Lt3. Released Jan 20/16

Do you see? So subtle and so obvious.
Decision time? How many decisions have you already made so far?
Are you done?

Yupp. What happens when you combine this?

And this?

Do you not get this?

And yes, do you also get this?

Which rule/rules do you think are actually being applied?

Terms and Comparisons.
Blurr the terms of a society, blurr the meanings of that society.

What a mess.

Christmas vs. Non-Christmas. This is classic play on so many fronts. Take a holiday and commercialize it to and beyond. As it has been distorted for so many years, what happens? In a Christian based society that HAS evolved from those skewed definitions from early Christianity, it is now setting itself up for a very big fall. (Realities have evolved, and so has Christianity.)

Earned vs. Entitlement. Quite basic there. “You’re born, you’re dead” (“YES”, clever buggers.) Everybody has their version, while within such realities, it still boils down to, “What are you doing while you are still alive?” Yes, you have a right to EARN what you receive in your life. Seriously, what do you really think you are entitled to?

Clear Net vs. Dark Net. What is it? Web hosting that is not indexed by Google or other “approved” entities that feed those entities. Do you get it? The “Clear Net” is about things being clear for those that monitor and control. The “Dark Net” is about the people that do not subscribe to such madness. YES, it is about respect for people. (Torr.) Why do you think that Micro-soft is pushing so hard with Windows 10? How many examples have you seen the “Algos” effect in what you are doing with your own research? Ahh, “startpage”. (How about the searches with Trump or Paul?)

Racism. Sexism. Micro-aggressions. What a bunch of what? What is the next version of skewing in those terms? Brought to by the same people who are bringing you this?
“The legitimatization of RAPE?”

And the official attempts have been doing what?

German Minister: Critics of Refugee Program “At Least as Awful” as Migrant Rapists

Better yet, let’s get a woman’s view. (Yes, men do get raped as well.)

Self defence. What, did you think the process of the attempted gun grab is only applicable to the USA? Honest people doing what they do, and they are getting deemed as what?

Meanwhile, there are people that do understand that it is people within their country/region that create a society and realize that the only way to retain their society is to empower their people.

How About……”Vape Speak”…….””Texting, the breaking up of basic communication”…….”Gamer Speak”…….”Can you speak self-entitled?”…….”Calling the real grass roots movements what?”…….seriously. OR, how is that British indoctrination going for the rest of the world? After all, the British people are waking up to that crap. A bit of “Newspeak”?

Blurr the terms of a society.
Blurr the meanings of a society.
Blurr the actions of a society.

Examples? Sure, some examples.
Ok, so here is a group that is breaking so many laws and profiting such actions that are incredible. And here they are suing the people that did something about such madness? (The PR will not go well.)
Threat score eh? Right up there with “Social Credit Score”?
Ahhh, and so comes the process of leasing? To lease or to own?
Or is this one more about what has been happening for so many years? (See:Ukraine.)
Call it health and Wellness? Since the US/Obamama Gov’t’s version is falling apart, so come in other applied sections to re-enforce what? It does bring out more questions.
What, did you think the U.N. does not have a methodology? And where else is this being applied?
Or, how about the ranchers in Oregon. After all, the truth behind that process has showed so very well. John B,,,with “Caravan to Midnight” knew like many others.

Local to Local.
There was a prominent politician that made his comment for the New Year. “People are being so divisive, so I hope that we are not like that for 2016.” (The quote is not exact, but to use the word divisive was very true.) REALLY, what a “ninny”.

It goes like this. If you implement rules, regulations, policies, or laws that are NOT a reflection of the society you are supposedly serving, you get a divided population. Did like the pomp and posturing regarding the new arena, was that because the local population is making sure that the workers will be from the actual region, if not country? After all, your special interest groups are who? NGO perhaps? A little bit of….?

Meanwhile, another person, “Not-so-ley” and her comment? “The Last time a group of wealthy businessmen tried to tell Alberta voters how to vote, I ended up becoming premier.” REALLY? And who are you serving? Obviously, NOT the people of Alberta. You got in BECAUSE the people of Alberta were in a full spectrum of manipulation along with the direct process of the attempt to destroy the “Grass Roots” movement which IS about the basics of oversight. Maybe you should quit, because your record so far has been about the further destruction of what it means to be an Albertan. AND, to use LGBTQRST, to distract people. OR, a 5000.00 cheque to businesses hiring to pay them off. What will that do to their taxes? (A free for all for some specific?) Might not work too well. (Right up there with the payoff money that Danielle was offering to everybody in Alberta in the form of cheques on a previous election promise?) I would not try to tie yourself to the premier of Ontario though, not looking to good with her and her Global Crony Social Capitalism which is based out of where?

And Mr. O’Leary. Are you realizing the correlation of a person’s wealth is only as good/real as the legitimacy of its society’s people? (Capitalism vs. Crony Capitalism? Or in Canada’s applied definition, Social Crony Capitalism?)

Not-so-ly. Maybe you should quit, because the lawsuits are going to begin. How is that petition to have another provincial election doing?
Bottom Line Time.

One. The Canadian Thing. Looks like that apple did NOT fall far from the tree. (True-ue-ue-dua Junior.) Yupp, the son of the father that gave birth to deficit spending. (That was part 1 to the devaluation of the Canadian People.) Not to worry “T. Jr.”, Mulroney did his damage with the obvious results of NAFTA as well.

Meanwhile, here you are pouring gasoline on what equation? Accelerate the devaluation of the Canadian currency to the point where those basics become so expensive that the people who are not subsidized by the government begin to what? Ahhhhh, the “Amero”. Seriously, did you think the “Euro” was only about a currency? What a cluster.

While then, to go into Senate Reform? Hey, Harper did his part by appointing certain people and NOT appointing people to fill those empty seats. “Here comes Junior.” THE PURPOSE OF THE SENATE IS TO BRING BALANCE IN THE PROCESS OF LAWS WITH THE CANADIAN PEOPLE. IT IS ABOUT PEOPLE ACTING LIKE ELDERS INSTEAD OF OLD FARTS. (Another topic for the future, it is scheduled.) And what is junior going to do?

Does this sound about right? “Since the Canadian public is so ignorant, might as well finish the process of turning this country into a banana republic so that way it can be controlled to a greater degree.” (Just might have that one completely wrong.)

Two. The American Thing.
A…..Well, it is looking more and more that the Clinton will be indicted. How will she pull out to begin to save face? (If anything, that other support will continue to go away.)
B…..Obamamama. As that realization is actualized in what other damage he can try to do. The way to stop such a madman in his tracks, is impeachment. Yes, he is a discredited person who has done it all through actions which has created those net results. By starting that process would greatly slow him down in what damage can be done in the immediate future. (Besides, how can a person be a martyr when on countless levels he has proven to be a criminal?) Unless the American people want show that it is a good thing to protect such a person. (It would show some other true colours regarding some other senators etc. The true colours are showing anyways by protecting that person.)
C…..This email is getting too long. Soooooo. Alex, a balanced show with a preview that continues the process of bringing American people together.

Three. Poison the People, Poison the Planet. Instead of talking about the actual power grab The U.N. agenda 21 and agenda 2030. How about some ideas for the people to stop poisoning themselves.
George Noorey…..Coast To Coast AM. (Jan 3.2016) Alternative Medicine.

Why not…..No Agenda…..”Climate Disobedience”.

Four. The Oil and Gas Thing. For all of you people, do you understand on how much oil and gas are a part of your lives? Do you understand on how much it is a “value added” piece of any society? Ohhhh, an agenda eh? Who’s agenda is in play right now? Just look at the price.

Reminds me of the pricing of gold going up to 2000.00? Remember “The Gold Thing”? Remember on how the price fixing was implemented with Silver and how certain people got caught? Is it the same exchange houses that are involved? (Or is it now, just the banks?) A little bit of “Libor” with a new taste? (Same play with a different direction?) Goldi-sachs?

And who is trying to buy who out? This one just happened.

What are the rules regarding foreign ownership of Canadian Land and businesses? Some more rules have been changing. SEE: USA regarding ownership of land.

