Fc. Full Circle. Released April 12.16


RECAP and then.


Immigration and Emigration.  One of the very best things in this world is being able to have a choice.  “If I do not like it here, I will go and try it over there.”  While when a person goes to another land and tries to be a part of that land, they would have to learn the ways of that land and then RESPECT that land.  If not, what would happen?  SO, what is being applied to the people within Western Society?  “No comment.”  YET it is true.  And who are pushing/creating such results?  Either way, “People of other land/culture will not respect your own land/culture unless you respect your own land and culture.”  What is the remedy again?  No, it is not those applied lies that are being dressed up as “Hate” through the Main/Mud/Mass News Media.  (Actually, there are some in the Mainstream that are showing some signs.)


Elections.  Quite the mess.  The main cast of people within that world is a spectrum, especially with what has been shown in the USA.  YET, this has been happening throughout the societies within Western Society at an accelerated rate.  Some people are scared, might be the ones who have been screwing it for those respective societies.  If a person is to dig enough, where do those lines lead?


Ireland.  Scotland.  Germany.  Poland.  Canada.  Netherlands.  Denmark.  Sweden.   Britain.  Why do you think that so many other societies in the world are run by dictatorships?  Monkey see, monkey do?  Just look at those applied lies through so many versions of media.


What have this growing amount of people been doing?  What have they been creating?


Yes, it is called “grass-roots”, from the ground and up.  (How do you think Western Society was created?)  People who are from the land and respect the land while knowing that it is fair to be protective of their own culture while still letting evolve beyond colour, race, or religion because it has been about results.  Is this reality spreading?  Yes.  Can it hold?  Yes.  Why?  Could it be because those parties/people are more about empowering the people as opposed to controlling the people?  Which political structures are more bent on control instead of enlightenment?


“As the power has been taken away from the people, so shall the power be taken away over the people.”


What is going to be the number within the Chinese application?  80 to 130 million people?  250 million?  After all, the percentages will be higher in Western Society.  Do we all really want this?


Some other political/social/economic footballs that are being played upon?


LGBTQ.  Since the steam is running out on certain plays (Gay, Feminism, Racism, BLM), out comes the continued process in this one.  Quite simple.  If you look and act like the part, then be the part.  Ahhhhh, but it is about producing legislation so that way you will need intrusions that go right to the bathroom?   Does that mean the enforcement must have cameras?  I guess that would depend on the reactions.


Global warming/cooling/change.  Fake the science to realize the results.  Fascism.  Dictatorship.  Totalitarianism.  (I have been waiting for you people to use that word.)


International Agreements.  Sign it up to take away the final financial power from the producers within this world.


Al-ciada/is/isil/isisisisis.  The constant name change to rebrand and confuse the people.  Why, because those that have being applying such madness have been getting caught.  What are the results?  Has it been for the betterment of any society?


Special Interest Groups.  Ever notice it is not about majority of people and their interests?  Results are results.  (A bit of a rubber band there.)


The Education System.  Education vs. Indoctrination.  While on higher levels, indoctrination turning into manipulation.  Preaching hate through “The White Privilege Doctrine”, or skewing science through “Social Science”?  That is only the surface.  (A pre-prep for the current Canadian NDP manifesto? )


Mass News Media.  Anything to blur that definition so that way certain controlled venues are still viable.  What has been so funny is the amount of “CNN” spam emails making so many false claims along with news outlets making so many false claims about Donald Trump.  How did I get on that list?  Yet, it is about consistency.  AND, which venues have gone so far in creating false news stories?  ALWAYS cross check your information.  Who is actually showing the source documents?


These are just some pieces that are in application.

Beginning to see some overload?

What can a person do?  What will a person do?

From that, a person would need a base understanding to draw from.



A Section within “5 by 5”


A process…..

Yupp.  Back to those five words.  Heart.  Soul.  Spirit.  Body.  Mind.  What order did you put those words into when you were thinking of yourself?  Has the order changed?  Has it remained the same?  Why did you choose that order?


A fact…..

A being.  A human.  Five basic senses, how can that be skewed?  Hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling.  Loose one sense, and the other four become elevated to compensate for the one that is lost.  Makes sense, yes?  Of those five senses, which sense are you the most aware of?  Do you use all five?  Are you aware?  When was the last time you stopped and smelled a flower?  “To breathe in.”  “To take in.”  There is a balance in that basic process.  You can breathe in, but can you breathe out?


An application…..

They say, “Food, clothing and shelter are the basics.”  But wait we need some rocket science, segmentation and fragmentation.  Sooooooooo.


How did the hunter get to his food?  He walked.  Which is a form of what?  Transportation.


How did the hunter know where and when to hunt for that food?  Might have listened and understood that current environment to know when and how.  What is that a form of?  Communication.



Food.  Clothing.  Shelter.  Communication.  Transportation.


Core Being.

Core Senses.

Core Needs.


And what is being applied to those various versions in those different societal wholes within this world?


A purpose of the “Five by Five” is to bring a level of awareness to an individual so that way the individual can digest their environment without acting out in such a degree which usually leads to those many forms of destruction.  If a person has a higher level of basic understanding, are they going to be proactive or reactive?  Creative or destructive?  For or against?


Basics.  With such a base, the balance grows.  As the balance grows, the strength flows.  As the strength flows, the clarity remains.


Why see when you can see through.

Do you see what you can do?



This crap is happening right now, while the choice still remains.  Use it before you DO lose it for this can be done without such applications that are creating those levels of violence.  Watch, listen and read.  Straight forward facts


Well done Alex.



Great Job Adam and John.



Thank-you “Therebel.media”.



There are so many others, a number that continues to grow.

(A 15 page release on that one.)





One.  Acclimation regarding some results.  An echo chamber regarding an application.  Mass Media.  Mass news Media.  Social Media.  The behavioral.  It can be tough.  With what has been applied for so long, has been applied for so many years.  Take a look at these two music videos and what do you think?  How many other examples have you seen?


EBT…..A celebration of the parasites over the producers.  Do people really want their lives to be such a reality?  Then again, what have been those applied causes?  FREE STUFF, that is not free, but isn’t it nice to see?  (Must be a Sanders or Clinton supporter.  Get me my Obamama phone.  Too obvious.)



Amerika…..A celebration of wimping out.  Yes, it is that bad.  It has been that bad for MANY years.  While now, it is about correcting such levels of destruction without destruction.  “I will try, but I don’t want to die.”  My rebuttal would be, you are already dead if you lose your hope or faith and do nothing.



Two…..Disclosure vs Denial.  Amazingly done.  Talk about keeping them busy.  What is the hype right now?  “Panama Papers”.  I am sure there are many bits within that drop that do lead and tie many lines.  Yet those lines in that section will show true in the end.  What is the current net result?  What is that other first rule?  “Keep Them Busy.”  The second rule?  “Keep Them Separated.”  Hell, talk about overloading people to maintain the acclimation process.  Meanwhile.


If you poison the people, you will poison the planet.  If you poison the planet, you will poison the people.


Planet, which ties to,,,,,

Climate Hustle.  A documentary based on fact, upon fact, upon fact.



Is the tide changing on such realities?  Drama with or without teeth?



Still would start right here.  And who gave these people the right?



And out comes more.  (Nice job Lee Ann.)



People, which ties to,,,,,

Vaxxed.  Another Documentary based on fact, upon fact, upon fact.



And a different person’s summary of what has happened in that equation.



It is not just vaccines that have been skewed; it is also your food supply.  Who is saying otherwise?



There are so many aspects in this massive equation.  While it still boils down questions and answers


Why do they say the world is over populated?

Because the population can no longer be controlled as it was.


What is the trend that has been going on for so long?

The attacks continue upon the people of the lands.  How many time must things be accidently done to create such results?




Three….. To have freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.


Ok.  To have disclosure, is that also being honest with yourself?  By being honest with yourself, is that not taking responsibility for you actions?  By being responsible for your actions, are you not respectful of others?  Do you see those levels?  Can you see on how those levels do create more than destroy?


Now, who is trying to elevate themselves to the point where they think that they are above such levels of applied destruction?  Who within those sections understand that these realities cannot be changed and are trying to bring back what has been skewed to such degrees?  Busy world.




Four….. Face to Face, Eye to Eye.  What naturally happens when you meet a person “face to face”?  Do they see anger?  Do you see anger?  Do they see fear?  Do you see fear?  Many cards are being played in that process.  So to understand such basics would also to be able to understand your process.


Were you born that way?  Were you raised that way?  Were you conditioned that way?


What happens when you understand the difference between these three applied processes?


Five….. “ISM” for a trade system.  In the system of checks and balances, capitalism has always worked as a value added system to any society.  Why?  Because it gives the people the right to choose and decide what is right for them.  When a person makes their choice, they also own that choice.  If you add genuine value to that society, you naturally get rewarded.  Capitalism does truly work in a free and open society because of the amount of oversight.  While one of the best things within this process is if the individual is bent on destruction, the idea really does not work.  Are you going to buy something that is going to destroy yourself?   What have the other “ISMs” proven?


