger?  After all the excuse of, “Destroying your society is the only way to save your society.”, is falling apart.  We all have our choices.  I made mine by telling you who I am and what I can do.  How many other people have you seen?  Just look up and look around.  “Face to Face”, “Eye to Eye”, can you see your line of design?   Proactive vs. Reactive.  Constructive vs. Destructive.  Not too much destruction there, there never was.  (The 50 is low.  The 16 is High.  It is a process to wash it all out, while the room to move is there.  Agreed?)


Fascist or Feudalistic or even a Totalitarian Society does not work.  And to apply the A.I formula, some more children’s bedtime stories?



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