And as for the markets etc? Yupp, it was over inflated. And now, it is about some real washouts. Why do you think that “Fakebook” and “Oooglie eyes” teamed up together? After all, how is the REAL user count doing behind “Fakebook”? Hell, they even tried to come out with a “Fakebook” premium and that backfired big time. AND, to my understanding, “Fakebook” was actually backing that process of CISA. My real question is, “What are the washout effects with “oooglie eyes”?

Might call this a transitional point.

Five. News views and reviews. In the USA, the place where the “American Bill Of Rights” was conceived was almost completely destroyed. And these were some of the buggers that actually reported this FACT. You do not see any of those Big Named Main/Mud/Mass media reporting this because of what?

Well, the last thing that is needed is people of the USA to think about “The Bill Of Rights” because which media outlet is feeding the demise of such a document that was a key part of building the USA? (Sound about right?)

Bill of Rights Birthplace Partially Demolished by Developer

Bill of Rights ‘birthplace’ partially demolished after locals forget house’s history

Aljazera America is no longer in America.

And who is going to be next? After all, the real traffic has gone elsewhere. Yet maybe, which dying news outlet is going to start the process of telling the truth? Yes, it is good business. Hell, which advertiser is going to cross the line to get back to those levels of “truth based” news? (Did Campbell’s Soup not make the full play to label GMOs? Dam, might have a new advertiser out there.)
Problem or Solution.

Said this one before. WHEN IN USE. Bicycles are bigger then people. Motorbikes are bigger then bicycles. Cars are bigger then motorbikes. Trucks are bigger then cars. Buses are bigger then trucks. AND big rigs are bigger then buses. WHAT BELONGS ON THE ROAD?

How many pedestrians have you seen walking on the road? How many pedestrians have you seen that do not look while crossing a road? How many pedestrians have you seen walking into barriers while staring at their little “Screen Thing”? How many residential areas have you seen where there are no sidewalks because the developer worked out a deal to NOT put in a sidewalk because it will affect their bottom line?

“Zero Tolerance for pedestrian deaths.” Smells like a blame game to me and the pedestrians will not be blamed for their own death.

Yaaaa, it is really called. “Take some responsibility.”

Final Note: Distortions, Distractions, Diversions. What are the trends? What are the results?

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those who also share. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) The basics.



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ip2. Released Jan 3/16

Once again, do you see what is on play within the USA? After all, when taking a look at the Mass Media Machine, it is doing its best to instill every form of trying to “keep people separated”. And the version that is being spewed is a full spectrum. (What is the difference between Cattle, Sheeple, and Guppies?) Here are a few of the latest “baiting” blips.
Last time I checked, I was raised to NOT see colour first. I was raised to see people FIRST. And as they prove themselves, so will those other classifications apply. In this case, it smells like another hater who wants to blame everybody else except himself in his process of life. “Act like a racist hater, get treated like a RACIST Hater.” (Must be a fan of Rachel Madow and company.)

Can you see?


How about the continued attempt to disarm the Real American People. (Not the Illegal’s or the real criminals.)

Only The Washington Times and a Fox station ran their version, and many others who do know. (Very little coverage. It does bring on some other questions.)


Obamamama and Company. “No martial Law for Them”. And still, the further attempt to create those net results do remain. How many times have these people overridden the American people within those Alphabets who are trying to do their jobs? (And Googlie eyes changing their name to “The Alphabet”? Really?)
BUT, what has been happening?

Disclosure. Through disclosure people can move forward. (“Life Of Adam.”) This professor is not race baiting like that other twit.

And because of levels of truth coming out, you also have these results.

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Demanding U.S. Cut Ties with ‘Terror Sponsor’ Turkey

Which leads to. (Yes, does keep the basics within so much. Did you really expect the “Mud/Main/mass News Media to report such facts? Oh, I forgot that they are too busy making themselves look like obvious idiots.)

What does it boil down to? The difference between the people and high-jacked portions of this society are showing more signs.

Texas Governor Challenges Obama on Gun Control: ‘Come and Take It’

And in Oregon. (And the attempt of calling people who stand up for their realized rights, “terrorist”.) David Knight.

Some other countries are already showing the difference. (How it will be played out, hmmm.) What, do you think that Apple is completely an American Company?
Apple has agreed to settle $347M Italian tax claim in full after profits were funnelled through Ireland

Can the American people keep their heads level to work through such applied realities?
And those who have been applying such realities, would just love to see “martial law” in the United States of America. Just look at the politics, because these same buggers have started and continue to try to start other wars in other lands. More wars than ever.

What do you think is “in play” within your land?

War. Do you really think that China is playing for war? (A Different version with some of the same people? They do have the numbers if it is being played for and against The People of China. Right now, they are being rather exact because it still is people.) How about India? (Nope. They are beginning to get the shaft from the same people who are doing what to whom?) Arab States? (They have been fueled by who and what? The genocide continues, on three fronts. Shiites vs Sunnis. And who is being played into whose lands? ) The Russian Bear. (And these are the buggers that have and continue to expose the ISISIL<<IS<<<ISISIS>>>ALI-CIADA etc. Do you think that they want war? What have they proven? They know, for they have been taking plenty of hits.) And then the USA. (Democrats- They say “Bomb them” and “Drone Them” which is a proven practice of what? Republicans- WAR WAR WAR. ALL but a few people are actually showing an understanding of that context, they know.)

Markets etc. I have to give it to this person. Mr Celente, “BANKISM”. Crazy idiots that are blatantly destroying the “checks and balances” while destroying the actual real economy. Have they worked their way to the point where it is them being dictated by the bankers and their private interest’s completely? (Ahhhhh? Eh?) Either way, the Dow at 17000 to 18000? (And the hype will be?) Yaaaaaa, sure. Give it under 16000. There are areas within that section that do have value. What was that again? “The more control you impose upon people, the more you lose control over the people.” (Facebook eh?)

Why do you think that the Mass Media has been pushing the cashless society? (Remember: How much do you really think that those mass media streams are a reflection of society? That number is now changing because the real numbers are now over there.)

Religions. That Classic saying, “All wars are religious wars.” Some are, and some wars have happened while using religion as a reason for war, and some were actually truly legit. YES, religion DOES tie to the spiritual balance of any society. AND YES, the forms of control are embedded. So, which practiced religion has been picked on for so many years to where it has so many variants? (That is spectrum.) Which religion gave birth to the atheist movement, right to the point where those numbers are quite real? Which religions are the most aggressive when the spot-light has been turned upon them? So, which religion is about to get some attention because of what is being preached to the people of that religion?

It is good to see that more and more people are realizing that their own religion IS also a direct reflection of their spiritual values.

International Agreements. TPP etc. So many. Right up there with the UN trying to influence the people of the USA to relinquish their RIGHT to self-defence. (See Britain.) “The right to bare arms.” How many lies upon lies, have your politicians/leaders and the “owned” mass media said to continue such plays? (Have you enjoyed the growing numbers of whinny people in your world?) Better yet, how many agreements have brought how many levels of destruction upon your lands? AND NOW, it is coming right down to “Freedom of Speech”.

Private interests created the U.N. Private interests fund the U.N. Private interests have it to the point where people’s governments are funding these. Private interests are now trying to get it completely to the point where it is a profit center. (CARBON MARKET, what a bunch of lies.)

A so called agreement is not truly ratified until after the washout effects are known. DISCLOSURE. (Which people within each country are trying to sign up on this fascist crap while stating it is the will of the people in their country?)

Freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. Freedom of the press. Freedom of making a living. Freedom of sharing. Freedom to care. Freedom to help. Freedom to be. Freedom to become. Freedom to add value. Freedom to discover. Freedom to learn. Freedom to make a mistake. Freedom of choice. Freedom to love.

FEAR, what a tool.

Freedom was never about destruction.

BUT, the control over the Internet is what?
Immigration. That is one MONSTER of a tool. Just look at some history, please. YES, many people are. Some people are reacting, and more are showing signs on being pro-active. IT is a balance. Who is going where, and who is actually becoming a part of the land. Being a part of any land is to RESPECT that land and people. Where does it start, and where does it end? Results are results.