And what is being applied for whom through what results?  World trade can work only if it is about respect for whom?  What has this global financial dominance proven so far?  What has it done?


Then again, how many Welfare States or dictatorships have been taking away that wealth from their own people within those regions/countries?  What is happening to them right now?  Call that productive?  Losing that gold?


Final Note:  Can you see some reasoning on why I have done these email releases as such?  For many years this has had my attention due to the fact of “what it is”.  To schedule the rest of these releases in this stage along with finishing part 1 of those core writings, I am going to need some help.  The sooner I get some support, the sooner I finish this donation back to our world.  I hope you can see.  What do you think this last release has been about?  (Or even the last four releases.)




There was a two part process in this funding stage.  I knew I was not going to get any funding initially.  While now, I would like some funding, some donations for what I have been sharing.  The funding page that this link goes to has been simplified and completed properly.  (10 Days.)




And that rounds out a taste of stage 4 within the continued process/subject matter of stage 3.  (Yes, because of that one release.)  Busy world, yes?


As always, forward this email/release to those you know who can benefit, it is about sharing.  I respond to responses, but they must be of the same caliber.  Do not publish and please leave the core writings of 5 by 5 alone.   If you do not want to receive these, just let me know.






Ps.  Where the will is true, the way remains.  Why have Kool-Aid when you can have some real juice.   Do not take the bait.  Just read this release again, you might like the results.  (Only five pages.)


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Lt 3.1….Release Mar 25.16

Sorry for this one being so long.  Read through first, and then click the links on the second read.




By bringing out and talking about such realities, the solution becomes easier to find.

What is one part of the conditioning that is applied from Mass media to the general societal whole?


“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality.”

Can that be tied into?

To be ignorant is no longer bliss.


To wish it away and/or punish those that have that are sharing, no longer works.  Or are you just a monkey?  Hear No-See No-Speak No.


Western Society.  If one is to look back, which society has actually brought the species to such realities?  What are the current realities that are being applied to those various forms?  What are the net results?  Do you see?  Do you see how?  Do you see why?  YES, the process to continue to elevate and suppress such a society was happening, so many years ago.  “Face to Face”…..”Eye to Eye”…..does lead to that continued strengthening of what?  To see through, do you see what you can do?  (Yes, it is about what can be done without such destruction.)


To give it back.  That is very tricky.  While if you are to it give back or invest it back, what do you get in return?  It can be done without the levels of applied fear and control that has created such current realities.  “If the will is true, the way always remains.”  So, is the Big Boom with the Bust needed?  Nope.  Even then, between the multi-millionaires to the multi-billionaires, it is quite the litmus test that has been applied.  Agreed?  Which way has that been applied so far?  It can bring other questions to light.  Especially, when considering the established direction of such destruction.  Those base numbers allow what?


Panicle Point.  That American Election process.  For so many years, so many people have been trying to warn and let the people know what has been going on within this society.  This is right down to the selection process regarding the President.


That process.  People would show up to elect their delegates, and the delegates would cast their vote that would be a direct reflection of the people within the land.  (IT IS ABOUT THE RESULTS.)  Too many people already knew that the Democrats were already corrupted right from the word “Go” in that selection process due to what has been practiced for so many years.  How many times has “Hillie Huff-a-lump” proven herself to be so incompetent/destructive?  BUT on the Republican side, there was still a chance.  Namely, the delegates must honour the people’s selection on the first vote.  One must admire the American people for lasting this long.  One must admire on how the Fore Fathers of this country would put so many checks and balances for the benefit of this society.  Checks and balances for an open society to stay as an open society.


But Now, it has come to this.


Becky, nicely done.



And to use Paul Ryan as the next duck?  Big Mistake.  Right up there with Mit and that other person.




Why do you think that so many people along with certain organizations are doing their best to attack that person named “Donald Trump”.  Ron Paul went through it.  Ross Perot went through it.  While on the State level, Jessie Ventura went through it and did it.  Different applications, and what was it about regarding the results?  Hell, how much of an acceleration regarding U.S. Treasuries when that Senior GOP member stated that this process of “checks and balances” is no longer applicable?  That would be a touch and go.  Because if the “real gold” gets a true balanced control as it once was back then, U.S. Treasuries will be one of the hottest items on this planet along with the American companies that do practice what is a reflection of an open society.  (Hmmmmm.)  There IS a common thread between any country’s societies in this world.  Many of those dictators would also know that to be a fact.


But Hey.  Soros and company have turned up the heat to get the riots going.  Get them going so another section can try and blame what, or who?  Amazing timing with those specific so called, “News Networks” and their commentary along with their coverage.  Too many links, so follow the money.





Ahhh, doing the best to set the tone so that way the society can riot, and out comes what?  Bait.  Bait.  Just like how the bait was with Trump’s wife and some photos of his wife to where he took the bait and now Cruz is grand-standing?  (Curz, no comment.)


And to call Trump Hitler?  For what?  For trying to stop the people from footing of those bills for others that is bankrupting his own people?  Speaking up for the American people?  For trying to stop the madness so that way the madness can actually stop?  Stop and breathe?  This is not about being an anti-globalist or a green fascist through the U.N.  It is about a people who respect their own people who are clarifying their own role in this world.  (The ever empowering awareness of balance?)  How can you have respect for yourself when you do not respect the people around you?  That can be such a tough equation while it is so simple to have that answer.  A piece of a part of your answer?


And on the other side, it is not done.  (And to try to play charges on Trump?  Hilly-Billy-Bean?)



Just look at the behavior of the people who have been saying such lies.  Call them the “Little Hitler Party”, the names would be endless.  Just like a duck.  Walking and talking.  From one side….. (A good dam good example from Paul Watson.)



To another…..  (another “Rebel” who is a “Pundit”.)  Another distraction with another set of teeth?



EVEN THEN, here in Canada, another person who does see through the “Anti-trump” farce?

Stephan Molyneux.

Nicely done.





LT 3.1


Blurr the terms of a society.

Blurr the meanings of a society.

Blurr the actions of a society.


How about the blurring of the roles between men and women while applying such incredible tactics?  Re-inventing the wheel that undermines what?  Results are results.


How about the applied plays under that the U.N. and its Agenda 21/2030 and the current practice of its illegal land grabs?  Nice way in showing respect for the people that do respect the land through their proven practices.


How about the education system and its results with the teachings as applied to our children which has further what disconnect?  Whose practice feeds who, which is based on what results?


How about the applied madness behind Syria where that country did not take any aggression towards any other country in the first place?  A secular society that did NOT have any global debt prior to such applied  madness?


How about the long term play to create the difference between Liberals vs. Conservatives and how that has created a genuine rift within the people who are for or against the land in so many lands.  And then to blur it further by stating to be conservative is to be financially sound in practice?


Or.  Or.  Or.  Or.  Or.  Or.  Or.

Play it through, some results.

A scenario.

Speculation or, what it is?


BLM.  Black Lives Matter.   A wonderfully proven construct to pit people against each other: keeping all of the various forms of this species separated.  “All Lives Matter” is now being deemed as racist?


Feminist groups.  A wonderfully proven construct to destroy one core .  One is to pit women and men against each other through confusing the basic roles of any symbiotic relationship of two people.  ( Which province in Canada is about to further that separation through legislation? )


LGBTQRST groups.  Gay.  Straight.  He.  She.  It.  Wonderfully done.  This is a process that is a reflection and net result of physiological aspects of playing with the food chain which is being amplified by who and what?  Just take a look at the aspects that are being applied within the Mass Media.  How many ways has division grown within the populations of how many societies?  ( No matter what relationship that exists between any couple, those two roles still show.  Masculine and Feminine. )


But now, it is about bringing it together.  More examples to come?



To create, or re-enforce what?  (Too Many Examples.)




And yes, now the real teeth are showing.  Smells like, walks like, and talks like.  Who’s duck?




Even then…..Do you see?  Do you see how people within their respective lands that are from their land and for their land, that do respect their land?  Just like what happened when the settlers first came to North America, Australia, or even New Zealand.  While with what is being applied, goes deeper than just.  Again, wonderfully done when considering the results.  While from what I can tell, the rifts between the people who are from the settlers to those who are from the applied slave trade to those that traced back to before this overall application; were showing signs of healing to where it was creating a whole new people that would stabilize so many and bring the next round out.  (Namely, those who were born into those lands and those that chose to become a part of the land.)


A tool to “Keep them Separated.”?

Or a tool to see what can break?

“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality.”



So much is in play, and the fear tactics do run deep.  For instance, within the economic sections of any society, the last thing you need to do is hold back and watch a possible collapse.  Hell, it is so good to see this happening again.  Feed you local economy and watch that economy feed you back is so many ways. (There is only one “ism” there, and that is what brought us out of the Stone Age as a Species.  Value Added.)   Those little things make a difference.  “Face to Face”.  Pieces and parts, that keep what alive and over rides whose applications?


Local to Local.

