why…..released Feb 19.16



A little fun eh?

Why Not.

Why are you born that way?

Well, at that point of a person’s life, in its essence, it is a point that cannot be changed.

Why are you raised that way?

Well in our world, it has become more about somebody else raising you.

Why are you conditioned that way?

Well, the blurring of conditioning has started at a younger age.

Why do you see things as such?

That is a process.

Why do you do things as such?

An endless process, it is how a person learns.

Why do you have such consequences?

It’s what happens when a person grows and then realizes.


Basics are basics.

Why do people act like such?

See conditioned.

Why did that happen?

See History.

Why did Western Society happen?

People drawing a line.


People coming together and saying “No More”.


Because feudalism failed.


Because the mind is a beautiful thing.


Because of the actual realized potential throughout history brought us here today which IS what is being played upon.


Open your eyes and see.




Because “why” is where it begins.

Why were there so many stories all at once that were directly and indirectly attacking the credibility of “The Rebel Media” and “Infowars”?

(Right down to name calling and skewing of those versions of truth that they share.)

Could it be because they are reporting actual results of what has been applied to their society as a whole along with the actual source documents that show the truth?

(They have more of the real gold which is why that house has not fallen.)

They ask real questions because they still believe in This Western Society?

The Free and Open Society that started many years ago?

What do you believe in?




YES.  The News Media scene has changed.  WHY?  Because of such attention being put towards those two sections within the news media, which has washed into Western Society.  WHY?  Because maybe the hurting sections of the overall News Media Environment have no choice if they want to remain.  WHY?  Because censorship never worked for any flourishing society.  History, take a look.


Final Note:  The “You Win” part of the last release still holds.  And from what I can tell, that can/will remain.  Interesting on how some others thought otherwise.  (A clean point in that line to start that other process?)  Hilly-billy,,,,,,Obamamama,,,,,Not-so-ley,,,,,T Jr.  Not looking so good for “Merky” and friends over there.  (Accredited News Media?  Do we over here have to digress to those levels like in Europe?  WHY?  Could it be because there are sections within the elites that do realize that maybe they do not want to destroy their own world as well?)


Follow the money.  Follow the NGO, just like GMO.  (One must feel for those that have been duped to be a part of such levels of destruction.  Choices, they do remain.)


AS ALWAYS.  Forward this to those, you know, who can benefit.  AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared.  If you do not want to receive these, let me know.  (One click.)  No problem.






Ps.  The spear is very BIG.  There are many tips.  And because of that fact, the tide has changed on that front.  WHY?  Just look at the numbers.  (Even when I disagree with certain specifics.  WHY?  Because it is still about the direction.)


PPs.  For A.I.  What happens when the needs/wants of the many outweigh the needs/wants of the few?  (Yeah, “We are teaching A.I. Children Stories.”?)  A Big Question is it not?  Why?



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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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