What a tool. (The best part is having the people of the land to pay for those net results. In Canada, 25000 X 2446.00 per month.)

Turning Points. Yes, quite the ride in that process. So many points with so many more to come. If one is too consider that reality even further, many turning points have taken place and have averted some bigger messes.

Look. See what is in front of you. Ever notice that those small things that you became a part of, showed so much more in your world. A leap of faith did take place, and did you like the results when looking back? A part of seeing through.
Distractions. Diversions. Trends. Some specific people that are bent on destruction as opposed to creation. As the tool continues to be abused instead of used, the blow back does increase. The hype never ends in the attempt to draw that line. Tax tax tax, because the next version from the UN has a one year window. Could not help myself on the obvious financial oppression. (Jack and Jerk.) See: CISA eh? Is that not also called, “Crony Capitalism” with the continued suppression of disclosure? Nicely done, yet it forgets a big part there. The immigration factor and how these people refuse to learn on how to read English OR French. Or become a part of the land. (Dumb down the laws to appease the new comers and dumb down the society as a whole.) It is called the truth. Or do more lines need to be drawn in relation to Britian….Saud….Yemen? Oh, I forgot. Turkey.
Might draw that line to which country? (Starts with a “U”.) Oh, is “T Jr” going to support that as well? (Showing some ugly things so far.) But the net results are so similar to what? This does open some realities. What exactly are our Universities teaching our young adults? Nice try to draw similarities when it is about the push to close and control the flow. (US Shale. The Canadian Oil sands.) How many twits are riding and trying to ride this game? Then again, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are holding back. (Actually, it is also one form of bankrupting a people.) Good close.

Sorry,,,,,,Got off topic . That is just one area that can be applicable. How dare the British people let the British people know what is going on!!!!
And Finally.

Face To Face.
Eye to Eye.
Common Sense.
Silent Majority.

Choice, if you eliminate that, what do you really eliminate? Too bad “the will” is naturally there in such evolutionary realities. A piece of some basics for the species? (Going into the “7” which goes into that “8” with the “11”?)

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those who also share. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) The basics.



Ps. Who is doing what to whom? Open your eyes, and see those results. Open your eyes, and what else do you see? (Where the will is true, the way will remain.)

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5a. (Some Core Writings) Released Dec 27/15

Do you see what is, “In Play” within The Republic of The United States Of America?
Here are some current ones that just happened.

Obama Outed As ISIS Architect By Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

Chicago Cops Say Keeping Evidence of Misconduct Puts Cops in Danger – So They’re Destroying It

Facebook Censors Story About ‘Refugee’ Raping Swedish Woman

And who took what plays from whose book?
CISA can be undone because of how it was passed.
(Now the American people know who is what regarding the build up on that E Thing.)

Yes, those plays come in many forms.
Ahhh, the fanning of the flames, of racism.

Leading Far Left Website: WHITE MEN Must Be Stopped for Future of Mankind

Could go on with this one….. Sharyl Attkisson. (Well presented.)

5a…..It has been some time. Some core writings.

A piece of that “five by five”.

What are you saying?
Who are you saying to?
Where are you saying it?
When are you saying it?
Why are you saying it?

Which also means.
How you are saying it directly affects that end.
To what end?
Standard processes.
After all, you are awake.

A five, and then that duality of “cause and effect”?
Awareness is a constant of cross checking.

What do you think breathing is?

A single application? Why not.

Talk at.
Talk to.
Talk with.

And within.

Talk for.
Talk against.

While what also remains.

What do you think is being applied upon you?

You are, one of one. Just look in front of you and see something more.
After all, to be ignorant is no longer bliss.

In the process of any individual’s awakening, it also means a retuning on how that person addresses their own world, and realize on how that world is addressing you. A reformulation or a reminder?

Local to Local.

A year back or so, there was an expansion of hours regarding certain zones. And then it expanded further by tying it to other zones. AND NOW, the PR play is starting to turn its sights into a further expansion of other zones. The best thing is: It is played into the seasons to create such decrees.

How many stupid pieces or control mechanisms are being created before the realization it is done with purpose? Macleod Trail? Same people?

In Canada, all of these speed zones are rated for the winter. Are the Canadian people becoming so stupid that such insanities are truly needed, OR, is it the applied conditioning that is creating such insanity? Either way, to what degree do you want your lands to digress and all be done under whose ever name? Maybe it is time for those few to put on their big boy OR big girl pants and respect the ways of the people with those countless versions of “Local To Local”.

The versions of “Local To Local” apply on so many sides. How many ways are you seeing insanities being applied in you lands?
Bottom Line Time.

One. Too Feel. Said it before, and will say it again. Our police, these people are smack dab in between the real front to so many other fronts. From the training to current policy changes, and that is before the true process of “Applied Law”. Do you really think that they do not see such of results? How about the different factions that have developed within their community? Supplied by which NGO? (Results are results.)

One of the most amazing things in this reality, is the amount of oversight. Yes, there still is some oversight that does remain. And it is the oversight that can help the balance within each regional culture. Basics are basics. (This has happened in so many others lands as well.) The police protect the people, and the people protect the police.

It is called oversight. And oversight is what brings on the honest communication between the people and the people who are deemed to maintain the people through their laws. The police ARE a reflection of the people within in any region, society, community, or land. Once that hits the breaking point, your chances of getting these results go through the roof.

Bombshell: Unclassified DHS Documents Prove Local Law Enforcement is Being Propagandized against Innocent American Patriots

Hell, next time you see a cop, thank them for being a part of the community. After all, they are right there with the people on such lines. They are not asleep. (And yes, the fragmentation is also real.)

Hell, because of oversight, it is one real reason Canada has not gone the way of Chicago or New York. Do Canadians want that?

Two. A Canadian Thing.

A…..First you do a force wage increase which has hit the beginning of those small businesses. After all, the tax breaks were never really for the individual with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. But hey, still have the VLTs and casinos to keep that revenue going. (Mind you, the feed in that play was to feed some others.)

B…..Slap 3 Billion worth of new taxes upon the people without actually telling them what these new taxes really are? Ahhhh, aiming for how many more Billion? And done under the FALSE SCIENCE of “Global warming/cooling/change.” AND a new batch of regulations? Poison the People, poison the planet.

C…..Hit the farmers with a NEW batch of regulations and some more fees. Not just about WCB, it is actually about AHS. (No rules and regulations within its application yet.)

D…..And then give birth to an even BIGGER Debt, which is an established form of economic suppression. Devalue the government which leads to what?

E…..YOU GET. A full down-grade of Alberta in the credit world. “AAA” to “AA+”, which leads to an increase in cost for Debt. What are the rates and terms now? And that feeds what?

All of that with the extra versions of social distraction. Political footballs. And YES, the threatening of the Royalty Review continues. “But we are new.”? The so called, “Intellectual of Alberta?”. (Ahh, just look at Ontario and British Columbia.)

After all, the “Prim Guy” is already talking about projecting 10 Billion plus in yearly debt added to what is that current amount? I guess the apple did not fall far from that tree. (Like Father, like son.) Should prove interesting on the attempted play for the next version of “The NEP”, a 50/50 there?

Three. The Middle Thing. Syria. Might as well start with “Syrian Girl”. A person whose family was exiled from Syria and who has enough sense to realize, that her country is being dismantled by outside parties. *

Then comes, the Turkey Equation.

ISIS Oil Tied to Kurdistan, Erdogan and Lots of American Tanker Trucks Shipped from Houston

And then comes…..Sy Hersh.

And yes, the Libya Thing continues. Benghazi.

What, do you think that there are no possible ties to Canada?

Canadian intelligence caught clandestinely backing Islamic State

Getting caught, it does hold some other realities. Yupp, all of a sudden, the UN and some others are now coming out to a peace agreement?

What are the results so far? What has been proven? Does this mean the continuation of those genocides? (There are few out there. So slow that who would notice?)

Special UN Treatment for Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen?