In the local land of my land, there were two news papers that rolled out at the same time.  Both were free as well.  News24 and The Metro.  Incredible timing, something to flood the market to really take on another news paper chain that was running off of the same business model?  (I see a few birds with that stone.)  Either way, one has remained and the amount of skewed stories pushes whose agenda?  BUT NOW, there are rumors about CBC having their own newspaper?  Another addition to add to that “echo chamber”, to create what direction?  Hmmmm.  No Comment.


Either way, it is common knowledge that a newspaper is without the behavioral analytics that is imposed upon the consumer within the digital world.  Just like a book, you can read certain pages without the behavioral analytics.  It is common knowledge, that buying a newspaper is also a direct support of that newspaper.  AND, it is common knowledge, that those daily editions have more information in the form of a complete story.  So, where would the advertisers put their revenue then?  In a paper where it is a reflection of the people of that land and is proven through clicks and sales.  Or would they put it into a paper with clearly skewed agenda with levels of fabrication?  (“The Majority of Calgarians want fluoride put back into their water.”  Get Real.  Call that one, “The Onion Part 2”?)  Good for packing paper eh?





BLT…..Bottom Line Time.


One…..Immigration/Emigration, one of the oldest forms of Slave Trading.  “Get rid of those people and put them to use somewhere else.”  Sound about right?  Read some history.  The Irish exiting Great Britain to be slaves in the USA.  Sections of the African population to do what for whom?  The Asian sections that were key parts in the building which parts within North  America?  It was quite the tool when looking back, correct?  Talk to an Elder within the Native/Treaty Status people, and the insights do run very deep, but it can also be skewed because of deep seeded anger.  YET, in reality, it was getting to the point where it became more about, “How are we all going to move forward?”  (Generationally created on those levels and the signs are there.)  So, what is it being used for in today’s world?


a…..Slave Trade still?  Bring in people from other lands that have had less, so when they arrive they will accept less which drive down wages and value of the current society?  Who are the real slave traders in today’s world?  Think that one through.  What a “blame game” to blur that one.


b…..A greater control the voting results because of those levels of migrants do tend to stay together in whatever time frame of that portion that has been brought in at the time.  Namely, most will vote for the administration that is in control at the time.  More importantly, the ones who are established parties because they do not know about the people of the land and what is going on in that land.  (After all, what is the difference between The Conservative, Liberal, or NDP party when it comes to results?)



c…..A further divide of the current population that is established.  One side says,” We need the population to keep population growth.”  Another side says, “In order to have population growth, we don’t we make it more affordable for the people of the land to have more babies.”  Another says, “Either way, we need population growth to maintain inflation so we all do not go into a bubble.”  Another one says, “How can we as a society maintain our society, while we bring in other people who do not want to become a part of our society?”  Do I need to go on?


YES.  Immigration has been accelerated.  Immigration has become political which ties to financial, which really ties to any social fabric of any people on this planet.  Talk to anybody who has been here for the last five plus years, and you would be surprised on what they see, or are you scared because the bogy-man might get you.  YET, there was a failsafe within all of that, which ties over to the next point.


TWO…..Western Society.  This ideal is very true in the extended portions of Western Society which in turn, was reflected back into Europe.  “Come of here and be a part of our society, and check your crap at the door.”  “Come be who you are but do not flex your will back upon me.”  “Why did you come here and be an extension of your previous lands problems?”  More?  A beautiful thing about Western Society was you could be who you are.   A beautiful thing about Western Society was about respect for each other because if you have respect for yourself, you naturally have respect for another.


But then come the undertones of Imperialism dressed up as Fascism/Feudalism/Communism/Crony Capitalism, and now Socialism which is dressing itself up as the previous four due to the fact of the previous points in the release.  Do you see?  Do you see through?


There were again, some fail safes.  Can you see them?  What are your checks and balances that you apply in your own world that keeps those levels of honour and respect that allow you to live with yourself?


For myself, I feel for the people that truly do and demonstrate that they want to add value and be a part of a society that they choose to live within.  (Political, Economic and Social conditions are not letting that happen, agreed?)  This is happening in every Western Society.  What we are losing in the protection of those key Western Societies values, are also the exact tools that are destroying out different Western Societies.  It is now a work in progress, and for progress to happen there must be disclosure.  (Yes, there is more.)


There are some people that all they want is to come over and do their best to destroy Western Society because they have been conditioned to the point where they cannot tell the difference between the people, the bureaucracy, the technocracy, the plutocracy, and so many others.  (A Swedish example.)




THREE…..Canadian Things.  By now, people have been realizing that “T Jr.” Is just like so many other figureheads out there.  “STAR POWER.”  Like a Obamamama.  Like a Merki-merkal.  Like Holly-holland.  And what trait do these leaders all have in common?  What is really going on?


Talk about trying to play on the fear card that is being played upon the American people through their mass media.  Fear, FeAr, FEAR.



The truth is the truth, and by talking about the truth, out will come solutions.  What was so funny is that the City of Edmonton was being played as a more diverse over Calgary.  (And “Not-so-ley” did not win that Calgary Bi-election.)



As most oil companies have been paying down their debt and their stock improves in rating, this bank is pulling a trigger?  Who is getting the possible asset sale?



And now some of the payoffs come into play?  Hmmmmm.




Smells like another “GM”, OR a pretext to do another “Nortel”?  (Patents, patents.)




Right over to the transparency of the Canadian Government which is now doing what?



Hell, take a look at CBC now using “The Weather Network” for its weather forecast.  Do we not have “Environment Canada” for that?  Ah, what is that saying?  After all, with the budgets of the previous regime was set up to diminish the oversight that Canadians have over who?   FDA?  EPA?  TSA?

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada    Click on the regions and see your weather done by the Weather Network.  (Juice the numbers more to feed the Climate Warming/cooling Tax/power grab eh?)



By now, people have been realizing that “T Jr.” is just like so many other figureheads out there.  “STAR POWER.”  Like a Obamamama.  Like a Merki-merkal.  Like Holly-holland.  And what trait do these leaders all have in common?


But the Canadian people are stupid and ignorant and they will do nothing about it.  Really?  Why do you think that certain people are now becoming involved along with the growing movement of the “Grass Roots”?  The Canadian People are not stupid, they are just waking up and sorting out the “who and what”, and then start the process of what needs and can be done.  After all from what I have seen, the Canadian people will be a bit harder of a people to play off into each other and create the divisiveness that has worked so well in other countries.  Which means the “Knee Jerk Response” will be less likely to happen.  (Unless those other cards do get played which have been losing ground.)


And Why?  Since this society is so diverse, it is also easier to see….. what?  We are a people who have had different tools applied onto us regarding our conditioning, which means we do tend to look around more at the world.  (BACKFIRE.)



FOUR…..American Things.  Yupp, the distractions are definitely applied.  YES, it is about how much of an acclimation process can be completed before Obamamama and Company leave?  (To funny, climate science.)  Yaaaaa, screw it up before we leave because this party just might end.  “USE AND ABUSE.”


Quite obvious there.



There are five different medicines that are practice in this world.  What is this one?




Could do another release, yet each time insanities are being pushed through, more people wake up. Overall, it does tend to be about sneaking more legislation through.  TPP?  TTIP?  Eliminate more rights and freedoms of the people?  To push for greater surveillance powers and then roll out a further consolidation?  More land grabs done under the U.N. Agenda 21 or 2030?  More taxes through the junk science of global warming/cooling/change?  Should call that one, “Cabal Warming/Cooling/Change.”  


Just follow the money.



FIVE…..Al-ciada/is/isisil/isisis, and soon to have another new name?  A rebranding again?  What a Mess.  What is the latest incident?  Brussels.  (May peace be with those that have died and have been hurt.)  YET, here comes that other classic section of the global society calling for what again?  What a bunch of sleaze balls.  The tools are in place.  LET THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EMPOWERED USE THEM AS THEY ARE MEANT TO BE USED, and through disclosure that power will remain.  Hmmmmm, to further the separation of Information, knowledge, wisdom?



And another angle from which classic NGO?  Or is it a new name?



Either way, who has created what?  And who is protecting what?  And who is setting up what to allow who to come in?  “Syrian Girl” has really stepped up.  (Take a look at Yemen.)




It is a mess.  And to where to begin has been tough.  Who made who?  It runs deep.  How about, when shall we make it stop?  If you look closely, there is an opportunity.  Yes, those levels of increased awareness and sharing throughout this world, is showing signs to where is can end without the use of such aggression.




It does bring on more questions.  Here are two that do tend to stick out through some of my reading:

Is it odd that the mainstream media so quickly reported that ISIS took full responsibility for these attacks?”


“Will the terror attacks in Brussels be used to justify a ground invasion of Syria?”


P or S.  Problem or Solution.

Choices.  You have a choice.  You have a choice to be a part of the solution, or a part of the problem.  Those little choices do so much and they will not destroy your world.  Why do you think on so many levels, realities have accelerated so much?  Could it be because those that have been making so many problems are afraid, so things get played out further in creating more problems?