Four. The Climate Deniers. It was a big win for the Paris Thing, yet it had nothing to do with anything EXCEPT, The Bureaucracy, The Bankers, and the Gov’ts. DO THE MATH.

Another round of a bunch of liars hiding more obvious realities.

Judicial Watch Sues for Documents Withheld From Congress in New Climate Data Scandal

Gotta feel for the Real scientists. After all, more and more are speaking out.

And for the ignorant “Star Power”? The best one was, “Calling a Chinook, global warming.” (Pssst, to be informed is to get informed.)

Five. The UBER Thing. Hey, did you like the net results of the “Wal-Mart” Thing? What happened to the people of each land when they let that store come in? How is that overall devaluation going?

What do you think that UBER is all about? Yes, those tricks that many cab drivers have done, does show many other realities as well. And yes, there is a section of people who are generally discussed with cabs in general. Which does feed that creation, UBER. (Going to play one against the other to keep who entertained?)

Well, if you think it is good to devaluate the whole of your regional society. That is your choice.

What do you think the stock value is positioned as such? Quite the “Spec play” in that one.
P or S?

What happens when you put this,

And this,

Final Note: Why would Canadian producers of meat be pushing for the ban of labeling regarding their meat? Canadian producers, if anything, are proud of what they can do. And yet, to use the Canadian name to strike such a point on where it ADDS VALUE to the Canadian product, is doing what? (NGO of another kind? Special special.)

As always, forward this one to those you feel who can benefit. This is not to be published, it is to be shared. And if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.



Ps. Checks and balances. The equation does hold true. It is not done.

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IP1. (In Play) Released Dec 5/15

To be aware is to become aware.
(What is your process?)

Such a question can lead to an answer that might make you smile.

It is called, clarity.

Use it before you lose it.

IP…..In Play.
Two words, quite simple.

Checks and balances.

Pesky awareness.
An American Thing.
Internal and External.

Internal or External? In this country there is a right to “free speech” and it is becoming less practiced. All done in the name of “_________”. Is this an external or internal problem for the American? This is “Full Spectrum”

Internal or External? Elementary Schools. “Grade School” (That is before we get into what is being taught.)

Internal or External? Info vs. Dis-info. (And in that process, how much of it has gone political to blurr the real problem?)

Internal or External? Even some others are stating some obvious realities. (An elder who is Canadian?)

Internal or External? Ah, and we go to that topic. (Another Benghazi?)

Internal or External? And there are people that ARE doing something about a section.

Internal or External? Ahh, the markets. How about some clarity without such destructive net results? It does exist and the potential is very real.

Internal or External? Yes, there are MANY others who are now asking real questions.

Has the Pentagon gone rogue?

Guardian: Pentagon Builds Palaces for Staff in Afghanistan

How about a current example: “The San Bernardino Shooting”. Here are some people who are not from that land and they were invited to a “Christmas Party”. And what happens? SHOOTING SPREE. I guess they have chosen to not be a part of that land. (Twice draws a line. I was expecting somebody who was Pharmed right up.)

Take a look at who is saying what? How many main/mud/mass-stream news were already trying to twist this action to create what? (About 1/3rd and shrinking?) Even the same twits who were also trying to condone the people (who lived there) who were openly trying to include this mess in their prayers.

May peace be with those people who lost their lives to such a level of ignorant people. YES, may peace be with those instigators for their price is also real. (No Honor.)
1…..Economic. The examples are endless. Ever check out the latest update on where those patent processes? Or, how many times must the “Fed” screw things up until people realize it is being done with purpose? Why do you think there are the “BRIC” countries backed by whom? (Both sides on that fence.) How about the rush by Obamamamama and Company to try to sign the USA onto the “TPP” AND “Agenda 2030”? (The smaller tests were a true success. The process of killing the REAL economy.) Better yet, which coal power plants are still running and will continue to do so?

J Perkins.

2…..Internal. Endless examples. How many of those examples that you have seen that HAVE been skewed by those certain sections of the Main/Mass News Media? NGO’s. Special interest groups actually preaching such levels of violence. Ever meet an angry woman who is completely unaware that the food chain has been so juiced with hormones, that she is completely unaware of such a FACT? Ever meet an angry man who is unaware of such hormones IN the food chain and he is seeing such destruction and then acts out because he does not even know that he is acting out? (YES, another book.)

Even then, look at the amount of anger that the police are dealing with and then also getting back from other sections of their respective governments. (Do you see on how such incidents can happen?)

Instead, which sections within the media are blatantly lying about the amount of mass murders? (Trying to make the American people feel guilty for FALSE facts? 355 to the actual being what?) Look at the amount of disrespect for the most recent killers. What is that meant to create?

OR, how about Big Pharma with the “CDC”?

Keeping them busy eh?

3…..External. Another massive play. How many MORE proxy/illegal wars have those sections within the American Government become involved in? How many times, have certain sections within the world that used the American name to push and destroy so many other societies? What do you think the “petro-dollar” play was about? (And now it is going to be China? Yes, the world should be just like China. Think that through.) How parts in the world have the actual American people traveled to and then are treated like crap because of what has been done by those other sections?

4…..Formulations. Within such levels of applied madness, what are the proven results? Who is fanning the flames of separation? It is like taking a closer look at the educations system. Have some money and you can make a BIG donation to a school and influence on how that money is spent. Give you a donation as long as you teach these applications. What is another section that runs just like that? An elimination of what an “Open Society” means?

5)…..Own that gold?

In a conversation a while ago, that topic came up. Rewrite the American Constitution. My response was quick, which ended that line of discussion. “How can you rewrite it when you cannot honor it.”

YES, those three pieces of an applied reality that created levels that are “sooo very much”. Incredible.
Try these words just along some behavioral lines. Just three words:

Accidental . Incidental. Intentional.
(From the conscious to the subconscious.)

You know what those three pieces of paper have been doing for so long? The balance of power in The Republic of These United States of America still remains with the people.

Own That Gold?

“Cheers, to the People of the USA. These people have not taken those various forms of bait that has been applied onto them for so many years.”

The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence.
Why do you think that so many specific groups are taking FULL RUNS on sections within these applied realities? The balance of power, use it before you DO lose it. Many people are, and they are using it, and are not abusing it. Which means:


Awwwww, no martial law for you. Too many eyes. Then again, he and his own are not done trying to stir it up. SEE: NGOs and those many other examples.

He is just one “dictraitor”, how many others do you see that have been proving this term? (Dictraitor. A person/organization who applies a process just like a Dictator, and within those results a person/organization is being a traitor to the people they are representing.)

After all, this bugger really is showing on how much he wants to fuck it all up. (Or just continue in the process of what he and his organization truly want for the American People.)

Then again, why do you think the currency has not fallen completely down?
If the will is true, the path still remains.

L to L…..Local to Local.

Cut-backs, cut-backs. As Stated, Main/MUD/Mass Straim media is dying.
CBC to cut 144 positions from local news services, 100 from Radio-Canada to help reduce operating costs
Bell Media’s plans to cut 380 jobs in Toronto, Montreal will hit local news hard: union

What, did you think the “PTB” really give a dam? The “Algos” are right there.

YET, what is the next round on that front?–finance.html

So another question. Is MSNBC really thinking the people are that dumb, or is it that other play?

Will the reasoning continue to be about the symptoms instead of the cause?

TELL THE TRUTH, because the real truth does not need to be sold. It is called, “FREE SPEECH”, the building blocks of any “Free and Open Society”. Do you see what is “In Play” on that front?

Those cut-backs, if you diminish that local reality, do you also eliminate the reporting of those net results in such applied madness? (Nobody to report it, so does it exist?) It remains to be seen.
BLT…….Yuppp, that time.

One…..Canadian Thing, province to province. “High Hog heaven eh?”, for the kids in Alberta eh? SHOCK and AWWW eh? Prep a double tap to try to get “carbon taxes” through while threatening and holding the “Royalty Review” over the industry? AND THE BEST thing is, an increased revenue with PLENTY of NEW policies and regulations. A brand new set of definitions? (Some money eh?)

THEN, to go right over and hit the farmers? Regulate a section of people that do so much for who? Downgrade them through regulation? Meanwhile, the people in the cities were getting the squeeze as well from the previous government. (YES, farmers do read AND so are more within the Urban.) Results are results.

Increased revenue in taxes. Increased revenue in deficit spending. What does that lead to? SEE: Quebec, or Ontario, or British Columbia and their deficits. And who is that devaluating?

AND THEN. “The National Environmental Plan”? “National Energy Policy” anybody? (That pipeline equation was also about some other realities.)

The political suicide is now complete. But they are betting on three things. Do they feel, that people are too stuck in fear to do anything about it like challenging these agenda driven policies that are based on junk science? (Polar Bear population growth, to and beyond. Melting Ice caps, BIG Snow equals more melt.) Trying to count on the ignorance of the populace. “Keep lying until it blows over and do not answer any real questions because we the politician did not actually read these bills.” And yes, stupidity? “They will not remember after so many years of what damage is being done. (Put your hand on a stove once, did you learn?)

Two…..The Syrian Thing. SEE: Libya. SEE: Iraq. SEE: Egypt. SEE: Afghanistan. SEE: Korea. SEE: Vietnam. SEE: Iran/Contra. Keep that one at seven, or do want more? Did forget the latest one that is also in play,,,,,”SEE: Turkey”. (An external onto another external, which is being actively tied to the internal.)

Three…..TPP. Trans Pacific Partnership. OR. Agenda 21 and 2030. What is the third is this acclimation process? (That is a check in that balance.) Still playing these two applications back and forth.

IP? Right Now?
“Poison the people, poison the planet.”
That UN/Central Thing.

This is beautifully done, well not really.

A flow of money that gets tied and put through the central bankers, (Which are private banks.) and in the short-term (Which has real long-term tones.) the versions of government get a cash flow to further which obvious realities? SEE: Education, or Healthcare, or Regulation, or, or, or,,,,and see how skewed that has become. (Where does that info go? Under who’s right?)

Current example in real time? Where are you from?

And why do you think there is also that constant push for digital currency? (Is that a five or a seven in that process?)

Four…..NGO. Non Government Organizations. (Follow the money.)

Here is a sack of crap attacking the most basic forms of sharing to create those needed levels of communication/understanding. Where has been the best place to have such conversations? What room in your home has the most consistent level of conversation? Sharing food leads to what result?

How about these two abusers of the system. From withholding information/evidence to conspiring to destroy another person through incredible manipulation. Maybe should have these two brought up on charges.
Christie Blatchford: The Twitter trial of Gregory Elliott is becoming much like Twitter itself — shrill and uber-sensitive

OR. Is this going to be another NGO in the making? GMO companies going under a different version of applied NGOs formula?

Five…..Ever try this? Choose three different venues with their own processes that DO differ, and see what they are saying about such realities? You should really see it when it is compared within the mass media. (These are all from December 2nd.)

No Agenda.
Info Wars.

Coast To Coast AM

Take your three and compare. YES, I do cross reference these with others. It is called, “being professional”.

P or S? (Problem or Solution.)

In France, it is a Martial Law. And the Gov’t along with other interests are using it. Hitting the real ones eh? (Just in time for those twits as well. How convenient.)

Oh yes, and they extended it a fast as they could as well.

How long are they going to continue to try to extend this action? In that larger process, take a look on how the EU is trying to force their own provisions upon those other countries regarding “bail-in” clauses.

As always, forward this email to those who do benefit. Please do not publish this. AND, if you do not want receive these, let me know.

One of One.



Ps. There are more tools out there then you might think. It starts here, “face to face”. By coming into that “face to face”, you have an opportunity to come to an “eye to eye”. What happens when people come to face each other, it presents that opportunity to confirm and maybe have an opportunity to get on the same page. “Eye to eye”, why see when you can see through?

PPs. Did a few more intros. YES, because the amount of people who are out there ARE reporting on what is being done. How established do you think it is now?

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Lt2.1. Released Nov 23/15

To be Informed is to Get Informed

A piece of a part within those applied realities. How many excuses have you heard or seen in your information flows that state it cannot be done? How many of those information streams just try to play it into the “drama” of one specific example? How many of your information flows have gone to the point of fabricating news and have gotten caught? (Repeatedly.)

So, here are some Headlines that are from various sources. (Yes, it is from many sources.) After all, this is about drawing an understanding. Then again, why do you think that the run on internet control continues? (Right over to trade agreements lacing themselves with such controls. TPP and so many other names.)

Yupp………. Chew through these headlines/blips.

Congress Introduces Legislation to Ensure Corporate Criminals Remain Above the Law

Texas sent agents to Planned Parenthood facilities on Thursday seeking documents, the group said, calling it a “politically motivated” move that comes on the heels of the state’s Republican leaders barring it from receiving Medicaid money.

House De-Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Cisa amendment would allow US to jail foreigners for crimes committed abroad

Students Suspended Over “Racist” Fruit Basket

UK Goes Full Orwell: Government To Take Children Away From Parents If They Might Become Radicalized

PC Police Label Thomas Jefferson Statue Racist, Sexist
Feminists, #BlackLivesMatter protestors wants Jefferson statue removed from Mizzou

Survivor of alleged elite paedophile ring including former prime minister speaks out

Sweden needs to borrow more, cut costs to meet refugee numbers: finance minister

Things Are Getting Scary: Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’

San Fran middle school cancels student elections because too many white people elected

Slavery Incorporated: How The White House And Paul Ryan Are Making Sure Forced Labor Remains Part Of Their Trade Deal

Egyptian TV News Uses Video Game Footage As Proof Of Russian Precision Strikes Against ISIL

The NYPD Is Using Mobile X-Ray Vans to Spy on Unknown Targets

Tories accused of driving wedge between England and Scotland with new Evel rights for MPs

Indonesia’s palm oil fires are emitting more greenhouse gases every day than the entire US

After patient deaths, FDA warns about liver damage risk of hepatitis C medications

Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate – study

Puerto Rico looks to organ transplants to help cure ailing economy

FBI Director Says Filming Cops Causes Violent Crime — Admits He Has No Proof

Facebook photos could be taken for use in national biometric database – officials

Syria Refugees Returning Home in Large Numbers

Saudi Prince Arrested At Beirut Airport With 2 Tons Of Drugs

An article posted to the National Journal last week claims whites are more likely to sleep comfortably than blacks because of widespread racism.

US Government Begins Rollout Of Its ‘Driver’s License For The Internet’

UK government previews the British Bill of Rights which will replace the Human Rights Act

Here’s the kind of data the UK government will have about you, in realtime

Canada Sued Over Genetically Modified Salmon Calamity

Belgium gives Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking non-users or pay €250K per day

Turkish PM calls for new constitution after election victory

The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American

Israel puts Leviathan on fast-track

US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American

Paris is being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attack

From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities

Soros-Backed Group Launches Bid to Keep Syrian Refugees Flowing

In secret meeting, Obama presses Canada for quick TPP corporate takeover approval

These headlines are just pieces. Yet within the sources of these headlines, it speaks more truth then you think. (The supporting links within these headlines SHOW so much.) Way more than the classic Main/Mud/Mass-stream news media.

And then, there is even some good within the mass media as well. THEY ARE ALL FINALLY SHOWING THEIR TRUE COLOURS. (Just take a look at who is using which streams.)

CNN…..(Trying to change their revenue stream. “INFO-NEWS-mercials”. MSNBC…..(The established and fully funded entity for your “NGO” and “Propaganda”.) BBC…..(The people over there are getting tired of that propagandized lies. Ratings.) CBC…..(Taking a beating because it is about the funding. They are getting played and the Canadian people are getting hit because there are so few “streams” that are being presented within Canada. But there are changes in that landscape as well.)

YES. When a person takes a look at who is showing some truth? Some main/mud/mass-stream ARE trying. Why? Because they know that IF this crap does take hold, it will shut them down along with the rest of their society. (A Free and Open society DOES naturally thrive when it does stay as such.) After all, in the revenue landscape, it is very much about telling the truth. (A great example right now is “RT”. Take a look at the talent within that organization. OR, Kady O’malley, why did she leave CBC?)