Do you see what your problems are?  Do you see what your solutions can be?



Final Note:


Five words that apply to you in so many aspects.


What is your order with these words?

Do you want to just see?  Or see through?

To see through, is to know what to do.


Those little things that counter the applied overload upon this species, so that the species can.


As always, forward this email/release to those you know who can benefit, it is about sharing.  I respond to responses, but they must be of the same caliber.  Do not publish; leave the core writings of 5 by 5 alone.   AND, if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.


5 by 5.




Ps.  All because of that one email.  Yes, even I can take the bait.  Dare to be human, oh err to be human.


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Ip4…..Released Mar 15+16, 2016


Remember how CNBC really blew that GOP Debate with skewing their questions.  (Pretty questions for everybody except a few? )  WELL, FOX PULLED OUT EVERY STOP.




But then Fox comes out with this one.  (Judge Jeanine.)


AJ hit this one very well.


Which ties to here.


Meanwhile, Lee Camp and Jessie Ventura



Election Processes can be real, and this election process that is being applied in the USA, is truly aimed at the people.  Quite obvious, correct?  There are a group of “crazies” that are doing their best to destroy anything that is a reflection of the people within that land.




Ben Carson, well stated.  Do love the continued attempt of trying to blame Trump for other people’s idiotic behavior.  Carson, he is the other who has been maintaining composure.


And which News outlet picked the interview within this scripted twist?


And the next round continues, I have never seen so many dirty tricks/tactics.

And trying to Blame Trump for other idiots?  (That is beyond wrong.)

Either way.

What is the difference between Bushies, Clintonies, and Obamamies?  Over so many years, what results have the people behind this run of produced for the people on any of these societies?


( Tied the points well.  The Rant was not bad either.  I know, experimenting with the back drop can be a process. )


 AND YES, there are other Canadians that see through as well.



What land anywhere?


So, what is another part that is in play?



Remember “Western Society, a blessing or mistake?”

The process of that was to finally bring out that question.  Is Western Society a Blessing or a mistake?  The purpose of that release was real, and what did it really bring out?  (Call it the “knee jerk”.)  Here are some pieces and parts that do have a serious effect.  What is also in play per say?


ECONOMIES.  The stock markets of these respective societies were areas where wealth could be generated and then it would be invested back into a business which washes out into that society.  (Hmmm.)  Currency.  A piece of a part that is being pushed into something else?  Eliminate currency which eliminates what choices?  Track and tax to what degree?  Rules and Regulations.  Rules and regulations to serve who?  Bail-ins anybody?  Ever look at the rules and regulations behind digital currency?  Some new versions of crypto currency with the “Central bankers” are directly meddling.  SEE: Bank of England.


To have a financial meltdown would mean that certain interests/groups would lose it all.  Will it be the ones that have created such a mess?  I would recommend that those that have stolen such levels of wealth should return those levels that have been stolen.  Why do you think Russia is now being played so hard?  (Why do you think they have kicked out so many foreign funded NGOs AND GMOs?)  OR.  How many protests have been going on in China before and after their economic hic-cup?  OR.  What do you think is going on in India?  Yes, there is an adjustment going on though and it just might start to be back to being a reflection of the people within their OWN respective lands.  (Little treaties being signed off in the back-ground WILL not work because they have not been ratified.)


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


FOOD CHAIN.  Talk about juicing that process.  If you feed the people crap food, you get what performance?  You get what thought processes?  Look at the delivery process/packaging on how you receive your food.  OR, force shots onto the people as a whole under the guise of profit/health/safety, and what do you get?  How many studies say Fluoride is bad for you?  Long since established regarding that reality which traces back to the prison camps in World War 2.  Pacify and dumb down the applied population.


What is the latest emergency to attempt to create a panic for what?  ZIKA?  In this area, it is a battle field.  Got some GMO mosquitoes about to be released now in Northwestern United States?


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


SOCIAL.  There are some real applications that are attempting to change those basic/universal definitions.  What is the main card behind that one?  Fear?  Could it be fear?  How about fear?  I know, it just might be fear?  Is that a tactic or tool?  Could it have two definitions?  How about three wrapped into that process?  “Black Lives Matter”, “Feminist Groups”, “NGOs”, to the education system


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


WAR.  That is an application.  How many results have come from and still come from useless wars?  How many of you people have taken another person’s life in the name of?  Not so proud, are you.  How many of you people have talked with other people who have brought such levels of specific destruction onto other people in the name of?  They are not so proud, correct?  Do you think that the enforcement arm of any civil society like going home and are proud of stepping on a person’s head because that person may or may have not deserved such an action?  (Yes, there some bad apples out there.)  But as a whole?  If anything, say “Thank-you” to somebody who has been to such depths and show some Empathy.


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure, to have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  Freedom for OR freedom from.  What is in play again?


THE U.N.  All you have to do, is read some history.  “League Of Nations”.  Private interests, private ideals, private agreements, private controls, private functions.  Do you really think the UN is for the people?  It is about the people, no question there.  But is for the people?  What a joke.  A bunch of appointed people who think they are in control.  What a joke.  Do you know why it is a joke?  If real disclosure comes out, could it be saved?  How many interests would be exposed in that farce?


“But but but, if YOU do not DO, then it will all fall apart.”  Noooo.  If you do not start doing what has always built any western society, it will fall apart.  Western Society was also built on freedom, and freedom is to have disclosure.  To have disclosure is to have ownership, to have ownership is to have responsibility, to have responsibility is to have respect, to have respect is to have freedom.  What is in play again?


Why do you think that the war on CASH is so alive?




Freedom for, freedom from, and freedom of choice.  Out of legitimate choice, that is where the real gold begins to thrive.

Use it before you lose it.

Cannot use “Bail-outs”, that is why it is now called “Bail-ins”.

Yes, the real gold is waking up which IS NOT about such destruction.



You to me.




From me to you, can you see through?


Why see when you can see through.  After all, to see through is to know what to do.


From the Canadian to the American?



From the American to the Canadian?



For the lost, or from the lost?



Is the minority becoming more of a minority?  Because the majority are not the ones who are preaching and instigating such violence.  (Agreed, you can play and pay some more dupes.  Yet the talent pool is shrinking on that note.)  Or, do you really thing those reality shows are about reality?




BLT……(Bottom Line time.)


ONE.  It is a fine line.  AND for myself, it has never been about destruction.  The plays, the method, the results.  While, mass/mud/news media are showing some signs, but the ones who are based on those levels of chaos are the ones who are pushing such controlled ideologies.  People ARE seeing through, and the ratings do follow through.


I do have two questions for the Main/mud/mass news media.  What is it like to not report those needed levels of truth for your societal whole?  Because your actions are playing a direct action onto the destruction of your societal whole.  How does it feel to play such a role in the destruction of your society?  ( I know, the process of dealing with those various levels of ignorance will be daunting.  While in that, it is about the process.)



Another Canadian woman who sees through and shows that she is above those that have been abusing our society.  Good interview in the end.  Awful title.  “Meet the Cute Blond”?  How about “Beautiful Intelligent Canadian Woman who is balanced and does NOT take the bait.”






Better get as many in so the conflicts can truly grow before MORE truth comes out.  (A numbers game.)  Seriously, many are not here to respect and become a part of Canada.  One tool with immigration is to prop up a population because the population has been economically decimated to the point where they cannot afford to have children.  (While the results are, more welfare for other people besides the Canadian people and the Canadian People pay for it.)  How many birds are being hit with this one stone?




http://en.cijnews.com/?p=18748   (Even a Canadian IMAM says so. “Do Not hire non-muslims.”)

http://torontolife.com/city/allah-in-the-cafeteria/   (And they are going to challenge our Canada?)



http://www.therebel.media/geert_wilders_speaks_in_brussels_threats_to_his_life_resisting_islam_and_the_establishment   The Flemish have figured it out.



http://www.therebel.media/liberals_lied_most_syrian_refugees_fake   (With proof, that they are fake.)

“Forget your history, and you are doomed to repeat it.”


Another great example from “BOING BOING”.  TPP in action.  Do you see?



YES, and the choice still remains.  Do beg to differ with Faber though.  This is about a genuine opportunity.  (The way is there.)


No wonder so many do like Trump.  (Small to Medium Businesses.)



Ahhh.  Hillory Billory and friends.  (And the difference between Bushies, Clintonies, and Obamies are?)  Then again






And the “Social Credit Score” continues.  AND YES, it is happening over in Western Society.





And yes, this is beyond me.  Which is why, we also need to stand beside our Canadian police and CSIS.  Through disclosure, opens up that opportunity to stand beside and stop such levels of inanity.  Seriously.  The way remains if the will is true.




She figured it out.  Regarding that Alberta thing.  Yes, it is a two prong approach coupled with what?


It is what it is.


The amount of oversight in the Canadian Voting process is STILL about disclosure.  Can it be improved?  Either way, PAPER overrides DIGITAL.


Poison the People.  Poison the Planet.  How many times must these accidently happen before one realizes that it is being done with purpose?








But wait, is it time for women to continue to SHIT upon men again?  Which NGO?  Follow the money.   PAUL WATSON, good rebuttal.  Did like the white privilege one as well.  BANG on for the third one.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC-Cqkq6zWc&feature=youtu.be&t=58  (Gotta Love Harvard.)


Naaaa.  Still going to end this one with these two realities.  Quit poisoning the people.  Quit poisoning our people.








http://fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/   49 studies here.


To be informed is to get informed. 


THREE.  FOUR.  FIVE.  What is the third rule?





So, from that third rule.  How do you keep them separated?



Final Note:  In the American Mass News Media environment (Or any western society based environment.), the ones that are going to such extremes to skew the truth to where they are just lies, are numbering their own days.  WHILE, the amount of others out there that cross-check and DO report those source documents/facts are the ones that do have the actual following of educated and aware people.  Who do you think are the ones who ARE still supporting those many economies?  Ad dollars follow the followers who are also those leaders.  (Marketing 101.)


There are businesses/professionals out there that DO want a fair handshake and are not about such levels of destruction.  The numbers are there.  Could this be an example?



As always, forward this email/release to those you know who can benefit.  I respond to responses, but they must be of the same caliber.  AND, if you do not want to receive these, just let me know.


5 by 5




Ps. For those that have earned ,learned and are.  Do you really want a bigger piece of nothing, or a smaller piece of something bigger?  After all the excuse of, “Destroying your society is the only way to save your society.”, is falling apart.  We all have our choices.  I made mine by telling you who I am and what I can do.  How many other people have you seen?  Just look up and look around.  “Face to Face”, “Eye to Eye”, can you see your line of design?   Proactive vs. Reactive.  Constructive vs. Destructive.  Not too much destruction there, there never was.  (The 50 is low.  The 16 is High.  It is a process to wash it all out, while the room to move is there.  Agreed?)


Fascist or Feudalistic or even a Totalitarian Society does not work.  And to apply the A.I formula, some more children’s bedtime stories?


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E4 Released Mar 2/16

For this next email, go to the “Ps” first and then read through it once before you go through the links. 



RECAP.  Do you see?  Do you see why?  Fear.  Fear. Fear.  A conditioned part of any society.  What happens when that elastic band gets pulled too far?  Life is too short, agreed?  And to say , “I will just shut it all off and that is how I will protect myself.”?  OR, “I will just concentrate completely on myself, and it will go away.”?  IT is a big part of the reason on why things have gotten so bad.  ( I did not make that rule. )


In the roles of the organized spiritual parts of our various societies there are rules.  Are they about control or enlightenment?  Hell, in life there are rules.  Put the kids through school, prep them as best as you can, and then let them loose to discover what and how the real world works.  Agreed?  Will they handle the real spectrum of life?  Rules to teach lessons or rules to maintain control?  A blurry line.  While within this process, how many other areas are these processes being applied?






Elect.  Elect.  Elect.  Elect.

What a show.

Anything to blurr and distract.

What a monster crop.  What a monster drop. 

All to blur and maintain what?


Do you see the main characters?  It is loaded.  A couple wildcards, some talking heads, some scripted ringers, one blatant criminal (Look at the actions/results. ), and one true statesman.  Could there be some other up and coming honorable people?  Is there some that are becoming honorable?


Yes, it has digressed which is why it is being discussed.


Democrats.  The entire system of selection is loaded.  Loaded to, and beyond.  The Super-Delegate process is a direct attack onto the people within that process.  It does not even give the people or mass majority a right to rule which is right from the word, “Go.”  As somebody said which rings very true in this instance.  “Chinese Democracy”.


Republicans.  Almost as bad.  However, it can be side tracked just like the Democrats.  It is all after the first vote at the convention.  AND, it is more of a direct attack upon the people within that process.  The person who has the power over their own vote loses control of their vote after the first full vote.  Does that sound about right?  And then comes “Scotus”?  You see, “Chinese Democracy” is not applied fully from the word, “Go.”


Some People, players?


Bernie.  Communist or Socialist?  A wee bit scattered.  Quite old, which does bring on this question.  Is this person an elder or an old fart?  (A bit blurry there, the signs are on both sides.)  In the Democrat process, the odds are HEAVELY stacked.  Demcrats…..Chicago….New York….L.A.  Sounds about right?







Hillary.  Get out.  You are a beyond corrupted BECAUSE OF all of those offices that you held throughout your life and how you have handled is not through incompetence.  (It is a basic skill when the Art of Deception applies.)  Your name is ruined to and beyond.  Right up there with Bushies and Obamamas.  Why?  Because those lines are drawing to Kissies, Sororos, Gaties, and Zuckies?  (Which draws to whom?)  It is still the people’s choice from what I can see, if they choose.  OH,,,Think the Super-Delegates know?  Or are you going to threaten everybody else?  (Amazing on how all of a sudden the applicable name of criminal being applied to you has disappeared.)  Because your credit is worth to the sum of ZERO, which means not just a clean break, but a reset.  Choices.











And if that is too much reading….Watch This.  (Reminds me of somebody else with their tactics.  NOT-SO.)




Marco.  A talking head.  For in those long-term realities, have fun with that.  “Here boy, have a bone.”  AND I LIKE DOGS.  “Fish Bowl”.  Break the bowl, will the fish live?  (Ahhh, Guppie.)  A lamb for slaughter to create what results?


Mit.  If you come back as the play within the super-delegate section?  Put you with Bloomberg, the person who wanted to regulate everything right down to the size of drink that you can have.


Cruz.  A possible play within a play to bring what?  A piece of a part.  So many people already know what you really are.  AND since you could not even begin to be real with who you are, shhhh.  I am glad you renounced your Canadian Citizenship, you are an embarrassment to that growing number of Canadians.  (What, are you going to count on The CBC?  The Globe And Mail?  So obvious.)


Carson.  Getting audited for speaking out against “Obama Care”?  (Ooops, they need more money.)   You could be a real contender, but Obama ruined that process to and beyond.  Am glad you are not playing the racist card, those cards are being played or other reasons/realities, “Keeping people feeling guilty for being who they are”.  Think the wrong way, and you are a racist.”  You would be an interesting person to have a conversation with.  Cheers Sir.


For myself, I was hoping that Will Smith would have been, because HE IS from the land and has been a part of the land.  ( I would vote for him.  Got some heart, soul, spirit, and a mind wrapped in a body.  I saw some awareness.  I saw a person who knew so well, that he had his son do a song that took a piece in the music industry.)  Another person I would talk with.  Even the Mr Will smith, there is another person where if you were to team up with.   Oh boy.


Trump.  Yupp.  That bugger has hit some serious points.  AND he has done it well.  “What is good for the goose IS good for the gander.”    Just like the Main/Mass/Mud-stream media trying their best to derail him.   Too many links, right to The Pope speaking out.  Other funded leaders speaking out.  Right over to Bush giving the “Off With his head gesture”  (Quite obvious in that one.  28 pages and all.)  Could somebody tell the Bushies that it has hit the “X-factor” that the American public knows that those family lines are a monster Piece of a part of the traitors to America?  (Got a bit off Topic.)


Even the Government funded CBC and its masters brought in a Brit to come in and become an independent voice?  Hail to the Queen from over there to be applied over here?  (Or is that “T jr” play?)  Not Again.



And meanwhile you have the trolls calling for people’s death and getting away with it?  Seriously, to call or joke about some bodies death while holding such a position?  (Seeing that number growing, NGOs and all.  Feminists, Black Lives Matters etc.)  ALL LIVES MATTER.  Could not help myself.



Right over to those that have, and do see.  (Dilbert with Reason.)  Yupp, the tactics that are being applied DO run very true.  (Scripted?  We shall see.)



So, here is a question Mr Trump.  Will you bring those balances of power back to The Republic of The United States?  Will you bring back, “The power of the people” to enlighten the people?


Mr Rand.  You have been the one with levels of composure that are so very much needed along with those levels of solutions that can change the direction of the American people.  Tirelessly working on, and working through.  Then again, can the American people get that composure back?  (The guppie farm of the Kardashian’s etc.)


I would put in as the head of the U.S. State Department.  Yet, that would also depend on what the washout of those elections would be.


MEANWHILE, within all of that.

A possible realized birth of that party that is based on such real realities, that would change the entire political scenery that could surge along some real numbers.  Why?  Could it be because on how the current political process has been skewed for so many years?  Must admit, the forefathers of this country were looking ahead.  How many years did it take to blurr the real definition of “Democrat” or “Republican”.




A transition in action.


Remember this reality?


I can only see a few that can use this.


Meanwhile, it is a spectrum.  “No Agenda” while you continue to read.


Episode 803



Local to local.


Over here we have quite the twit/puppet.  Not even close to being a reflection of the people of this land.  (More bike paths to screw up the established traffic flows even more?)  AND, back in 2011 fluoride was voted out by a landslide.  Wait a minute.  Distractions, Diversions, Distortions, Trends and Results.  It is called twisting it around to create some results and see what sticks.  Create a problem and gauge the reaction to have the solution.