This is happening. How many “News Venues” have seen that have been hit by some alphabet agency? They cannot win because OF the levels of truth. It is called “FREE SPEECH”, and with that, the truth always comes to light. (After all, to take on the news agencies will really bring certain levels of truth out.)

Checks and balances, and the balance has been way out. The “checks” are making their way back.
L to L.

Ahhh, the refuges that are not really refuges. OK fine, time to take a look at other sections within our lands to see those results. (IT is ON RECORD that these people are NOT from Syria. 80% plus?)

Sweden’s rape and murder rate goes through the roof since allowing these people into their land. (Going on for years so far.) ON RECORD.

Germany rolls out the full “Behavioral Police”. Talk about how their women and children are getting raped and bullied by these outsiders, and you get to get charged. ON RECORD.

Better Yet. How many “Red Zones” exist in your country to where these people are verbally to physically violent to the people who ARE native to their lands? Namely, they are not welcome within their own land.

Who is going to pay for this?

Did laugh when I saw this headline.
DHS Won’t Track Missing Syrian Refugee in US Because “Constitutional Rights”
Rights for the foreigners of a land, where the people of the land are having their rights taken away. (It is called results.)

People of other land/culture will not respect your own land/culture unless you respect your own land and culture. (Why do you think the identity of certain lands are not allowed to become their own people of their land? Which established people are getting gutted because of a variant of such practices?)

One…..The behavioral aspects on creating such a “short-term” mindset within society has worked so far. Is it still working? Falling as fast as it can be put together. WHY? Think of it this way. How often did your parents talk about such realities? Is it because they were not allowed, or maybe because they did not know how?

The point is…..We have already evolved and will continue to evolve. It is a matter of dealing with it.

To be aware, is to become aware. What is your process?

And applied behavioral is doing what?

Two….. The Elect things. This is showing some real signs of life. Yes, there was a transition. It is about the people, the people are waking up. Most are struggling to find out what is really going on so they CAN act accordingly. The “Bloc” is back, and the “Treaty” are now in. Do any of you know why the federal election process was dragged out for so long in Canada? (Now comes some of the smaller elections. Some will be no longer is their positions, because they have made their choice through their actions.)

SEE: Notley. (YES, we know burning coal in today’s world is actually CLEAN. Must be taking a page from the Clinton/Obamama practices. The “Oil-patch” started to clean up their world a long time ago.) Nice job in trying to rush in some more policies that are based on lies. (Yeah, it is cleaner to ship it by rail eh?)

YUpp, the “Elect Series” is not complete.

Three…..The American Thing.

Obamamamamama. This person/administration are doing their best to really to stir it up. To the Max. An illegitimate president trying so hard to push somebody else’s agenda through illegitimate processes. (Who needs duck hunting season when this bugger is just like a barrel full of fish.) Could this bugger be the first X-president to be brought up on FULL CRIMINAL CHARGES?

I hear Hilary within her current probe is a preliminary for her charges. (Caught a couple blips.) And more actual truths as well. (A situation that can get very ugly for her, and some others. Lie Lie Lie.)

Only thing I know, as more people come out and share what really is happening, the people will be able to deal with what is happening.

Hmmm. Almost time to do a “piece of a part” regarding That American Thing.

Four…..Poison the people, you poison the planet. Poison the planet, you poison the people. NOOOOOO, it is called “Climate change” (oops, trying the “global warming” thing again?). After all, going to tax and fee you to death!!!!!!

Carbon Dioxide is what the plants live off of. Such a basic FACT. (Meanwhile, the bigger the lie, the bigger the PR is pushed.) Feed the central bankers, feed Al Gore, feed the Gov’t, feed the Corp.

Fukishima. Gulf Coast. GMO. GEO-ENGINEERING.

AND, what are the results? (Or do you think Aluminum is good for you?) Love this one that No Agenda picked up regarding the U.N. and its Agenda 21 or 2030. SEE:”P or S” below.

Five…..Intro time. This time is about the people who broke out from where they were at to do what they do. We all have our own version and construct that we are all working with. Hell, I still remember the two News Anchors resigning on their News Broadcast live.

John B Wells. This person has levels of insight and skill with interviewing people that does show to be very true. He pushed it hard on “Coast To Coast AM”. Was it a fit? It did work. Was it a fit for Coast To Coast? Well, there is a process. (Hell, this bugger even ran his disclaimer on Coast To Coast as part of his intro.) Either way, did he roll over and play dead?

Aaron and Melissa Dykes. This couple is from “Infowars”. Two people who are very passionate on what they do. Again, was a fit for infowars? YET, did they stop? They are doing what they do. And yes, Melissa, I do understand what vaccinations can do to people. (David is still alive, and the collective lawsuit is still being tied up in the courts because it directly ties to WHO.) It is not just the vaccinations, it is what is being out into those vaccinations. Yupp, caught a few “blips” on certain companies adding aluminum.) “Truth Stream Media”, good name, good stories.

Ezra Levant. This person worked through the consolidation of the mainstream media within Canada. Front and center through the process of the News Channel for sun Media. (Sun media is now owned by Post Media.) That play was all about controlling the flow, which is why that channel was not placed with the other two main outlets within the Television process. (1600+ petitions to quash that third channel which 80% plus of those challenges coming from a firm in New York.) As a Canadian first, WORTH THE TIME.

And hey, the grass roots movement does continue.

Do you see? It is not about the political traps, it is about people doing what they think is best. Think of the examples of what you have seen.
P or S
At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

It can be called, “Green Fascism”. The UN, nothing about being united except for the dictators.

Record Crushing Fraud From NOAA And NASA Ahead Of Paris

Final Note: Why not something clever and funny for a change. (Redacted Tonight.)

As always, forward this to those you feel that would benefit. (Print it and pass it along.) This is NOT to be published. And, if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.

One of One.



Ps. And then came this one. Free Yoga classes being banned from a University because of cultural reasoning? Let me get this straight, people from other lands come and share their processes, (Yoga) and when it is passed on, we now have some shallow people objecting because of what?

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E3. Released Oct 15/15

What, did you think I was going to be done for a bit after that last release?

Yupp, tit for tat.
Elections. Elections. Elections.

RECAP. Resilience. Yes, people in action. Can you see it? Can you see the questions in the people’s eyes? Can you see the behavioral results of so many years of obvious lies and deceit that has been pushed onto the masses of any society? Take a look at the controls through mass media, what are they actually pushing/selling? Where is the reality? All of that before we get into the results.

What are the results?

The resilience of people.

It is called, “The Silent Majority”. I think we can all agree on this fact and a couple others.

1….. Yes. People do realize that the levels of corruption that exist in the daily behavioral patterns has also completely washed out into their current political, economic, and social realms. Which came first, the chicken on the egg? (What does the mass media do?) Excuse upon excuse does get used, and if that fails, “That is the way it works”. Hence, the voter count has gone down each time for so many years. If the core of any society has gone sour, so shall its people. What do you think the silent majority is thinking? What do you think they have been doing?

2….. In a place called “Alberta, Canada”, the direct run on these growing numbers did show its true face. It was about a run on a realizing section of that populace. A direct run at the “Wild Rose Party”. What happened in the end? Those roots grew. And yes, that blatant maneuver did work. It did stop that party from achieving a minority Government. YET, the numbers behind that growth, STILL grew.

Take a Look at Great Britain. It is happened and happening. The “super-surveillant”, selective enforcement based society is a “hodgepodge” just waiting to kick itself even further. After all, the “Blair Flair” has some interesting guide lines being built up. (To sum up: If you do not agree with us, you are a terrorist. ) What is stopping him and that party construct? Three Things. The right opportunity which will take more time because of the “terror capital” has been spent and it will take some time until that capital builds up. Then comes the fact that more and more people have woken up because of those numbers that exist in all sections of Great Britain. (Ireland. Scotland. Britain.) While finally, those numbers within Great Britain exist completely throughout
3….. Then comes this reality. How many times have you heard this one?

“Well, these people are doing the best they can what they have. So they must deal with the outside pressures of the world and continue to come to those levels of compromise. “

Hmmmmmm. Then what about this?

“How many times must that compromise be made before it is just a plain sellout of your own people? Does that mean you think that you are a part of that? What are we actually talking about? 2000 to 3000?

Better yet.

It is what it is, and since it is what it is. It now means it can change.
Guess what?
It is what it is, which means it is changing.

It is called choice.
The Canadian Election. Very interesting with this election. We are talking about an amazing precedent that is happening. People, do you see? (THIS IS HISTORY.) A SECTION of OUR people are showing up. Yes, it is our treaty status people. Finally, a part of Canada that is coming to the table WHICH MAKES us whole. Do you know why such an action is being realized? Could it be because that there IS a symbiotic relationship that is moving forward? Could it be the forgiving of the past wrongs of those levels of such miss-deeds? Could it be a realization the people of Canada IS ALL of the people of Canada? The Canadian for the Canadian? This is History. (Only a few news outlets reported on this one.)

Opinion: First Nations participation in the federal election campaign is making a difference

Meanwhile, in NGO land.

Conservative. Well, quite the mess in this one. From “Bail-ins” to “C-51” to, to, to, to. Hell, some people are leaving the ship BECAUSE of such deceit. (Retiring out of politics) YET, within such levels of applied madness, to what degree have they fallen into those levels that ARE comparable to Great Britain, or Spain, or Australia, or France, or Germany, or The Republic of The United States? The least of the so called evils? The party or the people?

Liberals. Once again, with some name recognition. Just like the person from before the Truedueieieie. Another person from certain interests from that other place,,,,,,,,NY? Yupp, another player who panders to who? Spend spend spend. Seriously, we just might have a Mr Ed here. (Oh, catching wind that you are having problems in your own riding.)

NDP. Is that Agenda 21 or 2030? (Bought the boat on that one.) After all, in a heartland of Canada it is about turning that economy/society into a “Knowledge Based Economy”. Ok, so in other words, “We gut the process of the resource based economy which actually creates that other economy. Then give you a service economy. See: USA.” After all, since the manufacturing has been gutted, (see Ontario) might as well kill the rest.

Green Party. Some big heart there, along with the “Two Child Policy”. Hmmm, a true Global party with a Chinese/dictatorship flair. Which country has that policy?

The PQ. These buggers have F—-d it up so many times that it is too much. Smells like the separation thing. Remember? If Quebec was to separate, less than 100 was to rake it in, Big Time? The purpose of the “PQ” was to give a voice to the people of Quebec. Has that party learned its lesson?

YUPP, quite the mess.

YET, on this election, it is also about people. Namely, the people who are in this process because they realize IT IS about the people for the people. That has already started.

Remember Brent Rathgeber? Ahhh, the person who wanted to bring a level of transparency to the yearly budgets of the MPs. YUPP, while in disgust he became an independent because the Party wanted to juice it up. Do you see? Do you think he is alone?

In Canada, the process was also based on a Social Capitalism. If you work hard and bring those levels of the “Value Added” process, the capitalism remains. The Socialism will remain as long as the “Free Society” remains. Transparency. Oversight. Clarity.

So I ask. “Which candidate is not just from the land, BUT is a part of this land?”

If you keep it about the people, the parties will not rule. Yes, because there are people who are independent and people within these parties that ARE PEOPLE who do want to do something. They are people who are from and for the people of those lands.

The American Thing. What a mess, yet it is incredible on the amount of clarity that is coming out of this process. Drama, dipshits, and donks.

Clinton. Why is this guppy still around? She has spent all of her political capital, completely. Pulling the line for some others? YUPP. See: Nancy Pelosi. Too Obvious. “Profit from fetus parts.” Oh forgot, Planned parenthood will no longer be selling those parts. Yaaaa, we will just accept donations from specific people/organizations instead. 80% of their income come from this FACT. You do realize, the more you try to milk it, the more likely you will be charged by the people of your country. (Benghazi. Kill you own people to run guns to feed those other lines?)

Sanders. Do you know what the realities of what has made The REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES become what it has become? To what degree are going to apply those levels of transparency?

Biden. Yupp, a sweet little cash cow from Clinton eh? Keep that machine going eh?

Trump. Hey, you were a great “B.S.” host for “Your Fired”. Play it to the audience with NO SUBSTANCE. Then again, you are the bugger who has fine tuned the process in putting certain sections of your businesses into “bankruptcy”. How much gov’t funding did you manage to get out before you hit your own casinos?

Bush. The Family is done. The amount of generations to wash out your crap? Just within the population of the people within this country. Playing the name eh? (Canada has one of those.) YOU ARE NO Legacy like “JFK”.

Paul. Good to see that you have not taken the “House Speaker” gig. Nice offering when considering the people within that process. Yupp, substance can win. Respect those three documents and you naturally hav a respect for the people.

AND THIS IDIOT. A Fascist running under the Libertarian Brand in the last election? What name is the opportunist using now? You piece of crap. (Another cue from what the people of Ukraine are going through?)

MEANWHILE…….Obamamamama. (And a slice of sheeple as well.) You are done. Your true colours are what they are. You are not of the people and/or for the people. (Yes, I got caught in that one back in 2008.) AND YES, this bugger is not just going to pardon a big batch of rude/crude people. He will even try everything else to undermine the people and try to turn so many others against the people of the USA. Quite obvious. (YOU RACIST piece of……….) Oh, not to worry, he will feed “Black Lives Matters” even more. ALL LIVES MATTER. “Azzhole” (And yes, Clinton is in that one as well?)

A Story. Many, many years ago there was a political party. And this party was the ruling party of a land. They were very strong. Yet, within that party the levels of waste and corruption ran wild. Right to the tune of billions of dollars, bleeding away from the people of that land. Fortunately/unfortunately, the people of that land caught wind of what the so called “rainy day fund” was being used for, certainly not for the people of that land.

So, as the election was coming around, the people decided to do something about it without creating levels of chaos. Yes, the people of that land knew if things would get out hand, things could be deemed as such.

What happened?

They voted out the leader of that party to send a message.

What is this an example of? “The Silent Majority”

The Moral: In Canada there are the basic sections that are. If those people within those sections vote for their people instead of the sections, what would be the result? It is a balancing act when such levels come into play. “The sections” vs. “The people” within this land.
BLTs…….(Short and sweet.)

One. Cash. From certain governments to banks, they are calling an end to cash. Why? It is not about the amount of its usage, because the usage is being used more.

Two. Paper Ballots. If you click a button, the results can/will be. If you have paper, you have a level of oversight that remains. As the count continues, there are people who will watch.

Three. Mass Media. This is too real. The media continues to report along the party lines. While within the realizing populace, they also know that the function of the Mainstream/Mass Media is really showing its true colours. (Shall the shift continue on where people do get their information?)

Four. Layers upon layers are coming out about what is really going on in the middle east. Yes, there are some signs to where the people of those lands just might get their land back. (Still is Sunnis vs. Shiite.)

Five. The tools that are being utilized with these elections are becoming quite serious. Right up there with the FULL USE of immigration. A Classic play. “Give them checks/money and they will vote for whatever they are told.” That works except one thing, there is the amount of immigration that actually want to become a part of those many Western Countries. (And they want to check that crap at the door.) All you have to do, is see through. “Eye to Eye.”

As always. Forward this email to those who can benefit from this, it is about sharing. This release is not for republishing, you know what it is for, use it. AND, if you do not want to receive these, please let me know. (Courtesy and respect shall always remain.)

One of One, who is,,,,,



Ps. When the will is true, the way shall always remain. Break through that fear, and the way shall be realized. (Eye to Eye.)

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LT2. Released Oct 11/15

“Out of Chaos, Order Shall Arise.”

And who are the ones that have been creating those levels of chaos?

Who are the ones? (There is a difference.)

Who are the ones who say they can fix this mess?

Yes, the process of “overload” IS truly applicable.

Either way.