IT is about the TEETH.  LOOK at the FOOD you are eating.  Forget about what the actual damages of what this fluoride actually does to your brain, teeth or general health.  Keep on feeding them processed food that has no nutritional value.  Wonderfully timed.  (Yet now, that clean line is being drawn for the next election.)



Slowing down the EMTs first and then local Police?  Feeling the NANNY-STATE?  These people are trained to drive those vehicles and they better drive fast for it might be YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE.  It is called trust, and these people are doing the best they can.  Talk about breaking a core piece of our society.


Twins killed themselves in an accident.  A bunch of kids/people BREAK-IN and decide to have some fun by acting like complete idiots.  And NOW THEY ARE VICTIMS?  Peace be with them.  But they are NOT victims.  Hell, I tend to feel for the parents that have been played upon through Mass Media to eliminate such lines of honesty because as any parent, I would be sad, and yes, embarrassed.  (Our kids are born, raised, and conditioned to be as such.  And some do and will lose touch of those realities.)  May peace be with those children.  If anything, be honest about such a fact so peace can be with those that have died.


It goes like this.  Burr The Terms, blurr the meanings, blurr the society.  Anything to dehumanize society.





One.  An Alberta Thing.  Out comes the “Not-so-ly” and a snap “by-election”.  If you have notice, “Not-so-ly” and “T Jr.” Are completely on the same page.  Just look at the pipeline/oil-patch process, it is about the results.  (UN Agenda whatever.  Yes, another agency has just disclaimed “Global Warming” again.  Off Topic, sorry.)   But why so soon?  Timing perhaps?  A test perhaps?  ALL you have to do is look at the Mainstream media on this one.  Unite the right to quell the grass-roots?  And within that process, prop up some more versions of whatever to fragment it all further?  (look at the next round of “reform party” and then take a look at the money behind it.)


In the case of this election, it is a matter of making sure THAT certain parties DO NOT GET IN.  Call it strategic?  YUPP.  Do you think that the elections as a whole have not been strategic upon the people?


Two.  Couple Provincial Things.


Out comes Saskatchewan with their provincial election.  Must admit, that is one province that has not taken the bait on so many fronts.  And from what I have seen when I have been through there, even the “Treaty” and “Non-Treaty” have a healthy respect for each other.  A people who are from that land who understand that they are a part of the land.  There are differences, and differences are healthy because it maintains the spectrum of a society.  By maintaining the “open society” this section of Western Society does continue.


Out comes Manitoba with their provincial election.  There are different power centers within Canada and Winnipeg, Manitoba IS one of them.  Provincial, Federal, International which lays right down to the balance of the people.  Will the people come together as like the signs that I saw in Saskatchewan?  Will the people again realize the balance between the West and East within Canada and how it does remain?  The people of that land.


Three.  Dirty tricks.  Yes, and back to the States.  What a blurr, and the only way to get through that blurr is to keep it open.



It was only a matter of time.



Many tricks, nice summary.


http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/fundraising/267683-george-soros-gives-6-million-pro-clinton-super-pac    Lookie lookie.



A trend is a trend?



And an attempted race baiting tactic from MSNBC.  The more that those others play that card, the more that those people will go down.  I did not make that rule.


http://www.mediaite.com/tv/youre-dividing-people-by-race-cnns-jeff-lord-van-jones-blow-up-over-trump-kkk-flap/   It happened at CNN as well.  Race baiting being shot down.


On and on.  It is about the direction, and the Mass-media WILL be the ones to really lose, because they are not a reflection of what really is.  (Some will go, but most can stay.  It is a matter of the source.)

http://www.infowars.com/powerful-black-women-endorse-trump/  So much For Black Lives Matter and The Feminists.


http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/doors-gop-consulting-independent-219859  Yes, those kids are scared.


http://truthstreammedia.com/2015/11/03/anger-fear-the-way-they-keep-you-pointlessly-voting-for-president-like-anything-will-ever-change/    And yes, it does get to this side as well.  There is NO Hope because it is all rigged.  My response?  There is no hope when you give into despotism.  When you lose your faith and hope; that is when it is a check-mate.  A check-mate onto yourself.


Four.  What can.  Use it before you really lose it.


Trump.  If you are as real as it has been coming out.  Who will be your team?  Will you start to repeal those blatant abuses that have been applied to the societal whole?  Are you going to have a “Statesman” or a “Yes-man” as your running mate?  Put three to five things down on paper with your signature with the repercussions.  Choose wisely, make it happen, and be a part of the solution.


American people.  One thing is to have an American president that is a reflection of the people.  Another is to have those people in Congress and the House BE a reflection of the people.  I know that the list of possible candidates in, but who are those parts of those sections of your regional society?  How many of those people are independents?  Libertarians?  Constitutionalists?  Hell, people that are from your land and are an active part of your land without such outside influences?


Canadian People.  There is a different balance within Canada as well.  Municipal Powers .  Provincial Powers.  Federal Powers.  And with the stage that is/has been set, the people have woken up to this fact.  Emotional vs Logical.  Short Term vs Long Term.  AND, as with many other people, having the awakening process with Canada has also brought out this fact.  Majority Governments will do more damage when given such an opportunity.  (SEE:  NOT-SO-LEY or T Jr.)  Those tactics are very real.  Why do you think that everybody and their dog has hit upon and done their best to taint “THE REBEL MEDIA”?  (They do cut to the chase.)  AND NOW  “VICE CANADA”  (Is there not enough tools for our agencies to do their job?  LET THEM USE THEIR TOOLS.)


Which is also why, everybody and their dog in the Mass Media setting are trying to again, take on the grass roots functions in Canada.  Checks and Balances.  (Smells like the Silent Majority developing again?  That Gold?)


Many years ago, for myself.  It was about drawing up a new party that would work on the provincial to Federal levels.  The Alberta First Party or First Alberta Party, and it could be applied from province to province.  And then it would morph into the First Canadian Party or Canada First Party.  And it would be based on what?  The respect for any individual within the balance of the party politic.  IT MIGHT NOT be needed.  Because if the Members of those respective established parties do their job and vote along the lines of the people instead of the party, it will create something else.  (Yupp, checks and balances.)  Imagine drawing up a charter that goes towards keeping those levels of an open society.


Use it before you really lose it.  The right to vote.  The right to vote what you the people want to vote about.  The right to a secret ballot.  The right to maintain the oversight within the counting process.  The right to maintain communication with your community.  The right to walk and say, “Thank-you for being a part of my community through sensible debate.”  The right to have a “Freedom of Press” but also has that “Freedom of Press” accountable through the people.  The right to maintain your disconnect/separation/privacy so that you may be able to stop, breath, and then see.  The right to listen to all of those sides, before you and make your own decision.


To have the ability to see through and walk up to another person from another land and know in your gut that this person is not there to destroy your land.  Or, to just have that ability to truly discover whether or not that a person from another land is there to destroy your land.  The Right to Discover.  The right to stand up for your right reasons which can be for, the Long Term Benefit of any society.


Five.  D.D.D. T.R.  Anything and everything?   (Links to overload, or to clarify?)





Ok, since the topic is getting 16 year olds to vote, does that mean smoke, and drink, and consensual sex?  You Flipping perverts.  Get some kids that have NO clue of what it is to be an adult because after all, have they moved out?  Oh, indoctrination before those tastes of the real world.




VOTER MANIPULTION to an incredible degree with some economic carrots for the donkies?



Ok, now we are talking about casinos are a pop?  What is the actual disposal income amount in the States?  Hey, the Libs and NDP are taking it away with the FALSE BASED science of Carbon taxes etc.  And the people are realizing that by going to Casinos are actually supporting who?




And the Banks have some real work to do as well.





I know it is a crazy world.  BUT for this to take hold.  WOW.  WE need disclosure to protect our policing forces within this shared Western Society.  Could that be why such a precedent is being set?



‘ere.  The majority of Canadians are not pot smokers.  Great reflection.


http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/25/mark-zuckerberg-slams-facebook-employees-scrawling/   Zuck the ‘uck in action for who?





What a twit.  Maybe he should quit because his credibility is destroyed.  What a sleaze.


It is a busy world.   Very busy in Europe as well.  (Some Good, and not so good.)
















P or S. 


China warns about Trump doing what if he will do what?  They are paying attention though.





Out comes the next FEAR tactic?  But then the Chinese are no fools.



So, out comes this question.  Do they want to own a smaller piece of something, or do they want to own something that is worth nothing?  (A very ugly scenario.)


It Goes like this.


“In the Battle between you and the world, go with the world.”


Could it be that the world is where THE PEOPLE are, and that is where the real gold is?


The Choice still remains and it can be done without such destruction.


When the will is true, the way will remain.


AS ALWAYS.  Forward this to those you know who can benefit.  AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared.  If you do not want to receive these, let me know.  (One click.)  No problem.