Cause and Effect.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Reactive, proactive.
Short-term, Long term.

What happens when an elastic band gets pulled too far? What happens when those levels of awareness continue to grow when dealing with that stretched elastic band? What has happened so far?

The resilience of people.
YES, and who is doing their best to create what effect upon whom?


It was stated in a previous release, “Things have gone behavioral.” Translation? (As applied to an individual.) It is where an individual shows certain behavior BECAUSE of those levels of insanity that are being applied upon that individual’s world. (Hmmm, like water vapor is being designated as what? Or see the side effects of the Big Pharm.) YES, it is being measured. (“Now 7”, and many more.) Yet, how is it being applied within what formula to what results? Remember on how everything can now be deemed as a disorder? There are sections that are now in full force on that applied Junk Science. Want to finish this dot? (Big Behavior.)

Behavioral realities/insanities?

“Due to the radicalization of certain individuals, there must be more controls to measure all people.”
They are being radicalized due to the Al-ciada, Isisisisil. We need to stop them before they go back to those places.” (Unraveling there quickly, more truth.)
“Those critical/cognitive thinking people, how dare they catch us in our lies. Those radicals/idealists/truthers/free thinkers/activists(Not the NGO’s)/libertarians/constitutionalists, and whatever else that does not fit that blah blah blah. What official behaviors can be used to stop them and paint them with such a brush?”

BUT WAIT. What is the expanded term now?

(Interesting on how things are being expanded within such applications.)

Now everybody can be a radicalized individual within any category. (Quite interesting on how those many NGO’s have been getting away with the violence though. And you thought those certain so called “News Outlets” were bad.) Think too much? See through too much? Believe in yourself and share that strength too much? Talking about certain topics too much because of the fear game? Believing in your fellow person too much? Cross referencing information from other sources too much? Maintaining your internal balance without the use of Big Pharm or big Behavior? Do not need Big Brother to make your decisions? Believe in the basic rights of your fellow human which includes not taking or giving abuse? Not bowing down to the latest fad from the latest NGO? More?

Here are some interesting realities in such an application:

“I have nothing to hide, so what gives you the right to intrude upon me with the pretence of such destruction?”

“To be informed is to get informed.”

“Those who see and those who see through, it IS a form of awareness.”

“Cause and effect, very real. What is a cause, and what is a symptom?”

“A person can see what is happening. The question is, why?”


A greater balance leads to what? A great strength leads to what? A greater clarity leads to what? (And why did you put those words into your order?)

With those levels of ignorance that exist within people have been creating some scenarios. A person can get caught up on a specific point and lose focus on the greater picture which can lead to a destruction, right down to an individual’s “core being”.



“P or S” (Problem or Solution.)

How obvious is this? And what has been said so many times?

Dam good at it eh?

And they think they can do this.

A section within the British Gov’t loves that process. Another genocide?

BUT WAIT. Here comes the “U.N.”, and they are making them the head of “The Human Rights Panel” for our versions within this world? (Oh, but that State Dept likes that. How many times to prove that point?)

What is the best thing about such liars? What is the second best thing? What is the third best thing?


ONE. The Canadian Thing. It did not take the current majority government of Canada to do a trade agreement with the current fascist government of Ukraine. Where is the oversight? Where is the disclosure? (The open society of Canada, it is not dead.)

“A Notice” to The Globe and Mail when CSIS were the ones who sent out the warning? (Thank-you CSIS.) Sounds like a personal “Gag Order” from a minister who is acting like a person within the Chinese Gov’t. SUPRESS journalists to hide facts? Why do you protest so much?

In a civil society, the society is made up of Civilians.

The American Thing? WOW.

This will be a “play” to paste upon so many other areas. It was even tried for the State of Illinois.

Chicago Shootings Reach 2,349 This Year — Someone Shot Every 2.8 Hours

The racial plays continue as well. ( A deep barrel full of fish there.)

They are hitting their kids with so many applied versions.

SWAT team descends on CO school over student’s Halloween costume

The spectrum IS in “Full Spectrum”. Yes, that resilience.

TWO. What about those other sections within OUR shared western society?

A country, a region, a culture. And here comes a person who is out of the standard definition and the people would be afraid to speak back because they would be called some other words because of a fear of that person turning into something else.

And now it is getting worse over Spain, AGAIN. People are getting charged on so many levels.

The German people are getting gagged through their forms of the skewed social media as well. (Hearing the charges can be serious, right down to losing your children.) For what? For speaking out about the levels of destruction that many people are bringing. (A bit of a media “blackout” going on over there.)
And who created that section? (Getting pinched off in certain sections right now.)

Well, since the world is now beginning to turn on certain American/NATO/UN/British alphabets. The branch of that power must continues? When in doubt, do it in another country.

The Massive push for more Pharms by the Big Pharm. Non-disclosure, does equal non-compliance. (That is a big brush.) And vaccinate while you are pregnant? (How long has the FACT been real?)

Australia Enforces $11K Tax Penalty for Parents who Don’t Vaccinate

And within Britain? That one is a matter of placing it right “on cue”. The prep for what is deemed to be “British in nature” along with the enforcement that is already beyond. (See Germany in the process in how they are suppressing the people to protect a people that want nothing to do with the people of Germany.)

THREE. Throughout this summer, it was busier. What was that all about? Plays. Positioning, procedural, and application. “WAG THAT DOG”.

“TPP”. A BIG piece that has NO DISCLOSURE. (Try to squeeze it through while it is in the current election processes?) An option that is falling apart before it does get off of the ground, why do you think it has been SO secret?


FOUR. RESILIENCE. Look around.

Yes, there sections of population within each generation that are completely oblivious. Break the “fish-bowl”, and what would happen? The results are straight across the board.

What has been the trend? What has been the push?

Ok, here is some push. (You do know the end result on this one.)

Resilience. What has been hyped by the “main/mud/prop stream media”? They are pandering to a certain rule. Why is this in play?

In western society, which goes back generations, the levels of evolution have happened. It goes like this.

“Evolution has happened and continues to happen. It is a matter of what to do with such behavioral lines because those previous lines no longer work as it once did.”

Awww. Communication, and it continues to grow. Why do you think there have been so many attempts to control the internet?

FIVE. Within such lines of applied designs, the truths do work their way out. The classic practice IS, “paint the picture BEFORE the truth comes out.” Remember the Ukraine process?

Remember this Ukraine process? The interests do run deep, yet who’s interests?
Canada signs free-trade agreement with Ukraine (and also discusses the small matter of Russian aggression)

By bringing such balance to an individual, it means that you CAN not only see more, but do more.

OR (David Knight) (Title could be different. Yet there ARE layers of truth within that process.)

OR (Coast To Coast. Some real topics there.)

“The Intro Thing”. There ARE more, and they are stronger. Can you tell the difference between a “grass roots”, or “balanced”, or “NGO driven”, or, or, or, or, or?

L to L. (Local to local.)

Very true here. This is where the applied formula of basic deceit is very true.

Take a northern city on where driving lanes are becoming smaller to accommodate bicycles. Half of the year it is covered with snow, ice, sand and salt. (Problem-Reaction-Solution.) Look at the expansion of certain speed zones in how it is being applied while in the actual situations, it does not exist.

How about the price of fuel when the actual price of oil has gone down? Or take a look at the pricing difference between the grades of gas. (Is your gov’t speaking up? NO. Their revenue is based on how much can be charged at the pump.)

Look in your own world, what do you see? What are those forms?
FINALLY. What is going to be played upon to create even more behavior?

“The War Thing” “The Economic Thing” “The Terror Thing” “The Fear Thing” “The Truth Thing” “The Banking Thing” “The Pharm Thing” “The Fear Thing”

And what do we have? We have choice. Yes, and choices have been made. By whom?

The consequence of any action or non-action IS very real.

There are many ways to have “If This Goes.” to be played out. JUST LIKE, there are many ways to not have that process of “If This Goes.”

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you feel who are worthy. If you do not want to receive this, please let me know. And yes, this is to NOT BE PUBLISHED, it is about sharing. Do what you do.

One of One.




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