Ps.  I know that these email releases are complicated.  They are meant for so many sections.  Pieces and Parts with Sections and Layers.  What is the fifth?  YOU.  What is the Sixth?  Your World.  Do you now see the seventh?

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why…..released Feb 19.16



A little fun eh?

Why Not.

Why are you born that way?

Well, at that point of a person’s life, in its essence, it is a point that cannot be changed.

Why are you raised that way?

Well in our world, it has become more about somebody else raising you.

Why are you conditioned that way?

Well, the blurring of conditioning has started at a younger age.

Why do you see things as such?

That is a process.

Why do you do things as such?

An endless process, it is how a person learns.

Why do you have such consequences?

It’s what happens when a person grows and then realizes.


Basics are basics.

Why do people act like such?

See conditioned.

Why did that happen?

See History.

Why did Western Society happen?

People drawing a line.


People coming together and saying “No More”.


Because feudalism failed.


Because the mind is a beautiful thing.


Because of the actual realized potential throughout history brought us here today which IS what is being played upon.


Open your eyes and see.




Because “why” is where it begins.

Why were there so many stories all at once that were directly and indirectly attacking the credibility of “The Rebel Media” and “Infowars”?

(Right down to name calling and skewing of those versions of truth that they share.)

Could it be because they are reporting actual results of what has been applied to their society as a whole along with the actual source documents that show the truth?

(They have more of the real gold which is why that house has not fallen.)

They ask real questions because they still believe in This Western Society?

The Free and Open Society that started many years ago?

What do you believe in?




YES.  The News Media scene has changed.  WHY?  Because of such attention being put towards those two sections within the news media, which has washed into Western Society.  WHY?  Because maybe the hurting sections of the overall News Media Environment have no choice if they want to remain.  WHY?  Because censorship never worked for any flourishing society.  History, take a look.


Final Note:  The “You Win” part of the last release still holds.  And from what I can tell, that can/will remain.  Interesting on how some others thought otherwise.  (A clean point in that line to start that other process?)  Hilly-billy,,,,,,Obamamama,,,,,Not-so-ley,,,,,T Jr.  Not looking so good for “Merky” and friends over there.  (Accredited News Media?  Do we over here have to digress to those levels like in Europe?  WHY?  Could it be because there are sections within the elites that do realize that maybe they do not want to destroy their own world as well?)


Follow the money.  Follow the NGO, just like GMO.  (One must feel for those that have been duped to be a part of such levels of destruction.  Choices, they do remain.)


AS ALWAYS.  Forward this to those, you know, who can benefit.  AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared.  If you do not want to receive these, let me know.  (One click.)  No problem.






Ps.  The spear is very BIG.  There are many tips.  And because of that fact, the tide has changed on that front.  WHY?  Just look at the numbers.  (Even when I disagree with certain specifics.  WHY?  Because it is still about the direction.)


PPs.  For A.I.  What happens when the needs/wants of the many outweigh the needs/wants of the few?  (Yeah, “We are teaching A.I. Children Stories.”?)  A Big Question is it not?  Why?


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ip3. Released Feb 11/16


Remember this story? (Wrote this one in 2010.)
So,,,,A Gold Thing…….(and commodities, you choose.)
Well, gold has been around for a long time, right up there with jewels etc…..a measurement of wealth which also means a measurement of control. (A part of the whole.) So, many years ago certain powers brought on the “Gold-standard”. You know, if your country currency is to have value, it will be backed by gold.
Well, to the surprise of many, a country massed an incredible amount of gold, right to the point where it was time to get off of this “gold-standard”. There are many thoughts on the reasoning of why this happened, here are a couple. “To much wealth in one society” or “It is time to spread the wealth throughout that society” Either way, the gold card is back.
So let us take a look at the process of this assigned value.
1) It is a traded commodity. Traded by brokers and you know that other term, (speculators). Because of this action, there is a value that is assigned. They achieve this value through speculation and psychology. The mood on the floor…..emotion. They play and bet on this fact. “Watch your arrows”
2) So it is emotion. Must admit the emotion of gold is at an all time high. From the radio to the internet,,,,BUY BUY BUY GOLD + SILVER and gems, and buy from us because we are looking out for your best interest. OR Sell your old gold jewelery and you can buy a nice pair shoes or boots….(@ 20 to 30 cents on the dollar). Hell, you can buy gold from vending machines in Europe. Everybody is doing it. (except a few clever ones, they changed their tune months ago. Position, is a good thing.)
3) But wait, how many gold producers are there out there and who controls them ? (You can own stock but you do not control the company.) Hmmmm, would it be safe to assume that they have a seat on these exchanges ? How many seats are actually in these trading houses ? (with these facts, how about diamonds, oil, or food ?) Not many independents out there anymore.
So, what is the reason for all of this? The established reason is because of the American dollar. (from the price of oil to the price of food) Beautiful reasoning, but the prices are all higher with every currency.
Can you see? Can you see through? Are all currencies devaluating? Wow, depending on the position you hold on the commodity market, a person can devaluate themselves to where they have no wealth, hence no value, hence no say.
Wow, emotion, better keep a balance.

Yupp, remember those days? Remember the plays? What was supposed to happen per say? What actually happened?

That hunt hit certain silver players. That play was also there to hit the people. Debase the currency which debases the final freedom of separation and participation of the people in any sovereign nation through its currency which intern debases the values of the people. What do you think that this next current play will hit?

It is the same scenario except on one very obvious reality.

So what is in play?

One. The Oil thing. How many players? A big play happened in Fort McMurray. Now Chesapeak Bay? When looking at it further, to what degree do you see that the “Bankism” is also being involved? (“Yellow Yelly”, you are jacking it so you can really lower it.) Really?

Two. Yes, it is also a direct run on one of the last forms of wealth creation? In this world, wealth creation is derived from what? POWER, electricity. What has coal done? What has been created from Oil and Gas? (How many Enron’s must happen? There is a province on the other side of Canada that is NECK DEEP in their Jacking and Raping of the people over there for what? Don’t forget B.C.) The up play? The down play? A creation of a replay of 2008? Really?

Three. And since it is NOT going to be a “Muslim World” in the Western World. (Two examples of those agendas are showing with who? “Black Lives Matter” along with the Floundering Feminist movements? Yupp, showing some “sororo” and “kissing it” too much.) So when to take a look at it on this angle. Saud ties to what Oil? Oil ties to what? Which ties to what? I feel for the Muslim people in the Middle East because of what and how things have been played upon those people. (Internal to External.) Do we all have to repeat that history again? Really?

Four. “Run On Cash”. Yes, by hitting a major section of wealth creation it has and will hit soooo many other sections. What, do you think that the “Welfare State” will keep the rest of you alive with? (Chips and Dip?) What do you think that has been creating such results? See: France See: The Brith Thing. See. See. See. OH, but what is the real balance for such gold? Cash. Cash means choice. JPM with which banks anybody? For the wealth to come back, the protections MUST be put back in place for the people. See: “Bail Ins” (I did not make that rule. Hell, I did not make any of these rules.) Even then, REALLY?

Five. FANG. Yupp, a “joke”. Twittle-dee/dumb will be going down because it is pandering to another result. Fakebook, going down because it is from the same book. Oh, it is now about revenue generation because user-ship IS on the down side? (Hell, it blew up in India. Right down to the basic version.) DUHH? The only respect you get in those sections is NO RESPECT. See: Thought Police. And Google, are you now one of the Alphabets? (The accelerant that is being applied is accelerating your demise.) And Zuck, to take on Hawking? For that one, maybe it is time for some minds to come together and sink it back. (Yes, those sections DO understand the basic balance of respect. A growing number.) SEE: CENSORSHIP. 1984. Brave New World. Really?

Six. Getting Caught. Ok, it is already well known the connections within UN and Central etc things are beyond real. (And the tattle-tail squad is getting smaller because it is a snake eating itself into oblivion.) And the arm that is applying such realities has shrunk along with those obvious levels of basic awareness growing exponentially. What has been happening? What is that counter? R, R, and R? Even in those lines of design, are they now not the minority for such lines? Do you really think that by continuing on the lines of threatening everybody will hold? Do you really think that the ones that serve are going to stick around? Really?

Seven. This goes back to another previous release, “If This Goes.” The Russians are not taking the bait. The Chinese are not taking the bait. Hell, within Africa, those people are realizing that who has been the destroyers, a couple formats in that one. India, they are not because they have had enough. And to spin it back onto Western Society? South America is fragmented to the point where the focus is becoming quite real. Western Society has been taking so many hits that it has also had enough, and that is why the focus is back. And to draw upon on all of those dictators of the world? Are those dictators not also and have realized what it is? And then to rely on those within? (A spec play, but I could give some odds.) Really?

You get the 16 on the D, and the 50 on the O.
(Yes, I know what that means, which also means some other realities.)
And the more that this gets played hard, the more it shows what really is.
“If It Goes.”?

BLT: If that “check-mate” play gets played, you will be “check-mating” yourselves. I Did Not Make Those Rules.

AND…….If you want the gold, the respect for such gold MUST be respected. (Or do you want to screw it up more? Yes, it is called “choice”.)

Final Note: In the News Media environment, there really are certain talking heads that HAVE run their course. Beyond obvious, correct? YES, it is called valued added which is a direct reflection of what a valued added society is. Ooops, what has Western Society been about? What built the Western Society? Why? (Future releases perhaps?) When taking a look at such lines of the obvious, it has changed. Some will go. Many will stay. Why? Watch and see.


A Duality with that realized Trifecta.

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you know and who can benefit. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) No problem.


Ps. Fine, because of this release. And you think you are aggravated? (Dam, and three pages.)

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eee1. Released Feb 7/16

This is a double read. Read through everything before you start clicking on the links. Then read again by going through the links to where you are satisfied. (Busy world.)

Distractions. Diversions. Distortions. Trends. Results.


Do you see?
Do you see how things can and are being skewed?
Is there a sweet spot that is, and has set off other insane realities?
(A spectrum with results.)

This one IS beyond scary, another direct attack on a very big section of those “checks and balances” within The Republic of the United States of America. (Those pieces of paper go, so will others.)

(And he/she/it is just a puppet.)

No oversight, no recourse, no responsibility, no reason, no disclosure.
And that is before we go into those types of warfare.


BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate


Right down to a Senator speaking up.
(Vote him in again. How many others would like to speak up?)

Getting Caught.

Do I really need more links?

And meanwhile…….

Distractions. Distortions. Diversions.
Local to Local. “L to L”

Remember when certain kids got caught rigging traffic lights to change faster to get more photo radar tickets? Well, in order to understand the future sights, just take a look at which lights are changing faster without those cameras. (How many more accidents have been happening around those locations? Is that safe? Oh, creating a problem for the sale of the solution?) And who has this process been brought to you by? The same people that tried to bring you that Main Road Thing? The Bike thing? The. The. The?

A piece of a part of the “N” with so many others? (Not going to be able to split the vote this time along with such tactics.)

Bottom Line Time. “BLT”

One. News Views and Reviews. In the Land of Alberta within Canada. There is a Canadian News Organization that has a very impressive line up of Journalists which are about Canada and its Canadians. (Yes, the people within this organization were a part of the initial fallout/shakedown/consolidation within the news landscape.) And on the Day of the BIG ROYALTY REVIEW this provincial government was about to release, this organization was kicked out. (A little fascist? A little controlling? Dictators coming out?) It still happened, and that IS the current Alberta Government in action. (Smells like another influence that is not doing so well, just like some other places? Can you guess which other places that are applying such practices?)

And then comes this one, and he still blew that chance away. (At least he did not digress to calling the reporter a racist.)

Two. News Views and Reviews. Yupp, the “Zika Thing”. Within the controlled mass/mud/main stream news. It is all about what you should do as an individual with the blurred process to benefit who? Two build ups there: One, State Of emergency. Two. Might have to get the “Sex Police” out. Is there a third? A forth? A fifth?
http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/man-banned-from-having-sex-unless-he-gives-police-24-hours-notice-a3162771.html And not even charged or convicted of anything.

But seriously, the talking heads have done their job, I guess……..AS If.

The Deadly Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online, Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation

Zika Virus Was Patented In 1947 By Rockefeller Foundation


Rockefeller´s WHO Declares Global Zika Virus (Rockefeller Patent) State of Emergency: Probably Bluff


Do you see? There are sooo many reasons on why the Main/mud/mass news media is dying. But hey, the push for more vaccines continue. (Just in time.)

Do you see the timing? Some other people are seeing the timing.
BECAUSE the approval process has little or NO oversight. DISCLOSURE.

This process is hitting MANY different areas in the spectrum of your life.

Three. TPP…..TTIP….ITL…and a bunch of others. The current TPP one has over 5500 pages that YOUR corrupted politicians are trying to sign the people of each land into. Making sense? The same people that are pushing through the junk science of carbon taxes? The same people who,,,,,who,,,,,WHO?

5500 plus pages. Talk about trying to bury that truth. Well, remember the net results of NAFTA? Or, how about the process of the EU which was all about economics?


Just like many other so called aggressions upon the people of this world, this IS about the process of controlling the information, knowledge and wisdom that CAN and IS a part of the EVOLUTION (NOT EVILUTION) of this species. Just look at reality of the applicable copy-write process in those pages. Is it getting easier to answer the question of “who is”? Better yet, do you really think you know the “why”?

Yupp, from the top down, and now from the ground and up. (NGO. 20 to 1 odds on this one.)

Highest EU Court Considers Criminalizing Website Hyperlinks

The truth is already showing because there are such things AS HONOR. Hmmmm.

All you have to do IS just read. Read this because the theme is APPLICABLE with so many others.

Four. The American Thing. Ahhhhhh, Obamamama. Since your polls have been skewed to the point where it has become such blatant lies. While one must consider the people who are on the government dole, oh they are waking up. (To define a real poll, data, stats.) Those that have stood beside you are now being exposed as well. Not so much about them being exposed BUT about exposing applied realities. This is just one sign. After all, the protection for the honest American has decreased since this person and his administration came into power. Tick tick.

Already starting?

But, but……How about “Butt”. And who owns this puppet?

And Hilly-silly-hilly? Seriously, do you even understand to make such a statement? To bring down what?? (Is it time to have a story?)

Clinton: I’ll Use Administrative Actions To Implement Gun Control Plan

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bill’s Accusers in 1998

Yet to make the bigger threats, I guess you may have just numbered your days. What do you think “Not-so-ley”? (Oh, I forgot the Ontario premier.)

Five. The Europe Thing. So many fronts, have to start with the obvious. AND, have to start this one with……”Faith Goldi”.
AND…..does tie into this.




(This one needs to be confirmed, did not see the source document. VERY SCAREY.)

Syrian Immigrants Gang-Rape Two Underage German Girls on New Year’s Eve


14 Year-Old Belgian Muslim Videotapes Migrants Gang Raping Drunk Girl


Germany: Govt ordered CCTV VIDEOS of Cologne MASS SEX ATTACKS ERASED

Anti-Islam Protests Sweep Europe

Six. The Market Thing. Again, it goes back to those practiced basics. The splitting of those core sections of that economic picture. (This will take years.) What have all of these consolidations been doing to your jobs? What has already happened? Is that what you want? (I bet more than a few people are holding back in those levels of true wealth creation because OF Crony/Socialistic/Communistic/Fascistic skewing of Capitalism.) Take a look at the laws and how and if, you put or share an item through the internet, those services are now trying to fully claim that it is now “their property”. See Facebook or Paypal or or or or or or and their terms.

It does not mean that whole system is about to go down. It does not have to go down to create a new one. There were “checks and balances” that did exist which also maintained the balances within wealth creation.

Seriously, do you want the Goldi people to come in rewrite such balances even further when it IS a reality when they have done what? (To ask even more questions.)

YES, it is about the transition. But what form of transition do you want? To have that “essential essence” that creates more than it destroys, you know as well as I do that it is not done through such controls. And YES, there is more to that equation. Very much, and so.

The way remains, as long as the will is true. Hell, Wally’s World is shutting down some stores, that is great news for those local economies because now they can get back to building their own economy again. Do you think that those areas will let them back? Hmmm, which came first? Main Street or Wall Street?

Which is also why the real gold is not owned.

Seven. “Face to Face” creates the Reality of “Eye to Eye” which creates what? Which clarifies what? Which brings what? This is behavioral. And it is NOT about such levels of destruction.

Yes, this also traces into so many actions, reactions, and pro-actions.

“By way of background, as we explained previously, What exactly does a “war on cash” mean?
It means governments are limiting the use of cash and a variety of official-mouthpiece economists are calling for the outright abolition of cash. Authorities are both restricting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from banks, and limiting what can be purchased with cash.”

Can you see? By having a clean break allows the person to maintain their own choice with respect for the person who is choosing and choosing to do business with whomever they want WITHOUT the interference of………(You choose.) The real gold?

Hell, wonderful job in shutting down those versions/sections of the local economies. FEAR FEAR FEAR does drive people to do what? BUT, use your card card card and get rewards that are actually a taxable benefit? Then again, what does “Face to Face” do?

Final Note. There were some warnings about A.I. from some serious/real minds. Did catch the one open letter with so many signatures. Do you know why? What do you think that A.I. has been learning so far? (Ahhh, so then comes the applied despotism.) Then again, do you really think the cloud will save that day? Hell, do you think that A.I. will turn on the people OR on the people who have been applying such applications onto the people? (For instance, ZIKA, organ harvesting, child rapist, etc.) Do I need to go on? In these realities, the waters do become murky. George Knapp did a good spectrum on this one.

AS ALWAYS. Forward this to those you know who can benefit. AND, do NOT publish this email, it is meant to be shared. If you do not want to receive these, let me know. (One click.) No problem.

Five by Five who is One of One.


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